Information to participants
2nd Version, 06/11/2015
Dates and venue of the 2nd Global High-level Conference on Road Safety
The 2nd Global High-level Conference on Road Safety will be held on the 18th and19th
of November, in Brasília, at the International Convention Center of Brazil (CICB), 1st
CICB is located at SCES Trecho 2, Conjunto 63, Lote 50 - Asa Sul, Brasília - DF,
70200-002, telephone: +55(61) 2196-9000 (
CICB is placed next to Juscelino Kubitscheck (JK) Bridge, less than 15 minutes from
the commercial center of Brasilia, 15 minutes from the International Airport and 10
minutes from Esplanada dos Ministérios.
CICB houses a plenary hall, rooms for parallel and bilateral meetings, negotiation
rooms, media center and medical unit, besides a restaurant and a food court.
Preliminary program
18 November 2015 08:00 -­‐ 09:00 Registration and coffee 09:00 – 10:00 Opening Session 10:00 – 13:00 Plenary Session – Statements of Heads of Delegations 13:00 – 15:00 Lunch and side events 15:00 – 16:00 High Level Panel 1: Key achievements of the Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-­‐2020 Ministers of different countries (one per country) will be allowed to a 3 min. pronouncement so as to allow speeches of up to 45 authorities, considering precedence/ order of registration criteria. There will be 6 rooms for side events, each with a capacity of up to 250 people. This session will highlight where we stand today and which road safety policies and programmes have best driven progress. 16:00 – 16:15 16:15-­‐ 17:15 Coffee break High Level Panel 2: Next steps to accelerate progress towards the goal of the Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-­‐2020 This session will identify ways to accelerate progress and scale up implementation of Global Plan for the Decade of Action in order to achieve its goal. 17:15 -­‐ 18:15 High Level Panel 3: Setting national and global targets and indicators for road safety This session will demonstrate through concrete examples how countries can set national road safety targets and indicators and in doing so help improve road safety. 18:15 – 19:45 Side events 19:30 – 21:00 Cocktail Party 2 19 November 2015 09:00 -­‐ 10:30 PILLAR 1 Road Safety management 10:30 -­‐11:00 Parallel Sessions One : Pillars of the Global Plan for the Decade of Action PILLAR 2 PILAR 3 PILAR 4 PILAR 5 PILLAR 6 Safer roads Safer Vehicles Safer road Post-­‐crash Monitoring and mobility users response and evaluation of road safety programmes at national and international levels Coffee break 11:00 -­‐ 12:30 Road Safety Technologies:
challenges and opportunities 12:30 -­‐14:30 Parallel Sessions Two: Emerging Issues on Road Safety Motorcycle Driving under the Financing Sustainable safety influence of Road Transport and alcohol and other Safety road safety drugs Road safety legislation and enforcement Lunch and side events 14:30 -­‐ 16:00 High Level Panel 4: Attaining the road safety-­‐related sustainable development goals This session will focus on strategies and activities needed to reach the goal of a 50% reduction in road fatalities included in the Sustainable Development goals and of universalization of sustainable transportation. 16:00 -­‐17:00 Adoption of the Brasilia Declaration on Road Safety and Closing Session 17:00 – 19:00 Coffee break On the morning of the 18th, the Opening Ceremony of the 2nd Global High-Level
Conference on Road Safety shall be chaired by the President of the Federative
Republic of Brazil, Ms. Dilma Rousseff, with the presence of the General Director of
WHO, Margaret Chan.
A Plenary Session with Statements of Heads of Delegation will follow, according to the
format described below.
3 Each Session, in the form of a talk show, will be co-chaired by two high level
personalities, with the participation of ministers, on a geographical representation
basis, and/or representatives of international organizations, who will address the main
theme of the session.
The morning of the 19th will be reserved for thematic parallel sessions, to take place
simultaneously, also in a talk show format. Parallel sessions will be chaired by high
level governmental representatives or specialists on the issue at hand, with the
participation of representatives of governments, international organizations, specialists
from the civil society, etc.
