• If you are traveling into Brazil from another country, you will probably arrive at
São Paulo or Rio de Janeiro, and then fly to the city of Belo Horizonte (a onehour flight). From the International Airport Tancredo Neves (also known as
Confins Airport) to UFMG, it takes about 30 minutes by car or shuttle, or 50
minutes to downtown Belo Horizonte (38 Km). At the airport, you can take a
commercial shuttle/bus, very comfortable, with regular service to downtown
Belo Horizonte.
• Shuttles from the airport to downtown (comfortable and safe) – 14 reais (about 7
• Cabs (from the airport to your hotel): if you prefer to take a cab, we strongly
recommend that you use ONLY companies that operate regularly at the airport
(Cooperfins, Coopertramo, Cootramo, MinasTaxi ). Costs vary according to the
company – 70 a 90 reais (about 35 to 35 dollars)
Ibis Belo Horizonte – Situated near downtown in a beautiful area of Belo Horizonte,. There is a bus stop
in front of the Hotel, where you can take a bus that stops at the UFMG Campus (the price is about 1.5
Rooms for one or two people (with one double bed) - 129 reais + 5%
Breakfast not included – 5 dollars
Max Savassi Hotel – Also situated in a very nice neighborhood of Belo Horizonte, at Savassi (close to
several restaurants, a good shopping center, and also near the central area of the city. Bus stop for the
UFMG Campus is at walking distance (circa one block from the hotel)
Special fees for SOLCHA participants:
Single, standard:
R$157,00 + 5%
Double standard: R$176,00 + 5%
Triple standard: R$236,00 + 5%
Breakfast included
IMPORTANT: Please, when you make your reservation, inform the Hotel that you are a participant of
the IV Simposio of Solcha.
Pampulha Flat – near UFMG, in a very calm street, free parking,
Phone: 3491-8080
Email: [email protected]
Special fees for SOLCHA participants:
Standard without air conditioner
Single - $ 124,00 reais
Double - $ 152,00
TPL- R$ 183,00
Air conditioner/ Cable TV
R$ 146,00
DBL R$ 176,00
TPL R$ 210,00
Breakfast included.
IMPORTANT: Please, when you make your reserve, inform the Hotel that you are a participant of the
IV Simposio of Solcha
Cheaper accommodations:
Pousada Sossego da Pampulha - near UFMG. Hostelling International
( )
Rooms with one to eight beds. Breakfast included.
Email: [email protected]
Belo Horizonte
Information about the city:
Tourist information about Minas Gerais, Brazil
Belo Horizonte –Rio de Janeiro: 444 Km
Belo Horizonte- São Paulo: 586 Km
Belo Horizonte – Ouro Preto: 99 km
Belo Horizonte – Diamantina: 285 Km
Belo Horizonte- Tiradentes: 215 Km
The weather in May:
As a rule, the weather is very pleasant, but it can be cold at night (for Brazilian
standards, between 13 and 25 C, or 55 to 77 F). Low air moisture, little chance
of raining, no fog and blue skies.
Temperatures in Ouro Preto and Diamantina, in the hinterland, usually are
lower than in Belo Horizonte.

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