CeBIT Porto Alegre
The Biggest Latin America ICT Event
A Proposal
Porto Alegre Pro-CeBIT Committee
Who we are?
José Antonio Antonioni
Carlos Comassetto
Executive Coordinator
Political Coordinator
General Manager
Member of the City Hall
Newton Braga Rosa
Political Coordinator
Member of the city Hall
Cláudio Gandolfi
City Governement Coordinator
Secretary of Funding Raising and
international Affairs
Porto Alegre Pro-CeBIT Committee
Who we are?
Ricardo Orlandini
André Imar Kulczinski
Member of the Comitte
Member of the Comitte
SOFTSUL- Institucional
Relationships Development
PROCEMPA- Porto Alegre Public
Luiz Francisco Gerbase
Member of the Comitte
ABINEE-RS President
Porto Alegre City Movie (6 min)
CeBIT Worldwide
Why Latin America?
• To improve the global presence of the CeBIT
• To connect the global ICT market to the fast growing
Latin America market and companies
• To improve the number of Latin American Companies in
CeBIT editions around the world, specially in Hannover
• To improve the access of Latin America ICT companies
to the global market
• To strength the on going negotiations between the
Mercosur and the EU representatives
• Unique and great opportunity to take the market place of
COMDEX Brazil and COMDEX Argentina
Why Brazil?
• Brazil is a competitive country for foreign investments,
specially in the ICT sector.
• Long Term economic policies
• Brazil is part of the BRIC countries
• Biggest ICT market in Latin America: around U$ 90 bi
• Annual ICT growth of 15~18% (last 5 years)
• Expressive number of ICT companies: around 12.000
• Strong traditional bilateral trading between Germany and
Brazil expanding to the ICT sector
• +1.200 Germany Companies in Brazil (some >50 years)
• The world’s greatest Germany Chamber of Commerce
Why CeBIT Porto Alegre, Brasil (1/3)
• Porto Alegre - strategic location in Mercosur economic
• In the center - São Paulo, Buenos Aires, Santiago
• Infrastructure: international airport, hotels, transportation
network and so on
• 2006: 72 events with 355.000 participants
• Excellent experience in hosting big events
World Social Forum ( versus Davos)
International Tourism Forum
International Free Software Forum
World Church Council ….
O V Fórum Social Mundial foi realizado em Porto Alegre entre os dias 26 e 31 de janeiro de 2005. Na marcha que marcou o início do Fórum, estiveram
presentes mais de 200 mil pessoas. No total, foram 155 mil participantes cadastrados, sendo 35 mil integrantes do Acampamento da Juventude e
6.823 comunicadores. Cerca de 6.872 organizações de 151 países estiveram envolvidas em 2.500 atividades, distribuídas entre os 11 espaços
temáticos do Território Social Mundial.
Why CeBIT Porto Alegre, Brasil (2/3)
• Strong presence of European culture, specially German (since
• Lower costs than other cities (São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, etc.)
• Porto Alegre - among the main ICT poles in Brazil:
– Tecnopuc – The Greatest Technological Park in Latin America hosting
– Polo de São Leopoldo (UNITEC)- SAP
– Strong universities with international expression: UFRGS, PUCRS,
– CEITEC- First IC foundry in Latin America
• People motivated and organized to get this idea done (privates
entities and companies, city, state and federal governments and so
Why CeBIT Porto Alegre, Brasil (3/3)
• 30 technical schools on
the state
• Computer Reconditioning
and Recycling Center for
inclusion digital, Província
Marista do Rio Grande do Sul
Recent facts
• Since 2000- For the last 9 years
– SOFTSUL and Hanover Fairs do Brasil organize the Brazilian
ICT Companies participation in CeBIT, Hannover;
• 2004- Deutsche Messe AG was studying to have a
CEBIT in Latin America
• jan 2007 - Comitee pro CeBIT Porto Alegre – Working
• 2007- mission in DE- Meetings with
Bytcom (Berlim)
Brazilian Council (Frankfurt)
Banco do Brasil (frankfurt)
AHK- Camara Brasil- Alemanha (Frankfurt)
Meeting with Hannover Messe AG Boarding
• Motivated for this idea and based upon the
SOFTSUL’s large international experience in
organizing ICT events we started to work we
• Porto Alegre 2009
• Cebit Latin America
Thank You
Câmara Municipal
de Porto

Porto Alegre Pro-CeBIT Committee Who we are?