Departamento de Genética Humana
Instituto Nacional de Saúde Dr.
Dr Ricardo Jorge, IP, Lisboa
The mRNA Metabolism Research Group opens two positions to be filled at doctoral
and post-doctoral level to work in the role of the human mRNA surveillance pathways
and their interplay with the translational process, involved in the post-transcriptional
control of gene expression in health and disease (cancer or genetic disorders).
The selected candidate will work in a young research group based at Departamento de
Genética Humana, Instituto Nacional de Saúde Dr. Ricardo Jorge,
Jorge Lisboa, which is
also part of the research unit Center for Biodiversity, Functional & Integrative
Genomics (BioFIG) from Faculdade de Ciências,
Ciências Universidade de Lisboa.
The candidates are required to apply to a 2013 FCT doctoral or post-doctoral
Methodological approaches: Molecular biology and biochemical techniques for
quantification and characterization of mRNAs
RNAs and interacting proteins, including
ribonuclease protection assays, RT-qPCR, Western blots, immunoprecipitations,
immunoprecipitation dual
luciferase assays and proteomics in cell cultures. Transcriptome
ranscriptome profiling by RNA-seq
and microarray methods.
Profile: These two positionss will be filled by two highly motivated student/researchers,
with excellent academic performance, holder of an MSc or PhD degree in
Molecular/Cell Biology, Biochemistry, Pharmacy, Chemistry or related disciplines.
Preference: post-doctoral
doctoral fellow with experience in RNA techniques.
Requirements: Previous research experience demonstrated by scientific peer-reviewed
publications (for post-doctoral
doctoral candidates) or very high academic performance.
performance The
candidates should be available for short lab-training
Application: Send by email to Luísa Romão ([email protected]
[email protected]) your
CV, publication list, motivation letter and two recommendation letters. Candidates
should indicate availability for a personal/telephone interview.
Deadline for the reception of applications:
applications June 23rd.
Duration: Dependent on the fellowship (post-doc:
2-3 yrs, pre-doc:
doc: 4 yrs).
Amount: indexed to FCT fellowships (

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