Conjunções são palavras
usadas para ligar frases,
cláusulas ou sentenças.
As mais usadas estão nos
slides a seguir…
As conjunções a seguir expressam
concessão .
Although we were tired, we went to the party.
Embora estivéssemos cansados fomos à festa.
I like you, though you’re a pain in the ass.
Gosto de você, embora você seja um chato.
Even though
Even though it was cold, we went to school.
Embora estivesse frio, fomos à escola
The show was awesome albeit, some people didn’t like it.
O show estáva ótimo, embora algumas pessoas não gostaram.
As conjunções a seguir mostram duas
idéias contrárias, isto é, ligam duas frases
que se opõem.
In spite of
In spite of the danger, he was calm.
Apesar do perigo, ele estava calmo
Despite the money, he didn't change his mind.
Apesar do dinheiro, ele não mudou de idéia.
Jeff was a homeless alcoholic but he got a second change at life.
Jeff era um alcoólatra sem teto, mas conseguiu uma segunda chance na vida.
That museum is open daily except Monday(s).
Aquele museu fica aberto diariamente exceto segundas feiras.
John studied a lot, however he didn’t pass the exam.
John estudou muito, entretanto não passou no exame.
He said he’d help, yet nobody saw him there!
Ele disse que ajudaria, entretanto ninguém o viu lá!
She promised to give the money, nevertheless she didn’t give a dime.
Ela prometeu dar o dinheiro, entretanto não deu.
As conjunções citadas a seguir
expressam conseqüência ou conclusão.
I was getting tired so I came home.
Eu estava ficando cansado, então/portanto vim para casa.
The workers were tired, therefore they went home .
Os trabalhadores estavam cansados portanto foram para casa.
He studied a lot, thus he passed.
Ele estudou bastante, desta forma ele passou.
It was raining, hence I wore my raincoat.
Estava chovendo, daí /por isso eu vesti a minha capa.
As conjunções citadas a seguir
expressam adição.
I'm too busy. Besides, I lost my passport.
Estou muito ocupado. Além disso , perdi meu passaporte.
She is rich; moreover, she is young and beautiful.
Ela é rica; além do mais , ela é jovem e bonita.
In addition (to)
It’s too late in addition, it’s dangerous.
É muito tarde além disso, é perigoso.
She is poor; furthermore she is old and ugly.
Ela é pobre; além disso, ela é velha e feia.
As conjunções citadas a seguir
expressam comparação e
He works like a horse.
Ele trabalha como um cavalo.
My uncle works as a manager.
Meu tio trabalha como gerente.
As conjunções citadas a seguir
expressam condição ou opção.
If you study, you will pass.
Se você estudar, você passará.
I don’t know whether he will be here or not.
Eu não sei se ele estará aqui ou não.
As if /As though
He acted as though/as if he were the boss.
Ele agia como se fosse o chefe .
As conjunções citadas a seguir
expressam simultaneidade.
I read the article while you were drying your hair.
Eu li o artigo enquanto você estava secando o teu cabelo.
Humans are capable of error whereas the computer is not.
Humanos são capazes de erros ao passo que / enquanto o computador não.
As conjunções citadas a seguir
expressam razões ou justificativas.
Since we've got some minutes to wait for the train, let's have some fun.
Já que / porque temos alguns minutos para esperar pelo trem, vamos nos divertir.
We can't go to Dallas because we’re too busy.
Não podemos à Dallas porque estamos ocupados demais.
Due to
The number of orphans due to HIV is increasing.
O número de orfãos devido ao HIV está aumentando.
As conjunções citadas a seguir são de
aplicações gerais.
Unless he agrees, we have no contract.
A menos que ele concorde, nós não teremos contrato.
You must do your job; otherwise, you’ll be replaced.
Você deve fazer o seu trabalho; de outra forma, você será substituído.
There was even a swimming pool.
Havia até mesmo uma piscina.
It was lovely and warm outside.
Estava agradável e quente lá fora.
She had learned English in England and told me to do likewise .
Ela tinha aprendido inglês na Inglaterra e me disse para fazer
do mesmo modo.
Till, Until
Wait till/until I come back.
Espere até eu voltar.
