Domingos José Alves Caeiro, Ph.D.
Academic degrees
Graduation in History
Master’s Degree in Multimedia Educational Communication
Ph.D. in Human and Social Sciences / Contemporary History
Teacher in Universidade Aberta (History of Contemporary Portugal: politics and institutions as well
as History of Contemporary Portugal: economy and society).
Research areas
History; Contemporary History; Economy and Social History; Political and Institutional
History; History of the Brazilian Culture;
Emigration; Portuguese Emigration; Historical Sociology;
Educational Communication; Media and Learning; Distance Teaching.
Short CV
He has participated in the pedagogical training of teachers and, at the same time, he has
participated in conferences, published several papers on History teaching, namely the implications
between image/history/education. As to historical research, he has worked on Portuguese
Migrations to Brazil, publishing several papers in the context of his work for the Centro de Estudos
das Migrações e Relações Interculturais, particularly in projects such as “Brasileiros de Nome,
Portugueses de Sangue” and “Marcas da Emigração Portuguesa para o Brasil”.
He is a member of Centro de Estudos Históricos e Interdisciplinares, in Universidade Aberta. And he
is a collaborator of Centro de Estudos Rurais e Urbanos, in Universidade de São Paulo (CERU-USP),
and Centro de Memória UNICAMP (Universidade de Campinas).

PRO-RECTOR Domingos José Alves Caeiro, Ph.D. Academic