All Saints Parish
124 Front St. E., Strathroy, Ontario N7G 1Y9
Tel: 519-245-0644 Fax: 519-660-2921
Email: [email protected] Parish Website:
Office Hours: Monday to Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm
Pastoral Team/Staff Phone Directory
Fr. John Pirt, Pastor Ext. 22, [email protected]
Judy Vandenberk, Youth Coordinator Ext 24
Olga Ferreira, Office Administration, Dial 0
Anna Garcia, Secretary, Dial 0
Parish Pastoral Council Vice Chairperson:
Lyle Hendrikx 519-247-3623
Finance Chairperson:
Joe Czernai, 205-2935
Cemetery Board:
Dianne Thuss 519-281-6732
Saturday 5:00p.m. English
Sunday 8:30a.m. 10:00a.m. English
11:30a.m. Portuguese
Sacrament of Reconciliation
Saturdays 3:45pm to 4:30pm
Sacrament of Baptism
Please call the parish office at 245-0644 to register for
the baptismal class which is held on the 1st Wed of the
month at 7:30pm in St. Angela’s Rm
Sacrament of Marriage
Arrangements to be made 8 months in advance by
appointment with Fr. John Pirt.
Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament
1st Thursday of the month from 8:30am-6:15pm
Jerry Vens, Grand Knight 245-4818
Stephen Cochrane, Financial
Secretary 245-3231 Visit us at
Catholic Women’s League, President
Gwen Waeijen, 519-245-6987
Rose Valenciuk, Memberships
Trudy Thuss, Religious Articles 245-1303
Weekly Mass Schedule
Tuesday, October 6th
Rosary 6:30pm
Mass 7:00pm
Johanna & Henry Beynen – Hubert Beynen
Bill Nuyten – Nellie Nuyten
Sr. Conceição Correia – Jack & Lourdes Correia
Wednesday, October 7th
Mass 9:30am
Dinis Camara, Madalena Davies & In Memory of
Jonathon Davies – Fatima Camara
Helio Mendonca – Alda Aguiar
Rosemary Fishback Giesen – Ruthanne & Mels
van der Laan
Thursday, October 8th
Terço 6:30pm ~ Missa 7:00pm
Antonio Milhomens – Pessoa Amiga
In Thanksgiving to Sr. Santo Cristo
Jose & Amelia Mendonca – Esperança & family
Friday, October 9th
Mass 9:30am
Angela & Olivia Aguiar – Nieces
Arthur Correia – Friend
Deceased & Living members of the VanHeeswyk,
Vermeer & Verhoven families – John & Mia
Please keep in your prayers,
Philip McDonnell+, father of Charles
McDonnell; John Ferreira+, husband
of Margaret Ferreira, Antonio Silva+,
father of Manuel Silva; Clara VerheesSlegers+, sister of Harry Slegers..
May they and all the faithful departed rest in peace.
Come and See weekend
St. Peter's Seminary, London invites you to a discernment
retreat for men 17-55 years old considering a call to the
priesthood. This weekend offers a firsthand experience at the
life of a seminarian, spiritual helps for discernment, and an
opportunity to meet current students and faculty. The weekend
is scheduled for October 23-25. Contact [email protected] or
1-888-548-9649 for more information.
DATE (do not change anything here, we’ll put a correct header each week)
From the Desk of Father John
Do escritório do Padre John
Pack the Van for Verdun!
I want to thank everyone for their support of this
endeavour! The parish of St. Willibrord, and their
Pastor are most appreciative.
Our Lady of Fatima Feast
Tickets for the dinner can be purchased in the office
or on the weekend of Oct 3 - 4 before and after
Masses. Due to increased costs, tickets will be $25
for adults, $15 for children (6 to 10 years old) and
$5 for those 5 years old and younger.
2. Nossa Senhora de Fátima Festa
Os bilhetes para o jantar estão desponiveis no
escritório ou no fim de semana de Outubro 3/4,
antes e após das missas. Devido ao aumento dos
custos, bilhetes são $25 para adultos, $15 para
crianças (6 a 10 anos) e $5 para 5 anos de idade ou
It has become increasingly difficult to secure
Portuguese Priests for this feast. This year Fr. John
Comiskey (a former Associate Pastor at Holy Cross
Parish in London) will be here. He is able to
celebrate Mass in Portuguese, but will be preaching
in English. As for next year, I have been in touch
with Fr. Danny Santos, newly ordained this year
and stationed in Leamington, and have asked that he
consider coming to our Feast next year! If he is
unable to be here, I am open to hearing about other
priests who we might consider.
First Reconciliation
If you have children (or grandchildren!) who are
hoping to receive the Sacraments of First
Reconciliation and First Holy Communion, please
ensure that they are registered for these Sacraments!
Also, the parent meeting will be on Tuesday,
October 13th at 7:30 PM.
Rev. Mr. David Johnston
I would like to thank Deacon David Johnston for
being here this weekend! It is always great to hear
how God continues to call young men to consider a
call to the priesthood.
