Round No 7
2015 FIA Lurani Trophy for Formula Junior Cars
Circuit: Algarve (PRT), 23-25/10/2015
Event organiser:
AIA Motor Clube
Sítio do Escampadinho, Mexilhoeira Grande, 8500-148
Portimão - Portugal
Phone: +351 282 405 605
Fax: + 351 282 405 697
E-mail: [email protected]
The final text of these Supplementary Regulations shall
be the English version which will be used should any
dispute arise as to their interpretation. Headings in this
document are for ease of reference only and do not
form part of these Supplementary Regulations.
Organising committee
Article 1 – Organisation
Mr Daniel Matos (PRT)
Mr Nuno Luz (PRT)
The competition, which has international status, shall be
run in accordance with the International Sporting Code
and its appendices, the FIA official Bulletins, the
Championships, Challenges, Trophies & Cups and to
their qualifying competitions run on Circuits, the
Sporting Regulations of the FIA Lurani Trophy for
Formula Junior Cars (“LTFJ”) and these Supplementary
a) Name: Autódromo Internacional do Algarve
Address: Sitio do Escampadinho, Mexilhoeira
Grande, 8500-148 Portimão - Portugal
Telephone: +351 282 405 600
d) GPS Location: 37º13’19N 08º37’46W
Article 2 – Information specific to the competition
e) Length of one lap
National Sporting Authority (ASN):
Federação Portuguesa de Automobilismo e Karting
Rua Fernando Namora, 46 C/D
1600-454 Lisboa – Portugal.
Phone: +351 217 112 800
E-mail: [email protected]
4,652,87 Km
(The configuration to be used is the version
without the Chicane at T1, long version at T6 and
Fast Version at T16. FIA Version F/F (Fast / Fast)
The circuit is holder of an FIA Grade 2 + 1T
issued by the FIA on the 1st September 2015
f) Direction of the track: clockwise
Championship co-organisers:
Formula Junior Historic Racing Association
4 Wool Road, Wimbledon,
London SW20 0HW - UK
Phone: +44 208 144 0460
Fax: +44 208 946 2367
E-mail: [email protected]
g) Side of the pole position: left
h) Race format: 2 races of 25 min. (each)
Licence requirements:
Drivers: International D or D/H minimum.
Competitors: International.
C) Secretary of the competition:
Mr João Silva (PRT)
Opening of entries:
Closing of entries:
Amount of fee:
D) Eligibilty delegate:
Mr Grant Wilson (GBR)
Maximum number of cars allowed to start:
Race: 46 / Practice: 59
E) Chief scrutineer:
Mr Nelson Palma (PRT)
F) Chief medical officer:
Dr Marcelo Vilares (PRT)
Programme & time schedule of the competition:
 Administrative checking:
Day(s), 22/10/2015, 14.00-19.00 hrs
Location: On the ground floor of the Race Control
Building, in Room number 6 (in front of the Info
G) Chief timekeeping:
Mr Miguel Glória (PRT)
H) FIA observer:
Mr Martin Grant Peterkin (GBR)
 Scrutineering:
Day(s), 22/10/2015, 14.00-19.00 hrs
Location: In the Technical Garages at the start of the
Pit Lane.
I) Secretary to the stewards:
Mrs Rita Matos (PRT)
J) Chief safety delegate:
Mr Luis Azevedo (PRT)
 Drivers’ briefing:
Date/location: see information delivered at
administrative checking.
Article 4 – Insurances
 Practice & Races
Date & time: see information delivered at
administrative checking.
In compliance with the legal prescriptions, the
Organiser has contracted one or several insurance(s)
guaranteeing the following risk(s):
Parc Fermé:
Location: At Pit Entry on the right hand side.
The FPAK (ASN) affects a Master Insurance Policy in
respect of third party civil liability with a value of
€ per occurrence for bodily injury and
€ per occurrence for material damages
Official notice board:
Location: On the ground floor of the main building on the paddock side.
Prizes and awards:
As per the Championship regulations: there will be a
podium presentation at the end of each race, where the
top 3 Drivers overall will each receive an award
presented by the Event organiser. In addition to the
podium presentations, each of the top 3 finishers in
each class in respect of the overall classification of that
Competition, will receive an award, irrespective of the
number of starters in each class.
Article 5 – Protests and Appeals
Amount of the protest fee: € 500.
Amount of the appeal fee set by the ASN: €2,500.
Amount of the international appeal fee (FIA): €6,000.
All protests will be lodged in accordance with the Code.
All protests must be made in writing and handed to the
clerk of the course or his assistant, or in their absence
any of the stewards, together with the required protest
If the protest requires the dismantling and reassembly
of different parts of a car, the claimant must make a
deposit of:
 €1000 if it is related to a specific part of a
competing car.
Article 3 – Main Officials
Mr Martin Grant Peterkin (GBR), Chairman
Mr David Gray (GBR)
Mr Rui Carvalho (PRT)
B) Clerk of the course:
Mr Délcio Santos (PRT)
€2000 if it is related to several parts or the
totality of a competing car.
Competitors have the right to appeal, as laid down in
Articles 14.1 to 14.4 of the Code and also as set out in
the Rules of the International Court of Appeal.
Deputy clerk of the course:
Mr Rui Mesquita (PRT)
Article 6 – Organiser’s supplementary provisions
A) Pit lane speed limit: 60kph.
B) Competitors’ liaison officer for the Event:
Mr José Martins (PRT)
Competitors’ liaison officer for LTFJ:
Mr Duncan Rabagliati (GBR)
VISA OF THE ASN No. 201/INT/2015
from the 21th August 2015
from the 15th September 2015