Os pronomes reflexivos são usados quando a pessoa é ao mesmo
tempo o sujeito e objeto de um verbo.
São eles
Hot samples
He himself did all those things wrong.
There is nothing I can do to fix that!
They themselves did not know what they were doing.
How do teachers prepare themselves for this ever-changing
world of online education?
Sujeito e objeto de um verbo.
Os pronomes reflexivos concordam com o sujeito
da oração.
Hot samples
How do I prepare myself for an interview? Give me a tip!
She didn't kill herself. She was attacked by an alien!
I saw everything!
We do not need people or things to make us feel happy
for God's sake ! We can do that by ourselves.
You can't help men permanently by doing for them
what they can and should do for themselves.
Concordam com o
sujeito da oração.
São usados antes do verbo
Reflexive pronoun + Verb
Enfatiza o sujeito.
Hot samples
I myself tried countless products to clear my acne.
None of them worked!
The plan itself will cost a fortune. I'm out!
The civilians themselves were the targets of those attacks.
He himself solved the problem of having two books
in one by simply separating them .
She herself wrote the screenplay and the songs.
Enfatiza o sujeito.
São usados no final de uma oração
Sentence + Reflexive Pronoun
Enfatiza o sujeito.
Hot samples
She had done her best to be what he wanted. But she
was, after all, herself.
I can kill him myself . I don't need your help! Get out
Sarah became impatient, so she decided to solve her
problem herself.
They did everything themselves. Every single detail.
They are good!
Enfatizam o sujeito.
São usados após um verbo
Verb + Reflexive Pronoun
O sujeito realiza e recebe a ação.
Hot samples
Isabel killed herself after she had said "I'm done".
Why? Tell me why?
You have to prepare yourself for that job interview. It's
your career at stake!
Many individuals who hurt themselves, lie about the
causes of their injuries.
A social worker who said he was knifed in a horrific gang
attack has confessed that he invented the story and stabbed
O sujeito realiza e recebe a ação.
São usados após a preposição "by" significando
"alone“ (sozinho)
By + Reflexive Pronoun = Alone
Para expressar que o sujeito realizou
a ação sozinho.
Hot samples
He walked by himself all night long. And you know what?
All places were alike to him.
She clearly remembers the first decision she had to
make. She did it by herself! When? She was sixteen
years old for God's sake!
My trial was held in the town where I committed the
murder. Yes… I did it. I did it by myself. Today I
Para expressar que o sujeito
realizou a ação sozinho.
São usados após uma preposição.
Preposition + Reflexive Pronoun
O pronome reflexivo funciona como objeto
da preposição e se refere ao sujeito da oração.
Hot samples
She was saying to herself. "If he calls me,
I'll think about."
What has he done to himself ? He's totally crazy!
At this age children are interested in themselves.
They recognize themselves in a mirror and learn that they
are different from other people.
O pronome reflexivo funciona como objeto
da preposição e se refere ao sujeito da oração.
São usados com sentenças imperativas.
Imperative form + Reflexive Pronoun
Expressa pedidos ou ordens nas segundas pessoas
do singular e do plural.
Hot samples
Suit yourself man! I told you the truth but you don't
wanna listen to me!
Please Mark! Make yourself comfortable, take a deep
breath and take a long look at these wonderful cars! Pick
John! Help yourself with this depression! Don't let the
disease beat you!
Guys! Dinner is ready! Serve yourselves!
Expressa pedidos ou ordens nas segundas pessoas
do singular e do plural.
Complete the sentences with the correct Reflexive Pronouns.
a) We _________feel
that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean.
b) They speak for ___________when
they talk about rejecting the plan.
c) Be careful with that fire or you'll burn ___________!
d) See what that Canadian girl did to _______all
herself in the name of dieting.
She is only bones! All fat is gone!
e) How can I make ___________have
a miscarriage? I can't have
this baby!
f) Guys! You shouldn't blame ____________.
yourselves It was not your fault!
It happens all the time!
g) I can't understand you! Make ____________clear!
h) Patrick will not make it by __________
himself . We must help him!
i)I can't understand! Why has she distanced __________?
Everybody loves her!
j) When you are content to be simply ________and
don’t think about
comparing or competing then everybody will respect you for sure.
Answer the questions with the reflexive pronouns:
a) Are you sure you don't need any help for studying?
You know, SAT is a tough exam!
I'm pretty sure! I prefer to study by___________.
b) Is Jeff interested in those issues?
Are you kidding? He' s just interested in__________.
c) Did she have any help to fix the mistakes she made?
No, she fixed them by____________.
d) What are you guys doing? Stop that! You can't make such decisions!
Of course we can! We are grown-ups! We can make any decisions
e) Does your mom always wash the dishes?
No, sometimes my sisters ____________
themselves wash them.
f) What is going on?
I don't know! I was told that a woman is trying to kill________.
Really? Call 911!
g) What are those sick freak people talking about?
Stuff like killing people, kicking asses…! I_______don't
h) Man…I don't know what to do! I'm freaking out! Would you help me?
Sorry! I can't! You will have to handle the situation by_________.
i) Have you talked to them? Will they ask for help?
I don't think so! My hunch is that they will do the stuff by__________.
j) Let me help you girls! You may get hurt using those tools.
Stay away! We can do the job _____________.
(UNIFAE - SP) - Mark the best option:
Alice hurt __________ when she was trying to save _______.
a) herself / them
b) hers / him
c) himself / herself
d) yourself / them
e) themselves / them
Test 1
(FMP - SP) - Asslnale a alternativa correta:
I took my husband to the airport ________.
a) himself
b) oneself
c) myself
d) herself
e) yourself.
Test 2
"Betsy and John finished the job by themselves".
This means that:
a) Betsy said to John what to do.
b) John finished the job without any help.
c) Both of them didn't finish the job.
d) Betsy and John finished the job alone.
e) Betsy finished the job alone.
Test 3
(Mack - SP) - Mark the option that completes the
sentence correctly:
I think of _____________ too much. My aunt
thinks of __________as well and often forgets
to think of ___________.
a) myself / me / herself
b) myself / herself / herself
c) me / me / himself
d) me / me / herselves
e) I / herself / himself
Test 4
(AFA - SP) - Mark the best option to complete the sentence:
They intended to keep all the money for _________Jack
________ gave me this information. What is going to
happen to __________ now?
a) they / his own / ours;
b) themselves / himself / us
c) theirselves / himself / we
d) they own / by him / ourselves
e) them / his / by ourselves.
Test 5
(UEL-PR) – Choose the correct alternative to complete the
following sentence:
Paul enjoyed __________at the party. Did you enjoy
__________, too?
a) him – himself.
b) himself – yourselves.
c) herself – yourselfs.
d) himself – themselves.
e) him – theirselves.
Test 6
(UERJ) – Indique a expressão que corresponde à palavra em
negrito na frase:
My sister went to the cinema alone.
a) Herself.
b) By herself.
c) By her.
d) Himself.
e) By himself.
Test 7
Choose the correct answer.
"Behave _____, boys!" said Mrs. Tennison.
a) himself
b) yourselves
c) herself
d) themselves
e) yourself
Test 8
The alternative that completes the sentence below is…
They blame __________ for their children not be doing
well at school.
a) ourselves
b) herself
c) yourself
d) themselves
e) myself
Test 9
Assinale a alternativa correta:
Alice had gone to England. Her boss didn't have a
replacement, so he had to do all the service (...)
a) Yourself.
b) Themself.
c) Himself.
d) Herself.
e) Itself.
Test 10

Reflexive Pronouns