Casa de Cultura Britânica
Semestre V
Data: 12 de Julho de 2015.
Duração: das 9:00 às 12:00 horas.
01. Antes de iniciar a resolução das questões, verifique se o Caderno de Provas está completo.
Qualquer reclamação deverá ser feita nos primeiros 15 (quinze) minutos após o início da prova.
02. Anote, na capa do Caderno de Provas, o seu número de inscrição e o número da sala.
03. Confira os dados do cabeçalho da Folha-Resposta. Havendo necessidade de correção de algum
dado (CPF, NOME ou RG), chame o fiscal para anotar a correção. Para marcar a resposta de uma
questão, preencha, totalmente, com caneta azul ou preta, apenas a quadrícula correspondente à sua
opção. Não use corretivo nem rasure a Folha-Resposta.
04. Durante a realização das provas, será feita a identificação dos candidatos através da verificação do
original do documento de identidade e da coleta da assinatura na Ata de Aplicação e na FolhaResposta, no campo destinado à assinatura.
05. A duração da prova é de 3 (três) horas e o tempo mínimo de permanência em sala é de 1 (uma) hora.
06. É aconselhável reservar 30 (trinta) minutos para o preenchimento da Folha-Resposta.
07. O candidato, ao terminar a prova, só poderá sair da sala após entregar o Caderno de Prova e a
08. Os dois últimos candidatos só poderão deixar a sala simultaneamente e deverão assinar a Ata de
09. A desobediência a qualquer dessas determinações e o desrespeito ao pessoal da supervisão,
coordenação e fiscalização são faltas que eliminam o candidato do concurso.
10. Será eliminado do Concurso o candidato cujo celular estiver ligado durante a realização das provas,
ou for flagrado copiando gabarito.
11. Acompanhe o Calendário
de Atividades
através do endereço
Coloque, de imediato, o seu número de inscrição e o número de sua sala nos retângulos abaixo.
Casa de Cultura Britânica
30 questões
For questions 01 to 08, choose the option that completes the sentences CORRECTLY (X = no word).
01. My friend told me that the bank is _____ the post office and the hospital, _____ the supermarket. If you
take the Main Street, it is _____. He also told me that there’s a pharmacy _____ the hospital, _____
Maple Street and 10th Avenue.
A) opposite – in front of – on the left of – far from – round
B) between – in front of – on the right – opposite – on the left
C) between – in front of – on the left – behind – on the corner of
D) opposite – on the right – behind – on the corner of – across from
E) between – on the right of – on the left of – far from – in the corner of
02. I was spending my holiday in Berlin when I _____ a very nice man. He _____ in Berlin for just 3 months
and _____ for a job there. We _____ each other for the first time when we _____ fun at my cousin’s
party, and a mutual friend _____ us.
A) met – lived – looked – saw – had – was introducing
B) met – was living – looked – were seeing – having – introduced
C) met – was living – was looking – saw – were having – introduced
D) was meeting – living – looked – seeing – were having – introduced
E) was knowing – was living – looking – were seeing – was having – introducing
03. I _____ French food, but my neighbors _____ France last year and they _____ the food. They _____
French food a lot since their holiday. They _____ us for dinner many times, but we _____ the time to go.
A) have never eaten – visited – loved – have cooked – have invited – have never had
B) never ate – have visited – loved – have cooked – have invited – have never had
C) have never eaten – have visited – have loved – cooked – invited – never had
D) have never had – visited – loved – cooked – have invited – never had had
E) never ate – visited – loved – cooked – have invited – have never had
04. A: What _____Mary _____ this weekend?
A: And what _____ on your next holiday?
B: She ____ ______ her family.
B: We _____ to Hawaii.
A) are – doing – is visiting – is she going – ‘re going to
B) is – doing – is – visit – are you going to do – are going fly
C) are – do – are visiting – is – she going to – are going to fly
D) is – going to do – is visit – are you going do – ‘re going to go
E) is – doing – is – visiting – are you going to do – ‘re going to go
05. How _____ to work? And what time _____?
A) he get – begin his German class
B) does he get – his German class begins
C) gets he – does begin his German class
D) does he get – does his German class begin
E) does get he – his German class does begin
06. Frank is very _____ in football, but the match he watched last night was very _____. He wasn’t _____
about it. He said it was _____ to see his team lose, but then he had a _____ evening with friends.
