Luiz Eduardo Melin de Carvalho e Silva
Managing Director
Development Bank of Brazil
Mr. Luiz Eduardo Melin is the BNDES Managing Director responsible for Foreign Trade
Division and International Division, notably affairs related to Africa, Latin America and
the Caribbean. Holding a B.A. in Economics and an Master's degree in Law and
International Relations from the Catholic University of Rio (PUC-Rio), Mr. Melin was born
in the state of Rio de Janeiro and obtained his doctoral degree in International Political
Economy from Essex University, in England. A career official at the Brazilian Central
Bank, he is also a tenured (licensed) professor at PUC-Rio , having also taught at the Rio
Branco Institute of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
He worked for Lloyds Bank International and for several Brazilian trading companies. He
also acted as Chief Economic Advisor for the National Federation of Insurance
Companies (Fenaseg). In 2003 and 2004, he was Executive Director at BNDES,
responsible for the Bank’s Legal and Foreign Trade divisions. He was subsequently
Secretary of State for International Affairs at the Brazilian Ministry of Finance (2006-2007)
and Chief of Staff at the Minister’s Office until January 2011, holding this position
cumulatively with that of special Secretary of State for Financial Reforms at the same
He has participated in several international financial negotiations, heading a large
number of Brazilian delegations and missions of various natures, besides acting as
personal envoy for the Brazilian Minister of Finance on several occasions. He was a
Brazilian Ministry of Finance Deputy at the G-20 during the period in which Brazil was
appointed to the steering committee and, subsequently, to the Chair of that Forum. For
two years he was a member of the FSB - Financial StabilityBoard on behalf of Brazil.
Additionally, for four years, he led the Brazilian delegation in the Group on Financial
Integration of the Union of South American Nations (Unasul).
The BNDES is the main financing agent for development in Brazil. Since its foundation, in
1952, the bank has played a fundamental role in stimulating the expansion of industry
and infrastructure in the country. The Rio de Janeiro-based Bank offers several financial
support mechanisms to Brazilian companies of all sizes as well as public administration
entities, enabling investments in all economic sectors.
Africa Finance & Investment Forum 2014
Cologne, Germany
4-5 June 2014

Luiz Eduardo Melin de Carvalho e Silva