Have a great week!
Fr John
Embalar a Van para Verdun!
Quero agradecer a todos por seu apoio neste
esforço! A paróquia de St Willibrord e seu Pastor
estão muito agradecidos.
Esta sendo cada vez mais difícil conseguir
sacerdotes portugueses para esta festa. Este ano o
Padre John Comiskey (que já foi assistante Pastor
na paróquia Holy Cross, em London) vai estar aqui.
Ele é capaz de celebrar missa em Português, mas
vai pregar em inglês. Para ao próximo ano, eu tem
mantido contato com Padre Danny Santos,
recentemente ordenado este ano e estacionado em
Leamington e pedir que ele considerá vir a nossa
festa no próximo ano! Se ele é incapaz de estar
aqui, estou aberto a ouvir sobre outros sacerdotes
que podemos considerar.
4. Primeira Reconciliação
Se você tem filhos (ou netos!) que vão receber os
sacramentos da Primeira Reconciliação e Primeira
Comunhão (grau 2) ou Confirmação
(grau 8) não se esquesem de registrar.
5. Rev. Sr. David Johnston
Gostaria de agradecer o Diácono David Johnston
por estar conosco aqui este fim de semana! É
sempre bom ouvir como Deus continua a chamar
jovens para considerar uma chamada ao sacerdócio.
Tenha uma ótima semana!
Pe. John
SUNDAY (do not change anything here, we’ll put a correct header each week)
Registration for Sacraments
Registration forms for the
Sacraments of 1st Reconciliation,
1st Communion and Confirmation
will be in the narthex this weekend
Oct 3/4.
IMPORTANT: If you have a child preparing for
any of these sacraments, make sure you pick up a
registration form and return it to the parish office.
Parent Meetings
Parent Meeting for 1st Reconciliation will be
Tuesday, October 13th at 7:30pm in the Church.
Parent Meeting for Confirmation will be
Tuesday, October 27th at 7:30pm in the Church.
Parent Meeting for 1st Communion will be
Tuesday, March 1st at 7:30pm in the Church.
Save these Dates!! Mark these dates down on your
calendars/phones/agendas as they are very
important dates and parents MUST attend these
Meetings at All Saints
Monday, October 5
7:30pm, CWL Monthly Meeting, Col Rm
Tuesday, October 6
1:30pm Al-anon, St. Angela’s Rm
7:30pm RCIA, St. Patrick’s Rm
7:30pm SVDP Conference, St. Angela’s Rm
Wednesday, October 7
1:00pm Prayer Group, St. Patrick’s Rm
7:30pm Baptism Prep, St. Angela’s Rm
Thursday, October 8
6:30pm Senior’s Euchre, Col. Rm
Public Square Rosary Rally
Please join us on Saturday, October 10 at the
Victoria Park Bandshell, London at 11:45 am for a
Rosary Rally. For more information contact George
Fox at 519-439-8156.
Volunteer Opportunities
Perhaps volunteering has never been a part of your
lifestyle before now, but if you have a few hours to
spare there are opportunities for you to become
involved in your community at Strathroy Middlesex
General Hospital. If you enjoy meeting new people,
want to make a difference in your community and
and Volunteer! Please call 519-245-5295 Ext 5595
for more information.
CWL Corner News
Oct 5 – General Meeting @ 7:30pm
Oct 24 – CWL Annual Bazaar
Calling all Ladies! You can help by
donating: NEW items for the penny table, baking,
sewing, all handcrafted items, your time to help set
up, or clean up, running a table or helping run a
table, kitchen help, food preparation. Young and
old your help is appreciated! Please contact Trudy
Thuss 519-245-1303 or Pat Buren 519-245-5058 if
you can help in any capacity. Thank You!
Gwen Waeijen, President
Knights of Columbus
Cards/Pool playing will be starting back up
Monday, October 19th at 1:00pm in the Columbian
Room. For more information please call Frank
VandenOuweland 519-245-3119.
The Liturgy Committee will be decorating the
Church for Thanksgiving again this year and would
appreciate any donations of pumpkins, squashes,
cabbages, branches, etc. for the altar. We thank you
for your generosity!
Strathroy and District Right to Life
Life Chain - Oct 4 1:00 – 2:00 (Please arrive at
12:45) Strathroy welcomes you to their annual Life
Chain. We will be joining thousands of other
Canadians, in communities across Canada, in this
silent and prayerful witness. The signs we hold will
remind the public that abortion takes the lives of
unborn children, harms men and woman, and points
to loving alternatives to abortion. See your bulletin
board or call the office at 519-245-2946 for your
church’s location at the life chain. Hope to see
many of you there. Debbie
Trip to the Holy Land – March 3-13 2016
Join the team of Fr. Tony Laforet and Joan Bolt
for this Journey of Faith. There is an information
meeting set for October 4, 2015, 2pm at the Sacred
Heart – Parkhill, Parish Hall

Bulletin October 4, 2015