The indefinite
Some: algum(a), alguns, algumas,
um pouco de, aproximadamente
I’ll bring you some candies. (substantivos
We want some water. (substantivos
Would you like some beer? (oferecimento)
May you lend me some money? (pedido)
I have answered some 20 e-mails
Any: algum(a), alguns,
algumas, nenhum(a), qualquer
Do you have any doubts? (pergunta –
substantivo contável)
Did she drink any wine? (pergunta –
substantivo incontável)
I don’t have any friend. (negativa - nenhum)
Any day is happy when I’m beside you.
Usado com palavras de sentido negativo como:
never, without, hardly, seldom e rarely, barely e
 He never eats any food.
 I seldom practice any sport.
 The teacher scarcely has any problems with the
If you see any people here, don’t forget to tell
NO: nenhum(a)
I have no money. (afirmativa, sentido
 There aren’t any cars on the street. = There
are no cars on the street.
Gabriel doesn’t receive any letter. = Gabriel
receives no letter.
 We didn’t eat any food. = We ate no food.
 She won’t buy any fruit. = She’ll buy no food.
None = nenhum(a)
- Did you get any fruit in the tree?
- No, I got none.
- I read no books this year.
 - I read none.
(Usado em frases com verbo na afirmativa, não
vem seguido de substantivo, pois já foi citado
None of + substantivo
None of + Pronome oblíquo
None of the cars is yellow.
None of the teachers spoke about him.
None of my cousins will come to the party.
None of them understood the subject.
None of us is going to travel this weekend.
None of you would do that.
Derivados do Some, Any e No
There is somebody (someone) looking for
There isn’t anybody (anyone) in the street.
I saw nobody (no one) there.
Jennifer is holding something.
Caroline isn’t speaking anything.
Maggie will admit nothing.
 Somewhere over the rainbow.
 They didn’t stay anywhere.
 She would like to go nowhere.
Somehow (de algum modo), sometime ou
some time (algum dia, um dia), anyhow (de
algum modo, de nenhum modo, de qualquer

The indefinite Pronouns 2003