CINETS group
This group of research was created in september 2011, after months of conversations by
email between Maria João Guia (University of Coimbra) and Juliet Stumpf (Lewis & Clark Law
School, USA). Juliet Stumpf has coined the term in 2006 and, searching for litterature, Maria
João Guia found her excellent papers and contacted her by email, starting this network. After
some months of exchanging thoughts and opinions, they have decided to meet and bring to
discussion a subject which is a passion to both of them: crimmigration.
That's where a longer plan started taking form: a pannel in the American Law and Society
Association conference was organised and other scholars joined them. Robert Koulish
(University of Maryland, USA), Maartje van der Woude and Joanne van der Leun (both from
Leiden University, Netherlands), joined them at this discussion held in S. Francisco (see past
activities). Luigi Solivetti (University Sapienza) couldn't join them at this conference, but he
was enthousiast on this project, when Maria João Guia visited him at Rome in February 2011
to speak about this idea and to exchange some thoughts on european and north-american
hints on this issue.
Maria João Guia and Juliet Stumpf set up, at that starting time, another two pannels in the
16th Metropolis Conference, held in Azores, september, 2011 where other brilliant academics
joined them discussing the subject: Doris Marie Provine (Arizona University), Alan Desmond,
Valsamis Mitsilegas (Queen's Mary University, London), João Pedro Campos (University of
Coimbra) and also members from the Portuguese State Services Duarte Miranda Mendes from
the Portuguese High Coimmissioner for Immigration and Intercultural Dialogue (ACIDI) and
André Costa Jorge, (from Jesuit Refugee Service).
At Metropolis conference, another two academic was interested at this project and joined
them: Leo Dana, from New Zealand and Shahamak Rezaei, from Denmark.
This was the start of a project who is looking up to bring together scholars who intend to
develop comparative studies and issues on the central subject of crimmigration and parallel
subjects on this one.
A web page was then set up where most of the past and future activities, as well as
researchers are presented to public –
During this starting period, Maria João Guia, Maartje van der Woude and Joanne van der Leun
decided then to leader the organisation of the first CINETS conference, to be held in Coimbra,
Portugal where the heart of this network has been funded. They decided to co-edit this first
book that is intended to be the first of a serie of many researches on this topic in the next
future. In fact, the next conference CINETS, will be held in Leiden, The Netherlands in 2014,
Project. Just go to our web page or mail us, [email protected]
We are very hapy receiving new interested researchers on this area to join the growth of this
where the next publication will be presented to public.
Day (11th October)
9h30 – Opening Session
Professor João Gabriel Silva, Rector of the University of Coimbra
Professor José Reis, Director of the Faculty of Economics of the University of
Professor Jónatas Machado, Executive Director of Ius Gentium Conimbrigae
Professor António Casimiro Ferreira, Executive and Scientific Director of the PhD
Program“Law, Justice and Citizenship in the XXI century”
10h30 – 1st Panel - The Crimmigration Paradygm (First Part)
President: Professor João Paulo Orsini Martinelli, Mackenzie University, Brazil
Juliet Stumpf, Lewis & Clark Law School, USA – The Legitimacy of Crimmigration
Maria João Guia, FDUC/FEUC/CES, University of Coimbra – The myriad of ‘enemy’
migrants in the context of Crimmigration vs. Human Rights
11h30 – Coffee break (15 minuts)
11h45 – Second Part - The Crimmigration Paradygm
Robert Koulish, University of Maryland, USA - Entering the Risk Society: A
Contested Terrain for Immigration Enforcement
Maartje van der Woude, Leiden University, Netherlands – Protecting the Internal
Borders against Illegal Immigrants and ‘other’ External Threats
Doris Marie Provine, Arizona State University, USA – The Conscription of Local
Police for the Federal Policy of Mass Deportation
13h15 – Lunch
14h30 – Workshop IA & II
Chair: Sara Araújo – CES
Jo-Anne Nijland - "Comparing crimmigration in the Netherlands and the US: an
analysis on the legal and theoretical level"
Pieter Krop - "The use of criminal employer sanctions in the European Union: from
social policy to migration"
Marie Beauchamps - "Politics of Security and the Forfeiture of Nationality"
Paola Suarez Avila - "U.S. National Security Strategy and its Effects on Immigrant
W.IA - Crimmigration: States vs. Immigrants – KEYNES ROOM (1st Floor)
W.II - Ethnic Profiling in Europe and USA - AUDITORIUM
Chair: Rebekah Delsol – Open Society Justice Initiative
Rebekah Delsol - "It leaves a scar: The impact of ethnic profiling on people,
communities, policing and societies across Europe"
Cristina De La Serna Sandoval - "Ethnic profiling in Spain: The failure of the law"
José García-Añón – “Ethnic Profiling in Spain: difficulties and limitation of using data
and traditional research methods”
Avalon Leupen - "Quantifying the impact of ethnic profiling on people, communities
and safety in the Netherlands"
16h00 – Coffee break (15 minuts)
16h15 – Workshops III & IV
