30th Bienal de São Paulo -­‐ The Imminence of Poetics
Production: Fundação Bienal de São Paulo Curator: Luis Pérez-­‐Oramas Associate curators: André Severo and Tobi Maier Assistant curator: Isabela Villanueva Education curator: Stela Barbieri Place: Pavilhão da Bienal, Parque do Ibirapuera, São Paulo Date: September 7 – December 9, 2012 www.30bienal.org.br As defined by the curatorial team composed of Luis Pérez-­‐Oramas, André Severo, Tobi Maier and Isabela Villanueva, the 30th Bienal de São Paulo does not have a theme, but rather a motif: The Imminence of Poetics. This motif is the point of departure from which a series of questions about the present may be deduced – among them, how contemporary art functions in a situation of imminence, in an unpredictable world characterized by events that are yet to come and which our patterns of thinking are unable to assimilate fully. Two ideas are linked within this context: imminence – understood as what is about to happen, is in a state of suspense, on its way to effectively become – and that of poetics – understood as discourse, as what is expressed, is left unsaid, is transformed and takes on communicative power by way of the language of the arts. According to curator Luis Pérez-­‐Oramas, imminence is manifested by the fact that works of art materialize and acquire a different form every time they are presented. Poetics is the symbolic arsenal that permits the establishment of discursive strategies, ever more present in contemporary art. In the words of the curator, “the 30th Bienal aspires to contribute with a discussion on the range of artistic practices today, rather than affirm itself with definitive, orthodox or messianic proposals.” The exhibition’s curators wish to contribute toward the construction of the present with articulations proposed between the works on view, the consistency of the display design, the clarity of the visual identity and the dialogue with the public. Some 3,000 works by 111 artists – half of them produced especially for this exhibition – make up the universe of the 30th Bienal de São Paulo. A glance at the creative process of artists hailing from different backgrounds and generations transforms The Imminence of Poetics into a discursive apparatus in which bonds prevail: the relationships between works and artists in the exhibition and their resonance in seminars, discussions and other poetic or performatic events. Constellations and itinerancies The 30th Bienal de São Paulo manifests itself on the notion of constellations. Every component of the Bienal is intended to function in a constellational manner, which allows for groupings of works by each artist and potential relationships among them. The Bienal’s visual identity responds to the idea of constellation, by way of the typographical choice that includes all mono-­‐spaced typeface families and a series of thirty posters, both fruits of a collective process. The exhibition’s education material proposes a repertoire of constellations that includes reproduction of works by participating artists as well as other references from writers to philosophers. In addition to the Constellation Catalogue and the Exhibition Guide, the 30th Bienal in partnership with Hedra publishers, presents a collection of five titles, previously unpublished in Portuguese, by authors who are key to the conceptual elaboration of the exhibition. This selection responds to the curatorial conviction that works of art are never signifiers in an autonomous manner: they are always relational. This is why the articulation between the Bienal and the city of São Paulo is especially relevant and visible in the different partnerships with institutions throughout the city. In addition to the main exhibition in the Ciccillo Matarazzo Pavilion, in Ibirapuera Park, The Imminence of Poetics will also be present at Casa Modernista, Casa do Bandeirante and Morumbi Chapel, at São Paulo Museum of Art (MASP), the FAAP Museum of Brazilian Art (MAB-­‐FAAP) and the Tomie Ohtake Institute, as well as with interventions on Paulista Avenue and Luz Train Station. The 30th Bienal, through a cooperation partnership with SESC São Paulo, which extends from the main exhibition to future itinerant exhibitions, will feature an international symposium to take place on November 6, 7 and 8. A significant number of intellectuals from Brazil and around the globe have already confirmed their presence. 