fábrica de
conceitos, idéias e
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Operação profissional
Processo de desenvolvimento transparente
Retorno rápido ao cliente
Alta produtividade
• Ferramentas padronizadas
• Alta qualidade
• Dados históricos
• Reusabilidade de código
[1968 G&E, R. W. Berner]
[2003 IEEE Computer Vol.36 Num.3, B. Boehm]
Fábrica de Software
Just In Time
Fábrica de Software... de novo?
fábrica de software produção em massa
padronização, formalização, especialização,
controle  produção de software em
[o que fazer?]
The factory is an organization inhabited by people
engaged in a common effort, work is organized
one way or the other, standardization is used for
coordination and formalization, and
systematization is important, but there will be
several options for the design of a particular
software factory
[Aaen, Botcher, Mathiassen, Software Factories, 1997]
Much of our knowledge of how to accomplish our
purposes is not articulate but tacit
The whole field of software development
methodology remains in ferment, with new
methodologies growing up amid high hopes, and
then fading in disappointment
Capital goods are, in their essence, embodied
[Howard Baetjer, jr. Software as Capital, 1998]
4 idéias: contribuições e ...
• Japonesa (1981,1987)
– SWB – Software Work Bench
• Européia (1991,1992)
– ISDE – Integrated Software Development Environment
• Norte-Americana – experiência produção
• Norte-Americana – níveis de maturidade
...Análise Comparativa...
• Context
– In which setting was the approach developed?
• Objective
– Which goals are pursued and which specific problems
are sought to be solved?
• Strategy
– How should these goals be achieved?
• Organization
– What is the proposed design of the software factory?
• Implementation of improvement
– How should the improvement efforts be implemented?
The four approaches are important
contributions towards this goal. At the same
time the approaches individually may lead
to unfortunate illusions. Learning from the
relative strengths and weaknesses between
the approaches may help us avoid becoming
victims of these illusions
... Ilusões... ?...?
• Zezinho?
• Patinho Feio?
• Software?
• Standish Group – Chaos Report
– Failed – 40% (1996)  23% (2000)

fábrica de software: conceitos, idéias e ilusões