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Instituto Cultural Brasileiro Norte-Americano (Cultural)
Rua Riachuelo, 1257 – Centro
Porto Alegre / RS
Fone: 30250618
E-mail: [email protected]
Educational Adviser: Marjory da Motta Martins
E-mail: marjory.martins
• Instituto Cultural Brasileiro Norte-Americano, known as Cultural, is
a binational center that aims to promote the integration between
the American and Brazilian cultures, through educational, social and
cultural actions
• Founded in 1938, the institution is a cultural reference in the state
of Rio Grande do Sul
• Nowadays the institution is dedicated to the following actions:
- Culture Center: cultural events
- Bilingual library: around 30.000 volumes in English and in
- Access Program: special English course for underprivileged
students from the public schools
- CulturalGrad: official representative of EducationUSA
CulturalGrad Services
- Advise students who want to study at American
Colleges and Universities
- Translation of documents for the admission
proccess (all the Science without Borders
transcripts in the state are translated at the
- Test Administration: TELP, MTELP, ECCE and
EducationUSA Porto Alegre Office
EducationUSA Porto Alegre Office
EducationUSA Porto Alegre Office
Admitted Advisees
Admission Date Level
Carlos Hoff
University of Florida
Still to be decided
Álvaro Olmedo
New York Institute of
Gabriela Mancuso
Chicago-Kent College of LLM
Law, Illinois Institute of
US 10,000 grant
Office Contacts July 2012 – July 2013
• EducationUSA Porto Alegre Office had 1.574 advising
contacts last year
• The advising contacts include:
- Individual appointments
- By phone or SMS
- By e-mail
- At education fairs
Porto Alegre
Porto Alegre is the capital and largest city in the state of Rio Grande do Sul
Population: around 1,500,000
It was founded in 1772 by immigrants from the Azores, Portugal
The city lies on the eastern bank of the Rio Guaiba (Guaiba Lake), a giant
freshwater lagoon navigable by even the largest of ships. Its port is
important for transporting local produce.
The city has a broad-based economy that lays particular emphasis on
agriculture and industry. Agricultural production includes plums, peaches,
rice and cassava. The shoe and leather industries are also important.
Porto Alegre offers a lot of entertainment: parks, theaters, museums,
hotels, shopping malls, nightlife and restaurants. There are many barbecue
places, a typical food from the South of Brazil.
In recent years, Porto Alegre hosted the World Social Forum and became
famous for being the first city that implemented participatory budgeting
Porto Alegre will be one of the host cities of the 2014 FIFA World Cup.
City Hall
Guaiba River
Redenção Park
Ibere Camargo Foundation
Rio Grande do Sul
Rio Grande do Sul is the southernmost state in Brasil and the state with the highest standard of living
Population: 10,860,000 inhabitants
Climate: humid subtropical climate - Summer: around 32 °C and Winter: around 10 °C or less
In the 19th century the state received many immigrants from other parts of the world, particularly from
Germany and Italy
The state is the largest wine producing center in Brazil
Many gauchos cultivate the traditions of the Pampas – region of the border with Uruguay and Argentina – such
as drinking mate, eating the typical barbecue and listening to gaucho music
The industrial sector is the largest component at 42.6%, followed by the service sector at
41.1%. Agriculture represents 16.3%
Rio Grande do Sul exports : footwear 18.1%, soybeans 14.2% , tobacco 13.6%, vehicles 8,1%, frozen meat 7.2%,
chemicals 6.8% and leather 5.3%
The state is also known for its grain production, viticulture and ranching
Share of the Brazilian economy: 6.7% (2005)
Rio Grande do Sul has a great potential for paleontological tourism, with many palaeontological sites and
Torres is a city on the coast of the state Rio Grande do Sul. Unlike the rest of the state's coast, which is
uninterrupted sandy beach, Torres boasts four high rocky formations standing in the sea that contain several
caves created by the action of the waves over the years
Ecoturism is very popular in the Germanesque cities of Gramado and Canela ; their cold weather is among
their attractions for internal tourism
Tourism is also high in the wine regions of the state, principally Caxias do Sul and Bento Gonçalves
The state is also home to the historic São Miguel das Missões, the ruins of an 18th-century Jesuit Mission.
Typical gaucho
Torres Beach
Universities in Rio Grande do Sul
• State Public
- UERGS - Universidade Estadual do Rio Grande do Sul
• Federal Public
- FURG - Universidade Federal do Rio Grande
- IFFarroupilha - Instituto Federal Farroupilha
- IFRS - Instituto Federal do Rio Grande do Sul
- IFSul - Instituto Federal Sul-rio-grandense
- UFCSPA - Universidade Federal de Ciências da Saúde de Porto Alegre
- UFPEL - Universidade Federal de Pelotas
- UFRGS - Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul
- UFSM - Universidade Federal de Santa Maria
- UNIPAMPA - Universidade Federal do Pampa
- UFFS - Universidade Federal da Fronteira do Sul
Universities in Rio Grande do Sul
• Private: communitary or philanthropist
- FACCAT - Fac. Integradas de Taquara
- FACOS - Faculdade Cenecista de Osório
- FISMA - Faculdade Integrada de Santa Maria
- FAPA - Faculdade Porto Alegrense
- FEEVALE - Universidade Feevale
- FACENSA - Faculdade Cenecista Nossa Senhora dos Anjos
- IACS - Instituto Adventista Cruzeiro do Sul
- MARQUÊS - Instituto de Educação Cenecista Marquês de Herval
- IESA - Instituto Cenecista de Ensino Superior de Santo Ângelo
- PUCRS - Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio Grande do Sul
- UCPEL - Universidade Católica de Pelotas
- UCS - Universidade de Caxias do Sul
- ULBRA - Universidade Luterana do Brasil
- UNICRUZ - Universidade de Cruz Alta
- UNIFRA - Centro Universitário Franciscano
Universities in Rio Grande do Sul
Private: communitary or philanthropist
- UNIJUÍ - Universidade Regional do Noroeste do Estado do RGS
- UNILASALLE - Centro Universitário La Salle
- UNILASALLE-RJ - Centro Universitário La Salle - RJ[6]
- UNISC - Universidade de Santa Cruz do Sul
- UNISINOS - Universidade do Vale do Rio dos Sinos
- UNIVATES - Centro Universitário UNIVATES
- UPF - Universidade de Passo Fundo
- URCAMP - Universidade da Região da Campanha
- URI - Universidade Regional Integrada do Alto Uruguai e das Missões
- EST - Faculdades EST
Universities in Rio Grande do Sul
• Private Institutions
- ESMARGS - Esc.Sup. de Mús. do RGS
- FAM - Faculdade Antonio Meneghetti
- FAACS - Faculdade Anglo-Americano de Caxias do Sul8
- FSG - Faculdade da Serra Gaúcha
- FTEC - Faculdade de Tecnologia TecBrasil
- UNIANHANGUERA - Anhanguera Educacional S.A.
- UNIRITTER - Centro Universitário Ritter dos Reis
- FEMA - Escola Técnica e Superior Machado de Assis - Santa Rosa
- FADISMA - Faculdade de Direito de Santa Maria
- CASTELLI - Escola Superior de Hotelaria Castelli
- FAE - Faculdade Anglicana de Erechim
Schools in Rio Grande do Sul
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