30th Bienal de São Paulo -­‐ The Imminence of Poetics Free entry Tues, Thurs, Sat, Sun and holidays: -­‐ 9am -­‐ 7pm -­‐ admission until 6pm Wed and Fri: 9am -­‐ 10pm -­‐ admission until 9pm -­‐ Closed on Mondays List of participant artists Absalon, Israel Alair Gomes, Brazil Alberto Bitar, Brazil Alejandro Cesarco, Uruguay Alexandre da Cunha, Brazil Alexandre Moreira, Brazil Alfredo Cortina, Venezuela Ali Kazma, Turkey Allan Kaprow, USA Ambroise Ngaimoko (Studio 3Z), Angola Andreas Eriksson, Sweden Anna Oppermann, Germany Arthur Bispo do Rosário, Brazil Athanasios Argianas, England/Greece August Sander, Germany Bas Jan Ader, Netherlands Benet Rossell, Spain Bernard Frize, France Bernardo Ortiz, Colombia Bruno Munari, Italy Cadu, Brazil Charlotte Posenenske, Germany Christian Vinck, Venezuela Ciudad Abierta, Chile Daniel Steegmann, Spain Dave Hullfish Bailey, USA David Moreno, USA Diego Maquieira, Chile Edi Hirose, Peru Eduardo Berliner, Brazil Eduardo Gil, Venezuela Eduardo Stupía, Argentina Elaine Reichek, USA Erica Baum, USA Fernand Deligny, France Fernanda Gomes, Brazil f.marquespenteado, Brazil/Portugal Fernando Ortega, Mexico Franz Erhard Walther, Germany Franz Mon, Germany Frédéric Bruly Bouabré, Ivory Coast Gego, Venezuela Guy Maddin, Canada Hans Eijkelboom, Netherlands Hans-­‐Peter Feldmann, Germany Hayley Tompkins, England/Scotland Helen Mirra, USA Hélio Fervenza, Brazil Horst Ademeit, Germany Hreinn Fridfinnsson, Iceland/Netherlands Hugo Canoilas, Portugal Ian Hamilton Finlay, Scotland Icaro Zorbar, Colombia Ilene Segalove, USA Iñaki Bonillas, Mexico Ivan Argote & Pauline Bastard, Colombia Jerry Martin, Peru Jiří Kovanda, Czec Republic John Zurier, USA José Arnaud-­‐Bello, Mexico Juan Iribarren, Venezuela Juan Luis Martínez, Chile Juan Nascimiento & Daniela Lovera, Venezuela Jutta Koether, Germany Katja Strunz, Germany Kirsten Pieroth, Germany Kriwet, Germany Leandro Tartaglia, Argentina Lucia Laguna, Brazil Marcelo Coutinho, Brazil Marco Fusinato, Australia Maryanne Amacher, USA Mark Morrisroe, USA Martín Legón, Argentina Meris Angioletti, Italy Michel Aubry, France Mobile Radio, England/Germany Moris, Mexico Moyra Davey, Canada Nicolás Paris, Colombia Nino Cais, Brazil Nydia Negromonte, Brazil Odires Mlaszho, Brazil Olivier Nottellet, France Pablo Accinelli, Argentina Pablo Pijnappel, Brazil/Netherlands Patrick Jolley, Ireland Paulo Vivacqua, Brazil Productos Peruanos Para Pensar (PPPP), Peru Ricardo Basbaum, Brazil Robert Filliou, France Robert Smithson, USA Roberto Obregón, Venezuela Rodrigo Braga, Brazil Runo Lagomarsino , Sweden Sandra Vásquez de la Horra, Chile Saul Fletcher, England Savvas Christodoulides, Cyprus Sergei Tcherepnin with Ei Arakawa, USA Sheila Hicks, USA Sigurdur Gudmundsson , Iceland Simone Forti, USA Sofia Borges, Brazil Tehching Hsieh, Taiwan Thiago Rocha Pitta, Brazil Thomas Sipp, France Tiago Carneiro da Cunha, Brazil Viola Yesiltaç, Germany Waldemar Cordeiro, Brazil Xu Bing, China Yuki Kimura, Japan Information for the press A4 Comunicação – T +55 11 3897 4122 [email protected] Images for dissemination: ftp://mail.a4com.com.br Login: Bienal | Password: please request to [email protected] Mai Carvalho -­‐ [email protected] Neila Carvalho -­‐ [email protected] Alexandre Michelacci -­‐ [email protected] 

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