In the centre students’ written work and stories are
shared with colleagues and friends at the Students’
Corner. Take a look at some of them!
On the booked day, last April 23rd people met
at Lisbon airport. After each person had done
his/her check-in, the group had to go to the
departure gate. Some minutes later they went
onto the plane. The journey took about two
hours and a half. Arriving in Dublin we noticed
the temperature was a little bit lower than in
Lisbon. The transfer car took us to the hotel on
Parnell Street. The rest of the time was all
dedicated to get to know that city.
Dublin is a big old and beautiful town. Its large
streets have (…) (…)
José Cantimelo Pereira
If you come to Coimbra you must visit the most
famous monuments of the city.
You could start by walking along the new Green
Park near Mondego River. Then you can cross the
pedestrian bridge to the left bank of the river.
There you can visit Santa Clara Convent, Portugal
dos Pequenitos and Quinta das Lágrimas. Here
you must have lunch and try the Spa and golf.
In the afternoon it’s time to visit the University,
Alta (uptown) and the beautiful Botanic Garden.
To go there take trolley number 1.
AT night have dinner at Democrática restaurant
and enjoy the typical music of Coimbra, fado.
Pedro Jacinto
Licínia Veríssimo
In a sunny day you can go to one of the many green
spaces available like Green Park, Botanic Garden,
Choupal, Sereia Garden, Manga Garden, Penedo da
Saudade or Vale de Canas.
Coimbra offers you some monuments you can visit like
Santa Cruz Church where the first king of Portugal, D.
Afonso Henriques, is buried. You can also visit Machado
de Castro Museum and the two cathedrals Sé Nova and
Sé Velha, Portugal dos Pequenitos, Cidade Muralhada, or
Conímbriga ruins.
If you want to keep fit you can practice sport: you can
run in places like Choupal, Vale de Canas or in the
University Stadium.
Still not convinced? Visit us!
Sérgio Pastilha
Luís Rodrigues
Coimbra was once the capital city of our country. Now, it
isn’t the capital anymore but it is a beautiful and
interesting city to visit. Coimbra is a historic city with many
monuments, namely the University that is the oldest in the
country and attracts many tourists and foreign students.
Although it hasn’t very good public transportation it has
good places to take a walk, namely near the river. It’s a
good city to the ones who like the night. It has many bars
with very good environment. One of the places you can
visit is Quinta das Lágrimas that is the symbol of a
romantic and tragic story in which the love of two people
lead to the death of one of them.
Besides the beautiful garden it has a restaurant and a
very good Spa. It’s a very good place to relax.
If you come to Portugal, don’t forget to visit Coimbra!
Diana Ferreira
Francisco Guímaro
There are many reasons for you to come to Coimbra.
Join us in this tour.
Coimbra has the oldest University in Portugal. So,
you can find lots of students, including foreign
students who give animation and movement to the
If you like parties the best nights are Tuesdays and
During the day you can walk around Coimbra which
is a small city and visit the famous monuments and
museums like: Sé Nova and Sé Velha, Portugal dos
Pequenitos (where you find small houses and
Portuguese monuments for children’s diversion).
We also have leisure green spaces. There are two
near the University; Botânico and Jardim da Sereia.
We hope to find you here!
Cátia Coimbra
Dina Paz