SETOR: Saúde (TIC para gerenciamento de diabetes)
Descrição da atuação da empresa:
It is a Diabetes Management Service Platform that empowers healthcare providers to provide
world-class services to diabetic patients using Information & Communication Technologies (ICT).
It's core technology consists of a data analysis and learning algorithms that provide decision
support capabilities to both patients and medical professionals.
Descrição do projeto ou parceria proposta:
The proposed project is the development of a diabetes management service that would empower
diabetics to take control of their health management using their mobile phone, under remote
supervision of the medical staff using information technology.
Tipos de parceiros que buscam no Brasil:
The potential partner is a company with software development, testing and integration
EMPRESA: Beit Alfa Technologies (B.A.T.)
SETOR: Segurança / Defesa
Descrição da atuação da empresa:
B.A.T develops advanced and effective Riot Control Vehicles. All models employ a “Jet Pulse Water
Cannon Systems” which is quick, accurate, effective, cost-beneficial and user friendly. Their Water
Restraint System (WRS) is a NON-LETHAL, high-pressure water stream restraining system designed
specifically for control of dangerous inmate situations in correctional facilities (prisons). Highpressure water is used to restrain inmates at a safe distance without direct physical contact with
BAT EOD & IEDD vehicles include a choice of very specialized equipment adopted by many Military
and Law Enforcement units. Each vehicle is a totally equipped highly professional tool, allowing its
users to perform almost all types of EOD & IEDD interventions missions.
It has developed as well numerous sophisticated Fire Fighting Vehicle models, from the basic
municipal water tender, to a complete line of airport rapid intervention vehicles, foam, water and
dry powder tenders and others.
Also included in their line of products is Vehicle's Modification and Customizing, such as:
command vehicles, police tactical vehicles, rescue containers, mobile clinics, aircraft service
vehicles, etc.
B.A.T has flexible systems that are adaptable, modular and “tailor made” to match customer’s
precise requirements and is ISO 9001 (2008) accredited. The company develops and use state of
the art water control technologies.
Descrição do projeto ou parceria proposta:
The technology that would be developed is autonomous fire fighting equipment.
Tipos de parceiros que buscam no Brasil:
. Aircraft and naval firefighting companies
. Local design and development engineering companies with emphasis on vehicular design with
deep understanding in Vehicular integration and Brazilian vehicular regulations.
. A partner that besides its capabilities to join development, has the capability to support and
maintain the mutual fire fighting products in the Brazilian and South American Market
. Companies with background of R&D and life cycle service of autonomous systems, integrated
with thermal sensors.
EMPRESA: Fibrolan
Descrição da atuação da empresa:
The company develops, manufactures, markets, delivers and supports a wide range of products
with the F/O networks arena.
The company has a network of partners (system integrators) in many countries, OEM agreements
with 2 major Telecomm vendors and cooperation with other vendors for joint solutions.
The company has an large installed base, mainly in US, EU and APAC, currently supplying to 30+
operators and service providers.
The company has developed and supplying 3 main product lines: Full carrier Ethernet Access
solution (NTUs/EDD and aggregators for business customer Access); Mobile backhauling solutions
for 2G, 3G and LTE; Mid Range xWDM systems (full – passive and active) for tier 2&3 carriers, data
centers, campuses, transportation etc.
Descrição do projeto ou parceria proposta:
All analysis and researches regarding the LTE near future deployment and evolution point at the
clear architecture of small cells (including indoor) in most of metropolitan areas. This raises a
series of concerns and requirements both from the technology and price aspects.
The company has a solid plan (based on collaboration with a tier 1 customer) to design and build a
small cell LTE (but not limited to such) distribution system that addresses these requirement.
Some of the building blocks of this system are available and implemented in other product, others
need to be developed and/or integrated with third party technology.
To the company's best knowledge similar systems are not available in the market. Consequently
the details of the plan (requirements and technologies to implement) is highly valuable and strictly
confidential information, therefore will not be disclosed at the search stage, only later on to
selected partner and under a specific NDA.
