M a n u a l – International Registration
1. Access to the Registration Website
2. Registration/Password Update
3. Support
1. Access to the Registration Website
The access to the place for registration and project management can be done in two ways:
1.1 – Main website – www.feteps.com.br, at the bottom of the page, click on the corresponding flags.
1.2 – Direct link: www.feteps.cpscetec.com.br,
Select the language according to the flags in the upper right side.
Click on the window “Partners”.
2. Registration/Password Update
After opening the window “Partners" click on yellow link in "User Registration".
On the next screen, fill in the requested information with correct and complete information, and
click on the button “Confirm Data”.
It will be displayed the confirmation page. You just have to wait the Organizing Team be in touch
with you and release the access.
3. Support
All support can be done via e-mail: [email protected]
Manuals and additional videos will be available on the link: www.feteps.cpscetec.com.br
IT Support Team
Feteps 2015