Write new sentences using the structure in Section “a”(a friend of mine etc.)
a) I am writing to one of my friends.
I'm writing to a friend of mine.
b) We met one of your relations.
We met a relation of yours.
c) Henry borrowed one of my books.
Henry borrowed a book of mine.
d) Ann invited some of her friends to her flat.
Ann invited some friends of hers to her flat.
e) We had dinner with one of our neighbours.
We had dinner with a neighbour of ours.
f) Is that man one of your friends?
Is that man a friend of yours.
g) I met one of Jane's friends at the party.
I met a friend of Jane’s at the party.
Test 1
(FCMSC - SP) - Mothers usually ask the
pediatrician for suggestions for________ children's
a) his;
b) her;
c) its;
d) ours;
e) their.
Test 2
(UDESC - SC) - Choose the correct alternative:
Whose are these shoes?
They are ______ shoes They belong to______.
They are ______ .
a) their - them - theirs;
b) yours - you - your;
c) his - he - him;
d) our - us - ourself;
e) hers - she - hers.
Test 3
(PUC - RS) - I gave my sister my book, but she won't give
_____ to me.
a) her;
b) my;
c) its;
d) hers;
e) their.
Test 4
(ITA - SP) - Dadas as sentenças:
1. He is a friend of our.
2. She hates yours stories.
3. This doll is mine.
Constatamos que está(ão) correta(s):
a) apenas a sentença n0 1 ;
b) apenas a sentença n0 2;
c) apenas a sentença n0 3;
d) apenas as sentenças n0 1 e n0 2;
e) todas as sentenças.
Test 5
(PUC - PR) - Mark the correct option:
Which of these books is yours?
_________is that thick one.
a) Your;
b) Me;
c) My;
d) Mine;
e) His.
Test 6
(FMABC - SP) - Mark the option that completes the
sentence correctly:
We will never betray_______________.
a) ours friend;
b) a friend of our;
c) a friend of us;
d) a friend of we;
e) a friend of ours.
Test 7
(AFA - SP) - Mark the alternative which best
answers the item.
Jane took the book although she knew it was
________ and she left it an hour ago with a friend
of ________.
a) mine / hers;
b) my own / her;
c) my / his own;
d) me own's / hers own.
Test 8
(FCMSC - SP) - Choose the right alternative:
Are you looking for Dr. Getwell? _______ office is on the 2nd floor.
a) He's;
b) Her;
c) Hers;
d) Your;
e) Ours.
Test 9
Mark the best option:
One should do________ job well.
a) hers;
b) its;
c) one's;
d) yours;
e) mine.
Test 1O
(UECE - CE) - Em "It was HER sister Josephine who told
HER", os vocábulos em maiúsculos classificam-se
respectivamente como:
a) pronome adjetivo/pronome objeto
b) pronome substantivo/pronome sujeito
c) pronome adjetivo/pronome sujeito
d) pronome substantivo/pronome objeto
Test 11
(UFRS - RS) - Mark the right option:
Tom is a very good__________.
a) friend of she;
b) friend of her;
c) friend of hers;
d) hers friend;
e) friend my.
Test 12
(IMS - SP) - Escolha a alternativa que preenche
corretamente a lacuna:
a) your;
b) me;
c) Madonna;
d) yours;
e) you.
Test 13
(PUC - PR) - Which option contains the correct use of the
I. Could you tell_______ what has happened in the pub?
II. His uncle gave_______ the money to set up his new business.
III. It was kind of you to let me borrow _________ computer
IV. She ignored _________father's warning and jumped into the
swimming pool.
V. Just a minute, I'm going to hang ____ jacket in the wardrobe .
a) I - me; II - him; III - your; IV - her; V - my;
b) I - them; II - her; III - your; IV - her; V - your;
c) I - him; II - them; III - his; IV - its; V - mine;
d) I - her; II - us; III - their; IV - our; V - yours;
e) I - us; II - his; III - her; IV - his; V-him.
Test 14
(FGV - SP)
I studied at a European university where, for the past 20 years, black
Nigerian students have, on average, done consistently better
academically than _______ white European classmates. Can we
conclude from this, in line with the opinions of some scholars, that black
Nigerians are genetically more intelligent than Europeans?
Assinale, a letra correspondente a alternativa que preenche
corretamente a lacuna do texto.
a) their;
b) them;
c) theirs;
d) they;
e) themselves.
Test 15
(UTFPR - PR) - "The lifesaving remedy replaces the body's lost fluids
and salts."
O possessivo que substitui a expressão em negrito é:
a) her;
b) their;
c) our;
d) its;
e) my.
Test 16
(ITA - SP) - Leia a recado de Ho Chi Minh aos franceses, em 1946.
"You can kill 10 of my men for every one I kill of ________, yet even
at those odds, you will lose and I will win".
A lacuna encontrada na frase deve ser preenchida por:
a) yours;
b) them;
c) you;
d) theirs;
e) your,
Test 17
(UNIFICADO - RJ) - Check the item in which the pronoun in
brackets can be used to complete the sentence:
a) Our swimming pool isn't as deep as ______ . (your)
b) Nice clothes! Did you make _________ yourself? (it)
c) My family is certainly larger than________ . (his)
d) They will visit your apartment if you promise to
visit______ . (yours)
e)I told John that with the exception of some French girls
and ______ ,everybody spoke Spanish. (herself)
Test 18
(UFSC -SC) - Identify the proposition(s) which can correctly
be completed with the words in parentheses:
01) _______ room is very comfortable. (My)
02) Don't take________ camera to the beach. (yours)
04) The palm trees are high and __________ leaves are
very big. (their)
08) We bought ___________tickets last month. (ours)
16) Paul put________ money in the hotel safe. (his)
32) Mary doesn't like_________ hotel room, (her)
Test 19
(UNIOESTE - PR) - Assinale a(s) alternativa(s) na(s) quais) o
adjetivo possessivo está utilizado corretamente:
01) Jui2ce provides vitamins. Its vitamins are vitamins A, C and E.
02) The nutrients and its effects are described.
04) Paul takes a bottle of juice every day in your breakfast.
08) The company is offering special prices in his products.
16) Mango is a fruit that provides vitamin A in her composition.
32) Americans usually include juices in their breakfast.
64) We all should include natural juices in ours lives.
(*Jui2ce: marca de um suco).
Test 20
"This is a war in which money can work wonders. It helps the CIA
build up the intelligence services of its allies. And it helps the CIA
buy the loyalty of people who know al Qaeda's secrets and can
subvert in operation. "
The underlined pronouns refer to the following words respectively:
a) war, CIA, al Qaeda's secrets;
b) money, CIA, al Qaeda;
c) money, European Community, Osama bin Laden;
d) wonders, USA, CIA;
e)war, intelligence services, allies.
Test 21
"In 1993 Victoria Cunninghan was tired of the 'plastic
people' and long hours associate with running ... (I). . own
advertising agency. Today she works half the hours, makes double
what she did and toils only for people she like" How? , By
reinventing ... (II) ... as roving computer consultant, with some help
and brokering from Robert Half International. No more dealing with
disagreeable clients, or employees whose egos are bigger than ...
(III) ... abilities."
As lacunas ... (I).. ..(II)... e ..(III)... devem ser preenchldas,
respectivamente por:
a) I - its; II - it e III - theirs;
b) I - their; II - itself e III - her;
c)I - it; II - her e III - its;
d) I - her; II - herself e III - their;
e) I - her; II - themselves e III - their,
Test 22

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