The afternoon of the 19th will be reserved for the 4th Plenary Ministerial Session and for
the Closing Session, when the “Declaration of Brasilia on Road Safety” shall be
Plenary Session - Statements of Heads of Delegation
The morning of November the 18th will be dedicated to the Plenary Session, during
which Ministers may address the Plenary on the theme of the Conference, "Time for
results", in the context of the Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020.
Interventions will be limited to 3 minutes. Strict compliance with this norm will be
Duly registered Ministers who wish to be included in the speakers’ list should indicate
their intention by means of an electronic message to [email protected] with
“plenary session” as subject, and/or a communication to the Embassy of Brazil with
jurisdiction over the country.
The speakers’ list will respect the criteria of the order of requests for inclusion and the
hierarchical level of the speakers.
Bilateral meetings
Delegations which intend to organize bilateral meetings with foreign counterparts on
the margins of the Conference should proceed as follows:
(i) Delegations involved must provide for all arrangements when holding bilateral
meetings. Conference organizers will not arrange bilateral meetings;
(ii) the Conference venue will have common spaces with sofas and tables to allow for
informal interaction between Delegations;
(iii) once a bilateral meeting has been agreed, and if the Delegations wish to hold it in a
private room, they should present a request for reservation of a room to the electronic
address [email protected] with the subject “bilateral meetings” not later
than 24 hours before the meeting or look for a receptionist standing in front of the
reserved room(s) on the day of the meeting;
(iv) bilateral meetings shall not last longer than 30 minutes;
(v) due to the limited number of rooms, preference will be given to the order of the
4 There will be interpretation to all UN official languages and Portuguese during the
plenary session and high level panels. During parallel sessions will be provided
interpretation in English, Spanish, Portuguese and French (the later only in 2 rooms).
Statements made in any of the above-mentioned languages will be interpreted to the
other languages. Any representative may address the Conference in a non-official
language. In this case, the Delegation must hire a qualified interpreter in one of the
official languages. Such cases should be informed to the Conference organizers
through an official Note to the Ministry of External Relations or through the electronic
address [email protected] subject “Plenary High Level Session”.
Interpretation in sign language exclusively in LIBRAS (Brazilian Sign Language) will be
provided during plenary meetings. In this case, a participant who needs such
interpretation should request it in the registration form of the event.
Coffee and tea will be served throughout the event. There will be lunch and coffee
breaks on the 18th and 19th for all participants in the Conference. A welcome cocktail
will be held on the evening of the 18th.
Official documents of the Conference will be electronically available at the official
website (
Registration and access
Participants from Governmental and International Organization Delegations
During the 2nd Global High-Level Conference on Road Safety, access to CICB is
conditioned to the presentation of a valid credential issued by the Brazilian
In order to obtain a credential for the Conference, the following procedure must be
strictly observed:
Credentials will be issued on the basis of the following requirements:
government representatives must fill out a form at the electronic site In order to access the registration form each
country already received a specific password sent by the Embassy of Brazil
accredited to the country. Confirmation of the composition of the Delegation
through a verbal Note is also necessary;
governments should consider the possibility of requesting accreditation of
Ambassadors, Chargés d’Affaires and Embassy personnel resident in
Brasília, in order to have access to the venue and support their Delegations
and participate in the event;
registration must be requested no later than November 6;
5 (iv)
upon confirmation of the registration, participants should save and print the
electronic receipt to be used to claim their credential;
in order to avoid queues and delays, governments, through their resident
Embassies, and international organizations, through their representations in
Brasilia, may claim their credentials in advance, on November 17th, from
10:00AM to 6:00 PM and on the day of the event, from 8:00 AM, at the
registration stand located at CICB. For that purpose, they must present an
official Note informing the names of the delegates whose credentials are
being claimed as well as the name of the responsible officer.
participants who have not claimed their credentials in advance may do so by
presenting the receipt of virtual registration and a personal document, on
the day of the event, from 8:00 AM at the registration stand located at CICB.
Heads of Delegation and of Diplomatic Missions based in Brasília (from governments
and international organizations) shall receive VIP credentials that grant access to the
VIP room.
