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Sergio Mendes - Vem magalenha (Lyrics)
The Sambadrome (Sambódromo)
Brazil is Calling You - Tourism in Brazil - World Cup
Brazil - World Cup 2014 Olympic Games 2016
Joe Carioca
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Zé Carioca
Brazil's Dilma Rousseff is popular, but not among news media
Rich and powerful newspapers and TV networks have been critical of the leftleaning president despite her hands-off approach toward them,0,5899399.story
Brazil’s media: highly concentrated and heavily reliant on government
Reporters Without Borders released a report entitled “Brazil, the country of
30 Berlusconis” that examines all of the shortcomings of the country’s media
landscape It is based on fact-finding visits to Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and
Brasilia in November 2012.
Media Representations of Race
Cue the State of Media Opening in Brazil
Loyola University Maryland
International Journal of Communication 261 (2010), 261-282
SOCCER: Futebol  media
1.10 Neymar
5:30 rezo
 examples, themes.
"About thirty years ago, Brazil was a lot
of countries. It was South Brazil, North
Brazil, and North East Brazil. I think TV
has unified it. We are now one country.
We used to be many different
countries. We speak the same
language. We know we are a country
The celebrity is boring, ok, but I know I
am also responsible for its unification. I
helped make this country a country."
Jose Wilker, actor and star of Roque
Santeiro, an outstanding Telenovela
broadcast in the 1980s.
"The novela is a long, drawn out production. They used to be one hundred
episodes long. Nowadays, there are two hundred. Structuring a long piece of
work that runs 7-8 months is difficult.
The first 20 episodes grab the audience. That’s where the drama starts and the
problems are all presented. The great enemy of the telenovela is when things
stop happening and that tends to be around the 50th episode.
This is when you arrive to what we, the critics, call the belly of the series, the
drop-off in the story. Everything sags. This has to happen. All the problems have
to be saved up to be resolved for the end. So they create sub-plots i.e. more
difficulties for the characters.
The really big problems are saved up for the end, which could be who is the son
or father of whom or who killed who. These big questions are saved up for the
end of the series."
Professor Renata Pallottini, Sao Paulo University
"We talk about us. About our reality. Poor people. Rich.
Our aspirations. Dreams. Love. Passion. Mostly hope... The
telenovelas say, it’s possible to come from extreme
poverty and become rich, but not often - we are good
pupils of American cinema."
Jose Wilker
Leonardo Ferreira em 13/04/09 
SOAP OPERA 6PM – Novela das seis  Family, history, culture
SOAP OPERA 7PM – Novela das sete  Classic model
SOAP OPERA 8PM – Novela das oito  Creatives, popular
Groundbreaking soap opera grips Brazil
Avenida Brasil
"Viver a Vida"
The Suicide of Laurinha Figueroa (act. GLORIA MENEZES)
Besouro (2009)
Based on the life of a legendary capoeira fighter
from Bahia, "Besouro" spins a fantastic tale of a
young Brazilian man of African descent in search of
his mission.
João Daniel Tikhomiroff
João Daniel Tikhomiroff, Patrícia Andrade
Aílton Carmo, Ânderson Santos de Jesus and Jéssica
Source: IMDB
Brazil is Calling You - Tourism in Brazil - World Cup
Brazil - World Cup 2014 Olympic Games 2016
Pais Tropical - Sergio Mendes & Brasil '77 (1971)
Moro num país tropical abençoado por Deus e bonito por
Em fevereiro, tem carnaval, e tenho um fusca e um violão.
Sou flamengo e tenho uma nega chamada Tereza
Sambaby , Sambaby posso não ser um band leader, pois é.
Mas lá em casa todos issos tipos me respeitam, pois é.
E essa é
a razão da simpatia, do poder, e da alegria.

Brazil`s media: highly concentrated and heavily reliant on