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The 8th Annual
Brazilian Energy &
Infrastructure Finance
November 4th & 5th, 2015 | Hotel Pullman São Paulo Ibirapuera, Brazil
The largest meeting place for the energy and
infrastructure finance community in Brazil
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There will be simultaneous interpretation available in English/Portuguese Haverá tradução simultânea Inglês>Português disponível.
The 8th Annual Brazilian Energy
& Infrastructure Finance Forum
Mergers, acquisitions and private equity investment in Brazil
have reached record levels in recent years. Energy and
natural resources continue to drive economic growth, while
government initiatives and Brazil’s hosting of the Rio Olympics
are creating huge demand for infrastructure investments.
Come to the Brazilian Energy & Infrastructure
Finance Forum to debate the best ways of overcoming
macroeconomic and political challenges, capitalize on
attractive asset valuations, and make the most of new
opportunities in the energy and infrastructure sectors. Is
now the time to invest in Brazil?
November 4th & 5th, 2015
Hotel Pullman São Paulo Ibirapuera, Brazil
Why attend?
iscover how the Brazilian market can become a more
attractive destination for foreign investment
earn about Brazil’s new logistics investment plan.
Who will be bidding and what are the returns?
etwork with international and domestic financiers,
developers, advisors, lawyers, government
representatives, investors and concessionaires,
to make connections crucial to your business
Register and access the market’s key dealmakers in one location; including:
Law firms
Rating Agencies
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The 8th Annual Brazilian Energy
& Infrastructure Finance Forum
November 4th & 5th, 2015
Hotel Pullman São Paulo Ibirapuera, Brazil
Day One: Wednesday November 4th, 2015
8:15am Registration and morning refreshments
8:45am Chairperson’s opening remarks
9:00am Taking on a new role: Identifying BNDES’
position in the market and their infrastructure priorities
n W
hat is BNDES’ financing criteria after the launch of the
new concession plan?
n H
ow does BNDES sit alongside debentures?
n O
utlook on upcoming auctions for toll roads, railways,
ports and airports: Breakdown on where investment
opportunities will come from
Dr. Nelson Siffert, Deputy Managing Director, Infrastructure
Division, BNDES
9:30am Brazil’s new infrastructure concession: Will
the plan help to boost international investment in the
n L
owering the cost of doing business: How likely is it that
the government will loosen the 60% local content rule?
n W
hat impact will the corruption scandals and Dilma
Rousseff’s lack of political capital mean for the success of
the plan in congress?
n L
ooking at key challenges influencing the success of the
new package
Eduardo E. Farhat, Managing Director,
Darby Private Equity
Bernardo Costa, Senior Director – Global Infrastructure and
Project Finance, Fitch Ratings
10:15am Morning refreshments and networking break
11:00am Financing Brazil’s energy and infrastructure
projects: Where are lenders seeing growth?
n W
hat impact does the macroeconomic situation have on
n L
ocal and international banks: How do terms differ and are
they necessarily competitors?
n In a sector dominated by private equity and BNDES
funding, what structures can Asian banks utilize to develop
their presence in Brazil?
Senior Speaker, BNP Paribas
11:45pm Financing the next wave of Brazil’s wind
n W
hat new wind projects are in the pipeline and what
financing is available?
n A
nalysing the risks associated with exposure to spot
prices and the difficulties of financing contracts
n Integrating wind energy projects into the transmission
network: What investments are necessary to expand the
transmission capability of the power network?
Pedro Villas Boas Pileggi, CFO, Renova Energia
Sergio Souza, Sales Director, GE Wind
Bruno Moraes, Investments Principal, Actis
Karollyne Matuchack Machado, Associate, Rio Energy
Antonio A. T. de Bastos Filho, CEO, Omega Energy
2:00pm The logistics investment plan: Who is bidding
and what are the return prices?
n H
ave new regulations helped in fostering more private
investment for roads?
n A
re airport deals the hot thing, or are bullet trains back on
the table?
n Financing strategies and opportunities for concession projects
Ian Ramalho Guerriero, Secretaria do Programa de
Aceleração do Crescimento, Ministério do Planejamento
2:45pm With BNDES taking a step back, will we
see more activity and aggressive pricing from
ECAs, multilaterals and development banks?
n W
here can ECAs and multilaterals lend directly and where
do they provide guarantees?
n A
re the local capital markets liquid enough to finance the
projects in the new concession?
n W
hat support can multilaterals provide?
Nadia Scharen-Guivel, Principal Private Sector Coordinator
– Brazil, Inter-American Development Bank
Flávio Bertolossi, Head of São Paulo office - South
America, SACE
Joanne Tognarelli, Chief Representative – Latin America &
Caribbean, Export Development Canada
Julyana Yokota, Director, Latin America Utility &
Infrastructure Ratings, Standard & Poor
3:30pm Afternoon refreshments and networking break
4:00pm What is the outlook for distressed investments
in Brazil today?
n F
orming creditors’ committees: What support can
committees creditors provide?
n L
ooking at main features in debt restructuring
n W
ho is buying the distressed debt? Addressing the
standstill negotiations
Paulo Padis, Partner, Stocche Forbes
4:45pm Filling the financing gap: Developing the
Brazilian project finance market into a more attractive
destination for foreign investment
n W
ill returns be high enough to attract foreign players?
n Is the project bond market strong enough to fill this gap?
n W
hat competitive options such as bridge loans or bond
financing are suitable for the Brazilian market?