Participants from civil society
participants from non-governmental organizations, private sector and
academia may request registration to the Conference as of August 31st at
the electronic site These participants shall
receive an electronic message confirming their registration, to be presented
on the occasion of the visa request at Brazilian diplomatic representations
and as a document for claiming their credential;
participants may claim their credentials by presenting the receipt of
electronic registration and a personal document on November 17, from
10:00AM to 6:00 PM, and on the day of the event, from 8:00 AM, at the
registration stand located at CICB.
The CICB has a paid parking which costs R$ 10, 00 (ten reais) for the period from 8 am
to 18 pm.
Media registration is strictly reserved for members of photographic, radio, television
and audiovisual press agencies, as well as online media personnel representing a wellknown press vehicle.
Members of the press shall seek registration by filling out a press form at the electronic
site, alongside with the virtual registration form, and
sending a recent photo, photocopies of personal documents (passport) and copy of the
letter from the press vehicle they represent, waiting for the confirmation of their
registration request. Press credentials may be claimed on November 17th from 10:00
AM to 6:00 PM and on the day of the event, from 8:00 AM, at the registration stand
located at CICB.
6 Press attachés to government officials, official photographers and cameramen should
request registration according to the procedures described in the last paragraph.
Media center
There will be a Media Center for use of all registered members of the press at the
venue of the event. The Media Center will provide access to the Internet and
appropriate outlets to regarding personal notebooks and other equipment will be
Special security arrangements at the venue will be taken to provide the security of
officials and all participants.
Participants should be cautious when wandering through the city, particularly in
crowded places and at night.
Arrivals and departures
All delegates are requested to provide accurate information on the date and port of
entrance into Brazil by means of an official note to the Ministry of External Relations.
Based on the information received, the Brazilian government shall facilitate customs
and immigration to visiting delegations, based on reciprocity.
Overflight, landing and take-off (Air Force Base in Brasília)
Countries that have Embassies in Brasilia should follow usual procedures observed in
bilateral visits for requests of overflights, landing and take-off at the Brasilia Air Force
Base, by means of the offices of the Military/Air Force attachés at their Embassies and
the filling out of the appropriate forms, which should be sent to the Air Force Chiefs of
Staff (EMAER).
In the absence of a resident Embassy or Military/Air force attaché offices, participants
should send a note to the Ministry of External Relations - Coordenação-Geral de
Protocolo e Imunidades (CGPI), along with the appropriate form. In this case, the Note
should be sent with a minimum advance of four working days in relation to the date of
entry of the aircraft in the Brazilian airspace.
Additional information may
Luggage, immigration and customs clearance
Foreign diplomatic missions are responsible for the immigration and customs
procedures at the arrival and departure of their delegation, as well as for the claiming,
transportation and distribution of their luggage.
Foreign security agents
7 Security agents who intend to enter Brazil with firearms should send a request for the
bearing of arms according to the usual forms and procedures.
Additional information
Access restrictions
During the Conference, access to CICB will be restricted to duly registered persons.
The internal premises of the Convention Center will be isolated, and the entry of arms
will be prohibited, even to registered security agents with permits to bear arms.
Restrictions to the entry of agricultural products
According to the legislation in force, some products of animal and vegetal origin
transported in passengers’ luggage will not be allowed when entering Brazil.
On this matter, delegates should consult “Mala Legal”, a service by the Ministry of
Visa requirements
An entry visa may be necessary to enter the Brazilian territory. It is recommended that
all foreign participants seek information about possible visa requirements at Brazilian
consulates or diplomatic missions in their countries of origin. The list of Brazilian
In case a visa is required, applicants shall submit their requests as early as possible.
Representatives of governments or international organizations participating in the
Conference must present a verbal note to the Brazilian consulate or diplomatic mission
for means of visa facilitation.
Participants from civil society should present the electronic receipt of their registration
from the website
All participants are responsible for obtaining transit visas when passing through
countries that require so on the journey to Brazil.
Travel organization
With the exception of participants whose travel is funded by the organizers of the event
(a government representative exclusively from Least Developed or Low Income
countries) each participant is responsible for his or her round trip travel as well as for
accommodation in Brasilia.