W.III - Irregular/Illegal Immigration in the 21stCentury – KEYNES ROOM
Chair: Paula Casaleiro – CES
Marianna Bacci Tamburlini - "The borders of (il)legality: interactions of migrants with
legislation in Portugal"
Thamara Duarte Cunha Medeiros - "A imigração irregular no contexto da sociedade de
Alex André Vargem - "Refugiados Africanos no Brasil: Entre a Invisibilidade e o
Abandono Institucional"
Christiane Coêlho - "Mobilidades migratórias e precarização das condições de vida: a
situação dos brasileiros em Brasilândia (Portugal)"
Guilherme Fernandes - "A proteção do Direito Internacional e grupos de pessoas
Márcio Anselo - "CRIMIGRAÇÃO: a criminalização do estrangeiro no Brasil e seus
W.IB - Crimmigration: States vs. Immigrants - AUDITORIUM
Chair: Cristiane Reis – CES
Charles Gosme - "Trapped between administrative detention, imprisonment and
exclusion from legal residence"
Marloes Vrolijk - " Immigration Detention and Non-removability Before the United
States Supreme Court and the European Court of Human Rights"
Steven De Ridder - "When immigration, criminal and penal law intertwine. The
Belgian case of foreign prisoners without residence permit"
Marcus Alan Gomes - "Direito Penal do Inimigo e o sistema de garantias
constitucionais no Brasil"
Jérémie Gauthier - "BACKGROUND CHECK - Race and policing in Paris and Berlin"
20h30 – Dinner at the City Boat Basófias with Fado music live – Wellcome Reception by
the Mayor of Coimbra, Dr. João Paulo Barbosa de Melo
17h45 – Book releases: Crimmigration and Social Control in the Age of Fear;
Social Control and Justice: Crimmigration in the Age of Fear - Juliet Stumpf
A Emergência da Crimigração - Maria João Guia
Trafficking in Human Beings - Shahamak Rezaei
Day (12th October)
10h00 – 2nd Panel - The Discourses of Fear
President: Professor Alexandra Aragão, FDUC – Executive Director of the PhD
Program “Law, Justice and Citizenship in the XXI century
António Pedro Dores, ISCTE, University of Lisbon – “The Spirit of Crimmigration”
Shahmak Rezaei and Leo Dana, Roskilde University, Denmark and University of
Canterbury, New Zealand – “Royal Delicacies at Peasant Prices - Revisiting the
Crimmigration in an Economic-Sociological perspective”
Débora Piacesi, University of Coimbra – “The discourses of fear as a theoretical
approach to critical evaluation”
11h30 – Coffee break (15 min.)
11h45 – 3rd Panel - The Criminal Law of the Enemy
President: Professor Pedro Caeiro, Faculty of Law, University of Coimbra
Manuel Cancio Meliá, Universidade Autónoma de Madrid, Spain – “Immigration and
Criminal Law: Defining the Enemy”
Joanne van der Leun, Leiden University, Netherlands – “Rising crime rates of illegal
immigrants in the Netherlands and the ironies of migration control”
José Ángel Brandariz García, University of A Coruña, Spain – “The (Criminal) Law of
the Enemy and the Control of Irregular Migrants: Notes on the Spanish Case”
13h15 – Lunch
W.IV - Justice and Social Control – KEYNES ROOM
Chair: Patrícia Branco - CES
Larissa Leite - "Imunidade de Jurisdição e Assistência Consular ao Estrangeiro Preso"
Carolina De Abreu B. Claro - "O caso Hirsi Jamaa e outros vs. Itália e a
responsabilidade estatal no tratamento dos estrangeiros"
Mark Noferi - "US Mandatory Detention - The Expressive Function of the Noncitizen
Presumption of - Dangerousness"
Daniela Castilhos e Tania Serra - "A “crimigração” em Portugal pela perspectiva de
Gonçalo Bandeira - "Discriminação de Direitos Humanos fundamentais e imigração:
um problema jurídico-penal e sociológico"
14h30 – Workshops IV & V
W.V - Trafficking in Human Beings - AUDITORIUM
Chair: Madalena Duarte - CES
Luz Maria Puente Aba - "The Spanish Action Plan against Trafficking in Women:
policies and outcomes (2008-2011)"
João Paulo O. Martinelli - "O tráfico de pessoas para exploração sexual e os
fundamentos de sua criminalização"
Jessica Elliott - "Victim or Criminals: The Example of Human Trafficking"
Edith Kinney - "Victims, Villains, and Valiant Rescuers: Unpacking Socio-Legal
Constructions of Human Trafficking and Crimmigration in Popular Culture"
Mª João Guia e Jorge Malheiros - "Sex Trafficking and Prostitution"
16h30 – Coffee break (15 min.)
16h45 – Workshop VI & VII
W.VI - Discourses of Fear - AUDITORIUM
Chair: Débora Piacesi - FDUC/FEUC/CES
Mirka Hukelova - "Muslim views on their perception as ‘the other’ in post-communist
Europe: case of the Czech Republic"
Yolanda Vázquez - "Preserving The Racial Stratifications of Latinos Through
Fatemah Alzubairi - "Human Rights, Anti-terrorism, and the Crimmigration Control"
Tara Lai Quinlan - "Policing of Immigrant Suspect Communities by Local Police in
Post-9/11 Terrorism Prevention"
Liliana C. Yanez - "Criminalizing Daily Lives: Immigration Policy and Social Control"
W.VII - Discursos do medo – KEYNES ROOM
Chair: Criziany M. Félix - FDUC/FEUC/CES
Gabrielle Louise Soares Timóteo -"Trabalhadores bolivianos em São Paulo: uma
leitura jurídica"
André Luiz Siciliano - "O direito dos imigrantes não documentados: estuda da
realidade brasileira"
Thamara Duarte Cunha Medeiros - "Os outros: Uma ameaça construída"
Carlos Martins - "As dinâmicas socio-demográficas e a segurança em Portugal"
Pedro G. Rodriguez - "Social perception and media discourse on immigration in Spain"
18h15 - Closing Session KEYNES ROOM
The Rock Planet e Irish Pub – Coimbra
Residencial Antunes

CINETS Final program