Brasil Telecom Launches VPN Fácil
The First Seamless Service in Brazil
Brasil Telecom launches VPN Fácil, highlighting a new era in the telecom universalization process
– IP Services. This is the first corporate communications service in Latin America using the
seamless concept.
This concept allows interconnecting addresses in different places of the country or of the world,
using any telecom operator, creating Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), with the ADSL technology.
For example, clients with addresses in Curitiba, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and New York will be
able to interconnect as they were in one single locality, with quality and associate security.
It is a relevant tool that was missing for Small and Medium Companies, a market of
approximately 1.5 million companies in Brazil. Brasil Telecom believes the product will be well
accepted, since the traditional data communication services are either too expensive or do not
offer the quality and security needed for this segment.
The basic service – configuration, management and administration – will cost R$19.90 / month
per geographical address, added the ADSL access cost of the local operator. In Brasil Telecom
Region this access will range from R$59.00 to R$300.00 / month for the 256kb/s service,
depending on the security level, quality and package required. The installation fee is R$60.00. For
comparison purposes, the traditional data communication services (Dedicated IP, Frame Relay,
SLDD) normally range from R$500.00 to R$1000.00 / month.
Besides that, there will be offered additional services such as, Voice over IP, storage back up,
videoconferencing, e- mail services, and unified message and Internet access . “It is a
technological revolution on service provision, where the advantages are divided with the clients” –
quotes Yon Moreira da Silva Júnior, VP for Corporate Business at Brasil Telecom.
The commercialization of ADSL modems and the installation services will be tranfered to a
network associated partners, allowing that new companies be powered with this model.
Brasil Telecom will show, for the first time , the VPN Fácil at Telexpo (March 19/23, 2001),
interconnecting spots in São Paulo, Brasília, Curitiba, Rio de Janeiro and Nova York. The service
will be active starting on April 2nd , 2002 and shall be contracted thru the Internet, at, for any national or international covered by ADSL.
Brasília - March 13th , 2002
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Brasil Telecom Launches VPN Fácil The First Seamless Service in