High and low clouds, stratus, fog
Identifiquem onde estao o nevoeiro/stratus, o oceano e as nuvens
altas. Justifiquem suas respostas.
Cirrus, land - sea contrasts
Identifiquem onde estao as nuvens altas, o continente e o oceano e
justifiquem suas respostas
Wave clouds, thunderstorm
Nestas imagens aparecem tempestades, nuvens que surgiram devido a ondas
de gravidade e sombras. Identifiquem essas caracteristicas nas imagens e
justifiquem suas respostas.
Fluxo de vento causado por um ciclone na regiao do Mediterraneo
High clouds, sea, mountains, forests
June 20, 1998 13:59 UTCSouth-west of France by a heat day of June. On the infra-red image,
the hot ground (1) appears very dark whereas the sea (2), colder, is brighter. In bottom of the
image, the Pyrenees (3) are also brighter than the plain because the ground is less hot. On
the visible image, the sea (4) is darker than the land (5), because it absorbs more the solar
radiation. In the same way, the Landes forest (6) appears darker than the surrounding areas.
Clouds over the sea (7) are white on the infra-red image. That means they are cold, and thus
they are high clouds. On the visible image, these clouds are not easy to see: they are thin
clouds. They are probably cirrus.
Cold fronts, showers, land - sea contrasts
June 5, 1999 08:15 UTCA cold front (1) has just passed over the North-West
of France. Behind, the sky is almost clear. The shade of the cloudy strip
appears on the visible image. A secondary cold front (2) approaches Brittany.
Thermal contrast is more significant: there are many shower clouds (3) behind
this secondary front. The sea (4) does not differ from the land (5) on the infrared image: their respective temperatures should be nearly the same. On the
other hand, on the visible image, the sea (4) is much darker than the land (5),
because it does not reflect the solar radiation as the land does.
Eruption of Etna, Sicily
July 28, 2001 05:06 UTCSicily. The plume of smoke (1) from the eruption of
Etna is pushed by a northwest wind. On the visible image, the shade of the
plume covers the volcano. On the infrared image, a black zone, thus a warm
one, is visible in the volcano crater area. Lipari islands (2) are also visible in
the north of Sicily.

High and low clouds, stratus, fog Identifiquem onde estao o