Thank you (very much!)
Thank you, too.
No, thank you.
Of course.
I´ll be glad to
That´s right!
My pleasure.
You´re welcome
• .
You bet.
Don´t mention it!
Merry Christmas!
Happy New Year!
Good luck!
All the best!
Excuse me.
I beg your pardon?
What was that?
I don´t understand.
I understand.
What does that mean?
How is it pronounced?
Would you spell that, please?
I´m sorry.
Could you say that again?
My condolences.
of course
of course not
that's fine
that's right
as soon as possible
that's enough
it doesn't matter
it's not important
it's not serious
it's not worth it
I'm in a hurry
I've got to go
I'm going out
sleep well
same to you!
me too
not bad
Que pena! – What a pity!
Happy birthday!
Happy Easter!
Happy Valentine´s Day!
Ah! Esqueça! - Never mind!
Que falta de sorte! - Bad luck!
O que é isso?!!! – What´s going on?!
O quê está rolando?! – What´s going on?!
O quê aconteceu? – What happened?
Que foi? – What happened?
Muito bem! – Well done!
Bom trabalho! – Well done!
Tem certeza? – Are you sure?
Sério? – Really?
Tá bricando?! – Shut up!
Brincadeirinha! – Just kidding!
Tava brincando! – Just kidding!
Bless you!
Qual o nome disso? – What´s this called?
Anything wrong?
What´s the matter?
Is everything OK
Obrigado por sua ajuda.
Sorry, I´m late!
Sorry to keep you waiting
Sorry for the delay.
Anda logo! – Come on!
You are right!
You are wrong!
I don´t mind.
É você quem decide – It´s up to you!
Depende. – It depends.
That´s interesting.
Let me know.
Você primeiro. – After you.
Verdade. – That´s true!
Não é verdade. – That´s not true
Acho que sim. – I think so.
Acho que não. – I don´t think so.
Espero que sim. – I hope so.
Silêncio, por favor! – Be quiet, please!
Para com isso! – Stop it!
Desculpa – I´m sorry.
Não se preocupe. – Don´t worry.
Não se esqueça. – Don´t forget it.
Sirva-se. – Help yourself.
Vá em frente! – Go ahead!
Calm down!
Continue firme - Steady on!
Hang on a second.
Um momento, por favor. – One moment, please.
Já vai! – Just a minute!
Não precisa se apressar. – Take your time!
Fico feliz ao saber. – I´m glad to hear that.
Sinto muito. – I´m sorry to hear that.
Entra! – Come in!
Sente-se, por favor. Sit down, please.
Vamos! – Let´s lo!
Anda logo! – Hurry up!