João Moreira Rato (curriculum)
Name- João de Almada Moreira Rato
Date of birth – 29 September 1971
1993 – Degree in Economics by Universidade Nova de Lisboa
1996 – Master of Arts in Economics by Chicago University
2000 – PhD in Economics with specialization in Finances by the University of Chicago,
Current positions
Since September 2012 –CEO & Chairman of the Portuguese Treasury and Debt Management
June – August 2012 – Chairman of the Board of Directors of IGCP, IP – ‘Instituto de Gestão da
Tesouraria e do Crédito Público’
Previous positions
2010 – June 2012 – Executive Director at Morgan Stanley, in charge of the structured solutions
for Iberia.
2008-2010 – CEO and founder of Nau Capital LLP
2006-2008 – Executive Director at Lehman Brothers in charge of the Fixed Income in Joint
Venture with Investment Banking
2003-2006 – Director at Lehman Brothers in charge of Fixed Income structured solutions
2000-2003 – Associate at Goldman Sachs, Derivatives marketing in Fixed Income, Commodities
and Currencies
2000 – Trainnee at Goldman Sachs
1999 – Associate Professor at the University of Chicago, Micro economy
1998 –Lecture in Fixed Income at Banco Bozano Simonsen
1997 – Trainnee at Bozano Simonsen
1996 – PhD Econometrics Assistant to Professors James Heckman and Lars Peter Hansen (Both
Nobel Prices)
Vice-Chairman of the ‘ Fórum para a Competitividade de 2008-2012’
Co-author of ‘ Plataforma para o Crescimento Sustentável’ from 2011 and 2012

João Moreira Rato (curriculum)