Cancer Genomics
in diagnosis and therapy
5-15th November 2013
Montevideo, URUGUAY
ARGENTINA- Marcelo Marti (UBA) , Adrian Turjanski (UBA)
URUGUAY- María Ana Duhagon (FC/FM-UDELAR), Beatriz Garat (FC-UDELAR), Pablo Smircich (FC/FMUDELAR), José R. Sotelo Silveira (IIBCE, UDELAR)
URUGUAY: Nora Artagaveytia (FM-UDELAR), Bernardo Bertoni (FM-UDELAR), Alfonso Cayota (FM-UDLEAR,
IP-Montevideo), Mauricio Cuello (FM-UDELAR), Julio Da Luz (FM-UDELAR), Alejandra Larreborges (FMUDELAR), Gonzalo Manrique (ASESP, FM-UDELAR), Juan Martín Marquéz (FM-UDELAR/GENIA), Faride
Uturbey (FM-UDELAR), Laura Vera (INCA).
International: Heriberto Bruzzoni (Hospital Saint-Louis, France), Pilar Carvallo (FC-PUCC, Chile), Elmer
Fernandez (Universidad Católica de Córdoba, Argentina), Julio Ricarte Filho (USP, Brasil), Pedro Galante
(Hospital Sirio Libanes, Brasil), Edna Kimura (USP, Brasil), Katia R.M. Leite (FMUSP, Brasil), David Munroe
(NIH, USA), Osvaldo Podhajcer (Instituto Leloir, Argentina).
•Lectures on general topics in Genomic (sequencing technology, experimental design, data
processing, bioinformatics, current applications in cancer diagnosis and treatment)
•Wet laboratory Sessions (medical re-sequencing, RNA-seq)
•Bioinformatics Sessions (medical re-sequencing and RNA-seq)
•Symposium- Two days (9-10th) with presentation and discussion of current scientific work
presented and guided by Senior Investigators and a Medical Oncologist.
Total of 90 hours.
For graduates students. To register please send an email before October 6st to
[email protected], including a motivation letter and curriculum vitae from the
student and a recommendation letter from the advisor. Full coverage fellowships (travel and
stage) will be provided for selected students. To apply for the fellowships, please specify your
aspiration in your letter.

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