Sobratema to represent Brazil at the CECE Congress in Germany
Europe’s main congress for construction equipment will gather the sector’s foremost leaders
Sobratema – the Brazilian Association for Technology in Equipment and Maintenance is representing the
Brazilian construction sector at the CECE Congress - “Making it in Europe” which is scheduled to take place
from October 24th to 26th in Berlin, Germany. The event is organized by the Committee for European
Construction Equipment (CECE).
On October 26th, Sobratema vice-president Juan Manuel Altstadt will participate on the panel CECE
Economic Forum: “Making it in Europe, Expanding to New Markets” along with representatives from
another five countries outside Europe: the United States, China, Russia, India and Australia. On the
occasion, the Brazilian executive will present a panorama of the Brazilian market for construction
equipment for the coming two years. Ivan Montenegro, technical director for the association, will also be
The congress is considered the most important event for the sector because it gathers the industry’s main
international leaders and is a source for the latest information on the market for construction equipment
along with forecasts on the segment for the following years. In addition, the congress addresses the
economic situation in Europe, the factors that can determine the development of construction in Europe
and in the rest of the world, the trends for the next two years and aspects of relevance that can influence
the strategies of companies for the future.
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Since its foundation in 1988, Sobratema – the Brazilian Association of Technology for Equipment and
Maintenance (presently with 1,145 associate members) has dedicated itself to proposing solutions for the
technological development of the sector and disseminating knowledge and information on the market and,
via the association’s Opus Institute, promoting the training, specialization and updating of equipment
professionals in the sectors of construction and mining.
The association is the creator and organizer of M&T EXPO - the largest and most important international
trade fair for construction and mining equipment in Latin America; CONSTRUCTION EXPO - that offers
solutions for building and infrastructure construction, and M&T PARTS and SERVICES; all of which are held
sequentially, every 3 years. Sobratema recently, introduced its web-based ‘TV CHN’ - Construction Today
News with daily and biweekly programs. In the area of publications, Sobratema regularly publishes
technical books, the Brazilian Yearbook of Construction Equipment (once a year), and ‘M&T’ and ‘Grandes
Construções’ magazines monthly. SOBRATEMA furthermore offers, from its Market Intelligence area, a
series of studies and surveys with a focus on the areas of construction and mining. In addition, the
association also organizes specialized events, such as the Sobratema Congress, Sobratema Workshop,
Sobratema Forum, and Technical Missions which take delegations of professionals to the most important
international trade fairs for the sectors of construction and mining.
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Sobratema to represent Brazil at the CECE Congress in Germany