Cristina Vasconcelos de Almeida CV Researcher at the IHA‐UNL (Art History Institute of the New University of Lisbon – Universidade Nova de Lisboa) since 2009. She has a Diploma in Advance Studies in Contemporary Art History (UNL). Graduated in Civil Engineering at IST‐UTL (Faculty of Civil Engineering ‐ University of Lisbon). Post‐graduated in Conservation of Built Heritage at IST‐UTL and in Art History at UNL. Currently, as a PhD student at UNL in Contemporary Art History and Theory of Art, she is writing a thesis focusing on the issue of the redefinition of the art object. The representation of nature in contemporary art is one of the central issues of this research. In 2010 she participated in the Conference «Art and Melancholy» held in Lisbon. The paper then presented consists on the study of a photography book totally conceived by two architects in the late 50s (Lisboa, Cidade Triste e Alegre – Lisbon, Sad and Happy City). In July 2012 she participated as a speaker in the 33rd CIHA Congress held in Nuremberg and organized by the Germanisches National Museum. Her presentation, entitled «On the object archiving its own absence» is soon to be published by CIHA/GNM. Recent Publications “On the Object Archiving its Own Absence”, in CIHA 2012/Germanisches National Museum. (forthcoming). “Lisboa Cidade Triste e Alegre: Oscilações em Torno do Horizonte Liso” [= “Lisbon, Sad and Happy City: Fluctuations along a Flat Horizon”], in Arte & Melancolia. Lisboa 2011, pp. 193‐211. 

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