A) interested – boring – excited – depressing – relaxing
B) interesting – bored – exciting – depressing – relaxed
C) interested – bored – exciting – depressed – relaxing
D) interested – boring – excited – depressed – relaxed
E) interested – boring – excited – depressed – relaxed
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Semestre V
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07. “She ____ _____ a thing I _____ _____, except _____ there, _____ on the balcony railing, _____ the
universe together.” – J.D. Salinger
A) was – did – could – see – stooding – leant – held
B) X – did – didn’t – saw – stood – leaning – helding
C) was – doing – did – saw – standing – leaned – holding
D) wasn’t – doing – couldn’t – see – standing – leant – helding
E) wasn’t – doing – could – see – standing – leaning – holding
08. There’s _____ happening at work, but _____ wants to tell me. I know I did _____ wrong but it seems
_____ is going to be sacked next month.
A) something – nobody – nothing – someone
B) anything – nothing – anything – someone
C) somebody – nobody – nothing – someone
D) anything – nowhere – nothing – anywhere
E) something – no one – anything – anywhere
For questions 09 to 16, choose the INCORRECT option:
09. A) It was still painful, so I went to see a specialist.
B) Although it was snowing, it wasn't that warm.
C) We did it because we felt it was our duty.
D) The rain stopped and then started again.
E) They are going, but they will return.
10. A) The mayor hasn’t made up his mind yet. He needs more time.
B) The team has finished fifth in the championship last year.
C) Do you know how to tell if someone has had a stroke?
D) Who is Fujimori and what has he done for Peru?
E) Why has Sony bought Gracenote?
11. A) I think I've visited that new place only twice this year.
B) He has just been here a minute ago.
C) He had already left when I called.
D) Have you ever been to France?
E) I have never visited Berlin.
12. A) Nobody answered, so I hung up.
B) When did you last see your father?
C) She is gone to the store and will be right back.
D) You know that I could use somebody; someone like you.
E) No one who was in the financial department didn’t turn out to be involved.
13. A) Take anywhere warm with you, in case it gets cold at night.
B) They knew the attack could come from anywhere.
C) Money is nothing when you're without health.
D) The missing pen was nowhere to be found.
E) They live somewhere in Ireland.
14. A) The eye moves less quickly than the hand sometimes.
B) The trees are less beautiful in the winter.
C) Your eyes are not as big as your stomach.
D) Her dress was as white as snow.
E) What is as fast a leopard?
15. A) Dogs run less quickly than cats.
B) I am as good at maths as I am at physics.
C) Try to be less nervous and avoid being stressed out.
D) Employees are likely to be less busy than in December.
E) This restaurant is less crowded than the one across from it.
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16. A) The moon is as beautiful as she is.
B) His sister speaks less quickly as he does.
C) I probably know him as well as his girlfriend does.
D) He is less likely to succeed because he doesn’t try harder.
E) Intriguingly, these bright students were less successful than the other ones.
For questions 17 to 23, choose the option that expresses the same idea as the sentence in italics.
17. 80-year-old Hajii is the world's dirtiest man having not bathed for 60 years. He lives in a hole in the
ground and says "cleanliness brings him sickness".
A) Hajii thinks he is the dirtiest man in the world because he hasn’t bathed for 60 years.
B) Hajii is 80 years old, but he hasn’t bathed since he was 60, so he’s the dirtiest man now.
C) No one else is dirtier than Hajii, an 80-year-old man who has not bathed since he was 20.
D) People think 80-year-old Hajii is the world’s dirtiest man because he didn’t bathe at age 20.
E) The world’s dirtiest man is dirtier than Hajii, who hasn’t bathed since he was 20, 60 years ago.
18. With almost 18 million followers, reality star Khloe Kardashian is the tenth most popular person
followed by Instagram users.
A) Most of the 18 million Khloe Kardashian’s followers are Instagram users.