(UEL-PR) - Assinale a letra correspondente a alternativa
que preenche corretamente a lacuna da frase apresentada:
________he is crazy, he makes a lot of money.
a) But
b) Thus
c) Because
d) Unless
e) Although
Test 1
(UFPR) - Mark the alternative(s) containing a word
that can substitute "besides" in:
" Besides its importance as a drink, the oil from the coffee
fruit is used to make soap, paint and shoe polish."
01) In addition to
02) And
04) Nevertheless
08) Moreover
16) But
32) Also
Test 2
(CESGRANRIO-RJ) - When the writer says "...the water is
polluted and therefore not usable for human needs..." he is:
a) Expressing a condition.
b) Expressing a conclusion.
c) Giving advice.
d) Suggesting a contrast.
e) Expressing a doubt.
Test 3
(UEL-PR) - Choose the right alternative:
The President is very busy ________he'll see you.
a) moreover;
b) not;
c) but;
d) because;
e) while
Test 4
(VUNESP) - Assinale a alternativa que preenche corretamente a lacuna
da frase apresentada.
_______________ Mr. Foley was reading the newspaper, Mrs. Foley
was watching television.
a) While
b) As long
c) Why
d) Because of
e) How
Test 5
(CARLOS CHAGAS) - Choose the correct alternative:
I think we shall succeed __________there are still some
problems to be overcome.
a) moreover
b) in spite
c) according
d) although
e) providing
Test 6
(UFPR) - "In addition, much of the water is polluted
and salty.“
In the sentence above, the underlined expression
can be replaced by:
01) Consequently
02) Besides
04) Also
08) In contrast
16) As soon as.
32) However
64) Moreover
Test 7
(PUC CAMPINAS) - My brother smokes ________
a chimney.
a) as
b) likes
c) alike
d) like
e) dislike
Test 8
(FUVEST) - Choose the right alternative:
They ate ______pigs________being well-educated people.
a) as – however
b) though – nevertheless
c) like – in spite of
d) though – however
e) as – but
Test 9
(UNITAU) - Assinale a alternativa que corresponde a um sinônimo para
a palavra, em destaque, a seguir:
Despite the growing use of computers in classrooms…
a) spite
b) spite the
c) in spite of
d) spite of
e) spite of the
Test 10
(UFPA) - Young drivers usually drive fast, _______when the roads are
a) although
b) consequently
c) therefore
d) so
e) even
Test 11
(MACKENZIE) - Na frase " Moreover, PCs and telecommunications
technologies have enabled more women and men to work at home,….” a
palavra MOREOVER pode ser substituída por
a) however.
b) such as.
c) in addition to.
d) provided that.
e) notwithstanding.
Test 12
(UFRS) - Complete a frase a seguir com a palavra ou expressão
mais adequada:
............. all the conquests already achieved by women, a lot still
remains to be done.
a) In spite of
b) Because of
c) Although
d) In order to
e) Supposing
Test 13
(CESGRANRIO) - The item that presents, respectively, a synonym
for BUT and the opposite of MUCH in "but there is much to be
gained" is:
a) nevertheless - anything.
b) even though - a few.
c) besides - a little.
d) however - few.
e) yet - little.
Test 14
(MACKENZIE) - Indicate the alternative that best completes the following
"He is very mature _________"
a) spite of his age.
b) despite his age.
c) instead of his age.
d) despite of his aging.
e) in spite his age.
Test 15
(CESGRANRIO) - Mark the word that can appropriately be used
to fill the blank and expand the sentence "Men not only cry less
frequently, ___they also do it differently."
a) yet
b) but
c) and
d) although
e) however
Test 16
(UNIRIO) – “The teenager believes that _______ the city has a bad
reputation, it can change for the better.”
According to the text, the option which completes correctly and
meaningfully the sentence above is:
a) in spite.
b) even though.
c) because.
d) unless.
e) however.
Test 17
(UERJ) - The word BUT in "But she's the only one"
a) cause
b) contrast
c) addition
d) conclusion
e) fear
Test 18
(FMU-SP) - Choose the alternative that completes the
sentence below .
_____________ all his mother's efforts Otávio is still illmannered.
a) Though
b) in spite of
c) until
d) therefore
e) as soon as
Test 19
(FAAP) - Complete com a alternativa correta:
I don't know .......... she is as optimist or a pessimist
a) each
b) how many
c) weather
d) like that
e) whether
Test 20