João Silva Brandão Júnior
Me on center.
Region: Latin America
Country: Brazil/USA/Africa
Main Areas of Interest: empowerment and development
Fellowship Period: January –March 2007
Keywords: human rights, social inclusion community leadership
Background: International Relations, Bennett College RJ/BRAZIL and Law,
PUC Pontific Catholic University, RJ/Brazil
Biographical Profile
My name is Joao Brandao Junior and I am an activist on Human
Rights. I have been working in slums in Brazil since 1997. My proposal
is to create a safe place where students can discuss about Human Rights
and also provide them some quality of formal education throughout
English Classes focusing their future as leaders in their local
communities. Today in age we have five ex-students of ours empowering
grassroots communities in the north of Brazil in four cities ( Imperatriz,
Vila Nova dos Martirios, Amarantes and Tailandia) sharing their
experiences as stakeholders, providing critical sense though discussing,
planning and promoting dialogs concerning about the need to have
peace in our homeland. Since 2007 after taking part of IG Program
promoted by Third Millennium Foundation, I have invested my time on
finding out solutions to people living with HIV/AIDS in Africa and also
getting involving ex-students as a way to show them other horizons
when it comes to flighty poverty. After participating of Grassroots’
Media Conference in NY, in 2007, being invited by
FREEDIMENSIONAL as a part of one of my activities in the IG
program, I have contacted leaders from Africa and they were
fundamental in my new current chosen. I am going to Africa in May,
2008 to stay for one year and working on Human Rights by launching a
cultural center by authorship. In that space, children and adults living
with HIV/AIDS will have information about preventing deadly disease
and hygiene as well. It is all about a common residence in what people
will interact with doctors, nutritionists and volunteers teachers in order
to learn a few more about how to keep going in maintaining a good and
healthy lifestyle.

João Silva Brandão Júnior Me on center. Region