Tipos de parceiros que buscam no Brasil:
Company must have own R&D nucleus with experience in the telecom filed (H/W, S/W,
mechanical) and – in addition – local manufacturing facilities aiming to lower cost manufacturing
and sales of the product locally in Brazil and eventually in other LATAM countries. Target must be
a reputable vendor (of its own products) in the region and have an adequate sales and marketing
organization ; EMS platform/integration, Service Provisioning S/W, mechanical and environmental
design will have priority.
EMPRESA: Gauzy Ltd.
SETOR: Electronic home appliances
Descrição da atuação da empresa:
Hi-tech company which develops, manufactures and already markets end to end solutions and
applications for our everyday life glass surroundings. We provide smart and unique HW
applications enabling a variety of industries to handle glass like never before.
Gauzy is bringing the future closer by embedding technology into our urban surroundings – walls,
windows, doors, shops, vehicles, elevators, and electronic consumer devices such as refrigerators
and many more. At Gauzy we identified the need to simplify extremely complicated existing
shading technologies based on advanced materials with simple straight forward operating
We are proud to provide innovative patent pending hardware designs which introduce amazing
Glass capabilities. These capabilities can answer the needs for architectural flexibility (blinds which
can be shut in all directions embedded in the glass for instance), transportation’s growing need for
green-like technologies and fashionable competitive advantages (car windows, aviation and
marine glass apertures etc’).
We address the traditional glass industry and provide the manufacturers and processors new
product portfolios to manufacture and install (Embedded with Gauzy HW and SW). We train and
certify Glass processors around the world and sign trade agreements to allow them to purchase
processed advanced raw material (such as Liquid crystal) and high end electronics (we develop).
Partnering with us gives them the ability to offer their local markets with innovative new
technologies to overcome traditional glass products decline in profitability.
Descrição do projeto ou parceria proposta e tipos de parceiros que buscam no Brasil:
A refrigerator developer will be useful to jointly develop an LC green refrigerator. We want to
embed our technology in refrigerators to allow us to see what is inside with out opening it (70% of
the times people open refrigerators it is just to see what is missing or do not take anything out,
this causes the engine to work 3 times harder to cool it back again and to excessive ware out).
EMPRESA: Mapal Green Energy Ltd.
SETOR: Energia Renovável
Descrição da Atuação da Empresa:
Green Energy Ltd. offers innovative proven technology that can save up to 70% in energy
consumption and up to 80% in operations and maintenance costs of municipal and industrial
waste water treatment plants. Floating fine-bubbles aeration system used for new waste water
treatment plants (WWTP) or for upgrading WWTP that use mechanical aeration. Our system can
save up to 70% of the energy consumption and up to 80% in operations and maintenance in
WWTP. There is no need to stop the treatment process or drain the reactor prior to installation.
Our system is module and units can be moved or added according to the customers demand.
Descrição do projeto ou parceria proposta:
Mapal has developed an aeration system that combines floating units with MBBR which allows to
treat nitrate with low cost infrastructure. This development allows to install MBBR with no need to
drain the reactor or stop the treatment process. This also allows installation of the floating MBBR
in WWTP with mechanical surface aeration, which could not be done before.
Mapal is seeking to optimize the efficiency of the floating MBBR.
Tipos de parceiros que buscam no Brasil:
Seeking a company that specializes in MBBR in order to improve and develop the system
EMPRESA: Mobix Wireless Solutions
SETOR: TIC para o segmento de utilities / Smart Grid
Descrição da atuação da empresa:
Mobix is dedicated to the development and marketing of innovative technologies and end to end
solutions for the Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) market, supporting electricity, water and
gas environments.
Mobix’ patented technology is a combination of over six years of field and development
experience. It lead, the Mobix innovative R&D team, to the design of what is now a patented
technology enabling Radio Frequency (RF) and Power Line Communication (PLC) to function
seamlessly as a synchronized unified data network. Mobix technology, by enabling synchronized
simultaneous and parallel transmission in RF & PLC, ensures the performance and reliability
required to satisfy current and future demands from AMI systems. Together with the high
performance, Mobix’ new technology solutions, require significantly lower capital expenditure and
lower ongoing operational costs, thus enabling the deployment of the networks necessary to turn
today’s grid into a Smart Grid.
