INSTRUÇÃO: Leia o texto a seguir para responder as questões de números 23 a 25.
Two of the greatest obstacles that comics have in reaching readers are exposure and cost. Fortunately, the
internet has provided remedies for both. Many comic book creators and publishers have put their comics online,
available as full issues and at absolutely no cost to the reader. And unlike torrents or scanned files, these comics
are completely legal. Here I have endeavored to collect as many of these as possible, now totalling over 300 full
issues and stories, in one place.
Whether you have been meaning to try a new title, or if you’ve never read a comic in your life, there’s still
something here for everyone. Follow a link or two or three. Some comics that I especially recommend carry an
asterisk, but I haven’t come close to reading everything here. Maybe you’ll find something you enjoy.
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Questão 25
Qual das orações a seguir melhor se encaixa na sequência do texto, como um terceiro parágrafo?
A)If you have never read a comic book in your life, you’ll probably find it very difficult to understand the
books in this collection.
B) If you know of more online comics I could add to the list, or discover that any of these links have gone bad,
please contact me by e-mail.
C) If you like funny stories, click on one of the five links below and buy as many free books as you want, at
excellent prices.
D)If you like funny stories and want to e-mail the publishers to complain, this is considered totally legal.
E) If you have read a total of 300 stories in your life, you’ll probably find it very difficult to enjoy the books in
this collection.
Se você souber de mais histórias em quadrinhos online que eu possa acrescentar à lista, ou descobrir que
quaisquer destes links não sejam bons, por favor, entre em contato comigo por e-mail.
A ideia central é a divulgação gratuita de quadrinhos online. A alternativa B é a única que dá sequência ao
Resposta: B

Questão 25 Resolução