The following countries may request funding for participation in the Conference:
Afghanistan, Angola, Bangladesh, Benin, Buthan, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cambodja,
Chad, Comoros, Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Gambia, Guinea (Conakri), Guinea-Bissau,
Equatorial Guinea, Haiti, Yemen, Solomon Islands, Kiribati, Laos, Lesotho, Liberia,
Madagascar, Malawi, Mali, Mauritania, Mozambique, Myanmar, Nepal, Niger, Kenya,
8 Central African Republic, Popular Democratic Republic of Korea, Democratic Republic
of Congo, Rwanda, St Tome and Principe, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Sudan,
South Sudan, Tajikistan, Tanzania, Timor-Leste, Togo, Tuvalu, Uganda, Vanuatu,
Zambia and Zimbabwe.
Other large events are scheduled in Brasilia for the week of the 2nd Conference on
Road Safety. Participants are advised to book accommodations in hotels in Brasilia as
early as possible.
Conference organizers secured discount rates for reservations at Mercure Hotel
( Reservations should be made by email or telephone.
Mercure Eixo Reservations: H3632-­‐[email protected] Telephone: +5561 34242000 Mercure Líder Reservations: H3627-­‐[email protected] Telephone: +5561 34264030 Transportation
Charter buses will be available for the daily transportation of participants between the
Hotel Sectors North and South/ Sector of Tourism Hotels North and CICB, the venue of
the Conference, upon presentation of credential. Itineraries and timetables will be
made available at the website of the event.
All participants are advised to obtain health insurance before travelling for protection in
unforeseen cases.
A health unit for emergencies will be made available within CICB and mobile units will
be on duty.
International Vaccination of Prophilatics Certificate is not required for entry into Brazil.
The Ministry of Health recommends vaccination against yellow fever to persons
travelling to forest zones in regions of risk for this disease (rural areas of the Northern,
and Center West regions; the States of Maranhão, part of the States of Piauí, Bahia,
Minas Gerais, São Paulo, Paraná, Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul), where
there are cases of this disease in human beings or circulation of the virus among
animals (monkeys). In order to be effective, vaccination should occur ten days prior to
entry in risk areas. The vaccine is valid for ten years.
The Brazilian government rejects any responsibility for travel, accident or medical
insurance, compensation for death or incapacitation, loss or damage to private property
and any other costs or losses that may occur during travel or stay in Brazil.
Certain medicines, such as anti-inflammatory, antipyretics (antithermics) and pain
killers may be easily purchased at pharmacies and even by telephone. However,
purchase of some medicines, such as antibiotics, anti-depressive and others require a
9 prescription by a Brazilian doctor, usually from the same state where the medicine is to
be purchased. Therefore, it is recommended that participants bring with them any
medicine of continual use and/or usually taken, together with the prescription or proof
that the medicine is for personal use.
Real (plural: Reais) is the official currency of Brazil. Most businesses places accept
debit and credit cards.
Currency exchange can be made at exchange establishments or authorized banks.
There are "Global Exchange" and "Confidence Câmbio" offices at airports and city
commercial centers. Office hours and other information can be obtained at and
Brazil area code is 55. The area code of the Federal District is 61.
Participants are advised to check before travelling whether the mobile operator in their
country provides service in Brazil. Otherwise, it is possible to purchase prepaid SIM
cards from operators offering such services in Brasilia.
Power outlets
There are two voltages in Brazil: 110V and 220V. In Brasília, the standard power is
220V, but many hotels also have 110V outlets. Some hotels offer outlet adapters. It is
advisable to check the charge input of each device before plugging it to an outlet.
Due to changing weather and the possibility of rain, participants are advised to bring
light clothing for warmer days, as well as shoes and coats adequate for rain. A light
jacket is often necessary in hotels, restaurants and lounges with air conditioning.
Participants are solely responsible for personal belongings. Any bags, suitcases of
objects left unguarded may be lost or confiscated for security reasons.
Other useful information
([email protected]).
For other useful information on Brasília and the Federal District can access the website
of the Secretariat for Tourism of the Government of the Federal District, available at .

Information to participants