Emilio Fabbrizzi, Director, Head of Project Finance Latin
America, DNB Markets
5:30pm Chairperson’s closing remarks followed by
drinks reception
12:45pm Lunch
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The 8th Annual Brazilian Energy
& Infrastructure Finance Forum
November 4th & 5th, 2015
Hotel Pullman São Paulo Ibirapuera, Brazil
Day Two: Thursday November 5th, 2015
8:45am Morning refreshments and networking
9:15am Chairperson’s opening remarks
9:30am Local vs international players: Who can participate
in tenders to make bids more competitive?
n A
re international construction companies willing and able
to take on mega infrastructure deals?
n W
hat are the challenges and opportunities for
international players entering the Brazilian market?
n A
re developers willing to consider financing in Real as
opposed to US Dollars?
Gregory Cardenas, Senior Director, Project & Structured
Finance, Canadian Solar
10:15am What are the prospects for the nascent solar
industry in Brazil?
n C
hanges in BNDES financing rules: How is this affecting
new projects?
n A
nalysing the impact of the falling Real: What financing
options are available?
n Is the SunEdison/Renova joint venture a sign of how
international investors are planning to invest in Brazilian
n W
hat role have yieldcos played to date in Brazil’s solar
Camila Ramos, Managing Director and Founder,
CELA – Clean Energy Latin America
11:00am Morning refreshments and networking break
11:30am Assessing the effect of increased private
equity involvement in lending
n W
here is the long-term value in the Brazilian market?
What players are bidding and who is coming in?
n C
heap currency: A closer look at asset sale prices
n A
re multinational companies and other strategic players
willing to brush caution aside and seek greater exposure
to Brazil?
Sérgio Guimarães de Mello Brandão, Director of Energy,
Actis Capital, LLP
12:15pm Looking at opportunities offered by the
Petrobras divestment in upstream, natural gas
transportation and natural gas distribution assets
n W
hat opportunities will the sales of Petrobras assets
n A
look at Sete Brazil securing long term financing and
scaling back: What impact does the scaling back of the
deal have on the Brazilian oil and gas market?
n S
upply, demand and prices: Views on how the oil and gas
market in Brazil will evolve
Sylvie D’Apote, Managing Partner, Prysma E&T Consultores
1:00pm Are we nearly there? Realising the potential of
PPPs to service Brazilian infrastructure demands
n W
ill the current government support PPPs at state level?
n P
PPs as a strategy in financing projects: Is this the way
n H
ow will the government attract international players to
smaller scale state level projects?
n W
ill we see water & waste projects financed with PPPs?
Hector Gomez Ang, Country Manager for Brazil, IFC
1:45pm Chairperson’s closing remarks followed by
lunch and close of conference
The excellent selection of speakers
presented deep insights and touched
important and sensitive issues
Randall Terada, Banco Votorantim
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8a Conferência Brasileira Anual
de Financiamento de Energia e Infraestrutura
4 e 5 de novembro de 2015
Hotel Pullman São Paulo Ibirapuera, Brasil
Primeiro dia: quarta-feira, 4 de novembro de 2015
08h15 Inscrições e refrescos matinais
08h45 Discurso de abertura do presidente
14h00 O plano de investimentos em logística:
quem participa das licitações e quais são os preços
de retorno?
09h00 Assumindo um novo papel: Identificando a
posição do BNDES no mercado e suas prioridades em
14h45 Com o recuo do BNDES, presenciaremos
maior atividade e preços mais agressivos das ECAs,
multilaterais e bancos de desenvolvimento em projetos
de infraestrutura?
09h30 A nova concessão de infraestrutura do Brasil:
o plano será suficiente para alavancar os investimentos
internacionais no país?
15h30 intervalo para refrescos e networking
10h15 Intervalo para refrescos e networking matinal
11h00 Financiando projetos de energia e infraestrutura
no Brasil: onde os credores enxergam crescimento?
11h45 Financiando a próxima onda de desenvolvimento
eólico no Brasil
12h45 Almoço
16h00 Qual a perspectiva para os investimentos
paralisados no Brasil hoje em dia?
16h45 Preenchendo a lacuna de financiamentos:
desenvolvendo o mercado de financiamento de projetos
no Brasil para se tornar um destino mais atrativo para o
investimento estrangeiro
17h30 Discurso de encerramento do dia do presidente,
seguido por um coquetel
Segundo dia: quinta-feira, 5 de novembro de 2015
09h45 Intervalo para refrescos e networking matinal
09h15 Discurso de abertura do presidente
11h30 O mercado de fusões e aquisições no Brasil e
a avaliação do efeito do aumento do envolvimento do
capital privado nos financiamentos
09h30 Participantes locais e internacionais: quem
pode participar em licitações para torná-las mais
12h15 Observando as oportunidades oferecidas pelos
desinvestimentos da Petrobrás em produção, transporte
de gás natural e ativos de distribuição de gás natural
10h15 Quais as perspectivas para a incipiente indústria
de energia solar no Brasil?
13h00 Estamos chegando lá? Avaliando o potencial das
PPPs no atendimento das demandas de infraestrutura
do Brasil
11h00 Intervalo para refrescos e networking matinal
13h45 Discurso de encerramento do presidente,
seguido por almoço e fim da conferência
Find out more at www.euromoneyplc.com
The 8th Annual
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Brazilian Energy & Infrastructure Finance Forum