MARCELO MOSCHETA | 1.000 km, 10.000 years
Curated by Alexia Tala
Opening: May 8th
Marcelo Moscheta is a travelling artist that perceives his trips as a way to raise elements to
rebuild cartographies through places that are not his own. By collecting small elements
present in the Nature he creates his works as installations, photographs and drawings. In his
creative process he has always had this great desire to portray his geographic displacement by
observing and collecting. Resembling an archeological work that allows him, as an artist, to
capture and rethink the places where he has been.
The exhibition title, 1.000 km, 10.000 years, alludes to both the present and the past. One
thousand kilometers is the distance traveled by the artist from his arrival at the Atacama
desert to his last displacement in that territory. And ten thousand years ago is when the first
Licantanai civilizations started living in that same desert. Thus establishing a space-time
relation in his way to look at the landscape. The earth presents itself to Moscheta as the
representation of the past, the passing of ancestors, and the narration of a natural history that
shelters men. It was from his residence at the Plataforma Atacama, idealized by the curator
Alexia Tala, that the works in the exhibition were born.
As the main work of the exhibition, Linha : Tempo : Espaço, formally born from his in situ
experience in the desert of aligning stones on the Tropic of Capricorn, Moscheta presents a
15-meter line of the same stone - a Paleolithic tool - replicated 3.000 times in ceramic. Each of
them was catalogued with a copper plate, the most extracted mineral in Chile, which registers
the artist’s coordinates of displacement in the ten-day period that he was based in São Pedro
de Atacama. Also at the exhibition there is the drawing Atacama: 28.04-06.05/2012 and
Timelapse, an object composed by the desert soil that relates past and future through the
accomplishment of astronauts and astronomers.
As mentioned by Patricio Guzmán – Chilean/Spanish documentarian – in his movie Nostalgia
for the Light, the Atacama desert is a connection between past and future: ancestral past in
one of the most dry deserts in the world, of which the characteristic allows the conservation of
the history of man. In the same way, the study of the sky in a place with no humidity, allows it
to be the most important site in the world for the observation of stars and galaxies.
Marcelo Moscheta puts both worlds in relation by establishing a visual dialogue between them,
trying to analyze the experience of the way the place was once inhabited and how it is inhabited
About the artist:
Marcelo Moscheta (São José do Rio Preto, 1976). Lives and works in Campinas, São Paulo.
With works at the MAM-RJ and Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo collections, amongst his
individual exhibitions stand out: NORTE, Paço Imperial do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2012); 8th
Mercosul Biennial, Porto Alegre, Brazil (2011); Mare Incongnitum, Centro Universitário
Mariantonia, São Paulo, Brazil (2010); and Contra.Céu, Capela do Morumbi, São Paulo, Brazil
(2010) and the group shows: 12th Mostra Internacional de Arte, MACUF, La Coruña, Spain
(2012); “An Other Place", Galerie Lelong, New York (2011); PIPA Prize 2010, Museu de Arte
Moderna do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2010) and Ponto de Equilíbrio, Instituto Tomie Ohtake, São
Paulo, Brazil (2010).
Opening: May 8th – 7 pm
Until June 8th, 2013
Av. Valdemar Ferreira, 130
São Paulo | Brasil
Mon - Fri 10 am – 7 pm
Sat 10 am – 5pm
+55 11 3093.8184
[email protected]

MARCELO MOSCHETA - Plataforma Atacama