B) Ten of the most popular Instagram users are Khloe Kardashian’s followers.
C) Khloe Kardashian is less popular than 10 other celebrities, among Instagram users.
D) Only nine people have more followers than reality star Khloe Kardashian on Instagram.
E) No one else has as many followers on Instagram as Khloe Kardashian, who is a reality star.
19. “Let the Right One In” is the best vampire film ever made.
A) There’s no other vampire film as bad as “Let the Right One In”.
B) “Let the Right One In” is the best film vampires ever made.
C) No other vampire film is as good as “Let the Right One In”.
D) Some vampire films are better than “Let the Right One In”.
E) “Let the Right One In” is the best vampire film this year.
20. You ate too much cake at the party, and that's why you feel sick.
A) You ate too much cake at the party to feel sick.
B) You feel sick because you ate the cake for the party.
C) You felt so sick that you didn’t eat much cake at the party.
D) You had so much cake at the party that you feel sick now.
E) Much of the cake you ate at the party was spoiled, and that made you sick.
21. People who suffer from chronic fatigue feel too tired to carry on with their normal activities.
A) People suffer from chronic fatigue because they feel too tired to carry on with their normal activities.
B) Normal life activities are carried on more easily by people who suffer from chronic fatigue.
C) Chronic fatigue makes you feel so tired that you cannot perform your regular activities.
D) Chronic fatigue makes people so tired that their normal activities are easily performed.
E) To carry on with normal life activities is less tiring if you suffer from chronic fatigue.
22. I've already had enough coffee today.
A) I don’t need to drink any more coffee today.
B) There wasn’t enough coffee to drink today.
C) I’d like to drink some more coffee today.
D) I have enough coffee to drink today.
E) I can never drink enough coffee.
23. Wait here. We'll be back; we won't be very long.
A) Wait because the line will be short.
B) We will call back soon, so please wait.
C) We will not be back if you wait very long.
D) Don’t go there because it will take us long.
E) Don’t go away. We promise to return soon.
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Semestre V
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Answer questions 24 to 30 according to the instructions (phonology, vocabulary and/or spelling):
24. Choose the option where all the underlined letters have THE SAME pronunciation as the vowel in
A) aisle / eye / lane
B) ate / maid / break
C) made / mail / sense
D) add / chaste / days
E) chance / faint / great
25. Choose the option where the sound of -s/-es at the end of all the words is THE SAME as the -s in
A) faxes / hugs / slices
B) cats / mixes / blazes
C) hotels / calls / bridges
D) kisses / pages / watches
E) babies / bridges / judges
26. Choose the option where the sound of –ed at the end of all the verbs is THE SAME as the -ed in
A) begged / watched
B) allowed / washed
C) hoped / laughed
D) faxed / played
E) aged / liked
27. Choose the option where all the words are in THE SAME vocabulary group:
A) curly / straight / bald / wavy
B) abroad / cap / leggings / scarf
C) beard / bald / moustache / trousers
D) flip-flops / overweight / trainers / T-shirt
E) camping / sightseeing / souvenirs / tights
28. Choose the option where the underlined verb phrase about holiday activities is INCORRECT:
A) Where can I buy souvenirs near here?
B) Have you had a good time in London?
C) Hilda always books her flights online.
D) I am planning to sightsee a flat near the beach.
E) I rented a car for two weeks before I started using public transport.
29. Choose the option where the underlined adjective is used CORRECTLY:
A) I’m very optimistic to find sunny people on the white beaches of the Pacific.
B) I sat on a small table in the corner and ate the foggiest food I had ever had.
C) I am looking for a delicious town where I can try exotic foods.
D) It was late, but luckily, I managed to find a helpful hotel.
E) It’s warm today. You won’t need your coat.
30. Choose the INCORRECT use of prepositions.
A) There was a coffee table in the middle of the room.
B) We were very tired when we arrived at Paris.
C) We had to wait on the left side of the hall.
D) John put the jar back into the cupboard.
E) We arrived late at the hotel last night.
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1) Nas palavras hora, migalha e quase detecta-se a seguinte