Shopaholics are people who buy things compulsively without really needing them. They cannot go into a
shop just to look around. They have to buy ___________I _________.
Shopaholics often buy clothes without trying them on and often make themselves unhappy by buying
more than they can use or pay for. The shopaholic who runs out of money will sometimes resort to
shoplifting (stealing small items from shops). Compulsive shopping is a type of
_____________II______________ similar to the ones to alcohol or cigarettes.
(COSTA, Marcelo Baccarin. Globetrekker. São Paulo: Macmillan, 2008.)
1. (Upe 2012) The pronoun “who” underlined in the text can be substituted by
a) that
b) whose
c) which
d) what
e) those
2. (Upe 2012) As lacunas I e II no texto podem ser completadas, de forma correta e na mesma
sequência, pela opção
a) anything — acquisition
b) something — place
c) someone — person
d) something — addiction
e) nothing — job
Read the text.
Potatoes Can Reduce Blood Pressure
Just a couple of servings of potato a day can reduce blood pressure in obese or overweight people with
high blood pressure, calling into question the lowly spud's current reputation as a fattening, unhealthy
food, according to new research presented at a conference in Denver, Colorado, USA, on Wednesday.
“The potato, more than perhaps any other vegetable, has an undeserved, bad reputation that has led
many health-conscious people to ban them from their diet, “said Dr Joe Vinson, a professor in the
Department of Chemistry at the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania, who led the research that was
presented at the 242nd National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society (ACS).
But before you go out and order French fries, the preferred way of eating this most consumed of all
vegetables in the US, consider this: the research was done with purple potatoes cooked in the
microwave oven, with no oil or fat whatsoever.
Disponível em: <http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/233690.php>. Acesso em: 1º set. 2011.
3. (Ufg 2012) The main aim of the report is to
a) try to stimulate the reader to have a more balanced and healthy diet.
b) emphasize the importance of being aware of recent scientific findings.
c) criticize conflicting results in research in terms of what a healthy lifestyle means.
d) point out that consumers must be more critical of bad eating habits.
e) provide the reader with information about recent results in health research.
4. (Ufg 2012) The potato's current reputation is bad, though it might change after Dr Joe Vinson's
research. Which item below also has a bad reputation?
a) Water
b) Yogurt
c) Milk
d) Soft drink
e) Orange juice
5. (Uern 2012) “The kitchen table is more than a place for ____________, it’s a place where families
meet. But was the ____________ it is made from harvested sustainably? Used to be hard to tell. Now
____________ can look for the Forest Stewardship Council ____________ to make sure wooden
furniture is forestfriendly. We should ____________ that the world’s forests are ____________
responsibly so that people and wildlife can continue to exist in the future.”
Choose the sequence that completes the text.
a) meals / wood / shoppers / label / ensure / managed
b) fun / seed / buyers / license / prevente / cut
c) talk / peel / sellers / tag / avoid / made
d) argument / tree / representatives / plate / defend / sprayed
e) NRA
6. (Upe 2012)
_____________I______________ so much more to Japanese cuisine than the sushi that’s so popular
today. The simple and delicate flavors of sauce, miso, sake and mirin (sweet rice wine) abound in styles
of cooking that range from yakitori (in which ingredients are grilled) to tempura (in which ingredients are
dipped in batter and lightly fried to a delicate crisp). Since flavor and aesthetics are of great importance
in Japanese cooking, well-prepared Japanese dishes are both ______________II______________and
______________III______________, a real treat for stomach and the eye.
(Adaptado de Beyond the sushi: the pleasures of Japanese food. In: All Set!. DONNINI, Lívia &
PLATERO, Luciana. Boston (MA): Heinly Cengage Learning, 2009.)
Considerando a gramática e o contexto, a sequência cujas palavras completam corretamente as
lacunas I, II e III está na alternativa
a) there is — tasty — beautiful
b) there are — taste — raw
c) there are — tasty — beauty
d) there is — health — pleasure
e) there isn’t — raw — kindly

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