Instituto Politécnico de Santarém – Escola Superior de Desporto de Rio Maior
Study Cycle:
Physical Activity Lifestyle Counselling
Curricular Unit:
Curricular Year
Electives 5 - Outdoor Activities and Sports Tourism - PALC
Contact Hours:
Teresa Bento ([email protected])
Other Teachers:
Objectives/Learning Outcomes:
Providing an experience in diverse activities to contribute to the learning of specific content related to each one of them; promote the
acquisition of skills on the specific equipment and safety standards; Develop basic skills in the technic domain.
For each activity will be addressed the following contents:1. Contextualization, characterization and classification of activity (history, federal
context); 2. Specificity of practice sites; 3. Specificity of materials and equipment (brands and sales); 4. Major rules, techniques, types of
activity, 5. Organization of competitive events and leisure; 6. Management / maintenance of materials and equipment; 7. Recreational
activities; 8. Safety standards.
Continuous Assessment: The student must meet four fifths attendance to classes and provide written evaluation which will include (if you do
not, it is considered that the student is in Continuous Assessment). The continuous assessment process includes: Domain Motor (40%); Cognitive
Domain (30%), the Social-emotional (30%). For the student to be approved, he must obtain a rating equal to or higher than 9.5 in each of the
domains. Exam Evaluation: Written test, which accounts for 40% of the final grade and get a rating which should not be less than 8 values to
access the next stage of evaluation. This will consist of a research paper which accounts for 30% (not in person) for the final score and an oral
evaluation (in person), which will account for the remaining 30% the same. The final classification will be equal to or higher than 10 points.
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Outdoor Activities and Sports Tourism_PALC_Teresa Bento