Mobix provides all key components for a complete solution for deploying Advanced Metering
Infrastructure projects. Mobix solutions has been and are successfully installed and in production
deployments at customer sites since 2007.
Descrição do projeto ou parceria proposta:
Joint R&D project to develop, demonstrate and prove in the field an integrated AMI solution,
based on our hybrid RF/PLC approach, with smart electricity, water and gas meter, including the
overall Meter Data Management (MDM) solution and the interoperability of the AMI offering with
the home devices and Home Area Networking (HAN).
Technology development, integration of an AMI / Smart Metering solution, interoperability etc.
Tipos de parceiros que buscam no Brasil:
Any relevant vendor in the Smart Metering, AMI, MDM software, utility analytics software, home
device and networking, HAN etc., could join our R&D project.
Empresa: MS Tech Ltd.
SETOR: Defesa e Segurança
Área de atuação da empresa:
MS Tech is a world class designer, manufacturer and innovator of advanced detection sensors.
The Sensor R&D Center specializes in quartz crystal science, plasma etching, bio-chemistry,
electro-chemistry, chemical coatings synthesis deposition technologies and performing final
sensor assembly and quality assurance testing. The core expertise of the Sensor R&D Center is to
leverage our sensor technologies into future products and solutions, intellectual property buildup
and continued fast development of lab prototypes into commercial detection product and
integrated solutions. MS Tech takes science out of the laboratory and puts it in the hands of
industry professionals. Our developed products and integrated sensor solutions are designed for
the real world and are based on a deep understanding of the real operational environment faced
by industry experts. We work closely with national governments, academia and leading
institutions to respond to changing threats, together developing innovative threat detection and
security solutions and accelerating the development of technology to anticipate future needs.
Main products: Duoscan and Exploscan, which are hand-held and ruggedized explosives,
narcotics and liquids detector capable of trace particle and vapor detection in less than 4.5
Descrição do projeto ou parceria proposta:
Local partner that has capabilities in working together to develop the product for the Brazilian
market (government and private sectors); including the ability to develop the software capacity for
real-time reporting and monitoring (a critical need in the 2014 and 2016 sports events). The local
company should be able to have R&D collaboration with to Government labs so that we get access
to samples (drugs) and develop the software according to the local regulatory needs
Tipos de parceiros que buscam no Brasil:
Companies In the Homeland Security Market, involved with: 2014 World Cup, Rio 2016 Olympic
Games, Airports (International & Domestic), Airlines & Air Cargo Screening, Ports & Seaports,
Maritime Cargo & Shipment Companies, Prisons & Correction Centers, Hotels & Public Resorts,
Underground Parking Facilities, People Screening, Baggage and Parcel Inspection, Cargo and
Vehicle Inspection, Hold Baggage Screening, Customs & Border Control, Law Enforcement, Police.
EMPRESA: Orthoflex
SETOR: Life Sciences (Saúde, Ortopedia)
Área de Atuação da Empresa:
Line of orthopedic braces that are light small packages, simple to use, need little storage room,
allow easy inspection of the limb, x-ray transparent and sterilizable. Their stiffness can be varied as
required, so that they replace plaster of Paris when absolutely rigid fixation is not necessary.
The Foot and Ankle Brace and Long Brace (those products are protected by two patents).
Orthoflex Braces posse's qualities such as: Easy application ; Allows ongoing wound care; Rapid
inflation; Efficient absorption of jolting during transport; Minimal storage space; Affordability.
Descrição do projeto ou parceria proposta:
Joint development of wrist and universal upper limb braces.
Tipos de parceiros que buscam no Brasil:
Experience in Orthopedical medical devices with interest in joint development of wrist and
universal upper limb braces; capabilities to manufacture and support the Americas and with
accessibility to local hospitals to perform tests (the partner can be a hospital or a clinic).
