Law Uncertainty and Technology
Prof. Dr. Juliano Souza de Albuquerque Maranhão
Universidade de São Paulo
Information Society has presented several challenging cases and conflicts to
courts, motivating several adaptations and revision of legal concepts. There is a
debate whether these challenges indicate that there should be a new law of
internet and information technology or it is just a matter of applying the same
private or public law to a new field. The talk will exemplify such challenging
cases which seems to be unsurmountable within the traditional conceptual
structure of law, based on individual freedom.
Short Biography
Juliano Maranhão is Associate Professor of Law at University of São Paulo. Phd
from University of São Paulo Law School and pos-doc at Utrecht University,
Department of Computer Science. Visiting Scholar at University of Leipzig,
Maastricht and University of Miami.

Law Uncertainty and Technology Abstract Short Biography