SETOR: Revestimentos especiais para os setores aeroespacial, defesa e petroquímico
Descrição da atuação da empresa:
Protective Coating Technology is a revolutionary surface protection technology that can be applied
to a wide range of Aluminium, Magnesium and Titanium alloys. Using an exclusive anodic
oxidation technique, PCT converts the metallic surface into a thin, dense and very hard ceramic
layer that provides a rare combination of hardness, strength and resistance to wear and corrosion.
PCT coating is a double coating that can be performed on Aluminum and its alloys, to enhance the
performance of parts, plates, pipes manufactured thereof.
PCT develops coating systems based on Micro Arc Oxidation (MAO), capable of transforming
parts, pipes, plates, fasteners made of Aluminum alloys or coated by Aluminum alloys to withstand
corrosion erosion and surface high temperatures in tough environments from high acidity to high
basicity, the coated parts can replace Titanium, Stainless steel, Nickel alloys and Super Duplex,
with overall better resistance to both corrosion and Erosion, additional coatings are performed
Magnesium parts to improve corrosion resistance, and Titanium alloys to improve dielectric
resistance and eliminate galvanic corrosion.
Main market is the Petrochemical Market, Water Desalination and purification, Aerospace and
defense, Cookware and Bicycles.
Applications includes: Heat exchangers, pipes, tanks, fasteners, etc.
To date the company is coating pipes for IDE, Bicycles for Segal Bicycles, various magnesium parts
for Automotive, defense and Aerospace, doing feasibility studies for major projects in the Oil and
Gas with IDE, Alcoa, and others, and more projects related to defense applications such as
Descrição do projeto ou parceria proposta:
Develop a coating solution and use of Aluminum for customer's specific tough service conditions.
Tipos de parceiros que buscam no Brasil:
. Partner companies in the Petrochemical industries to develop coated pipes and other parts with
resistance to corrosion and erosion, where they are currently using specialty alloys, or have
corrosion issues.
· Partner companies in Aerospace and defense industries looking to use Magnesium and aluminum
with special corrosion and erosion protection we can develop with them.
· Partner companies in the Cookware looking for no toxins coatings for cookware, for nonstick,
resistance to washing and detergents.
· Partners looking to use lower cost and lightweight materials in corrosive and erosive service
Empresa: Watchitoo
Descrição da atuação da empresa:
Watchitoo is a new video collaboration platform that can be embedded into virtually any website.
Watchitoo is the perfect solution for anyone with a website who wants their communities
engaged in a completely new and dynamic way.
Watchitoo uses a patented multistreaming technology that allows up to 25 people to collaborate
in a virtual video conference environment, around nearly any form of rich media (think PDFs,
PowerPoint presentations, documents, photos and Hi-Definition video clips), no matter where
they are on a map. What’s more, this rich media and video collaboration platform is viewable by
an audience that can scale into the thousands!
Someone using Watchitoo for their next virtual meeting can now see, hear and collaborate with
any viewer in their audience. With the click of a mouse, the host of a meeting can drag a user out
of the audience and bring them streaming live into the meeting to collaborate or answer
questions, while the remaining audience members are following along in real time. Any viewer can
become a participant, and any meeting participant can be switched back to a general viewer.
Watchitoo is the first collaboration platform that can be embedded into any website. It’s a fully
brandable solution that allows you to customize to your specifications, so that you achieve the
look and feel you want. Skin the player with your site’s design and logo for a premium,
professional appearance. The best part? Your community doesn’t have to leave your web page in
order to collaborate with or consume your media.
Watchitoo boasts a suite of powerful analytics tools that will allow you to peer into the
effectiveness of your meetings. The robust tool set includes features that allow you to see the
number of participants who joined your meeting, how long people stayed to watch, what sort of
content they downloaded and so much more.
Descrição do projeto ou parceira proposta:
The R&D cooperation is for develop the integration with our system to LMS system.
Tipos de parceiros que buscam no Brasil:
A potential partner can be a company that doing learning management services for university and
want to integrate with our solution the part of virtual classes.