Son of Portuguese, born in São Gonçalo,
Carlos Ferreirinha became one of the greatest
specialists in the Brazilian Market.
The business administrator Carlos Ferreirinha is considered
an expert in the upscale market. It´s to him that big brands,
such as Burberry, Marc Jacobs and Stella McCartney, resort
when they think of establishing themselves in Brazil. In the
opposite direction, popular chains like Casas Bahia and Rei
do Mate knock on his door when they need to add value to
their brands. Son of Portuguese and born in São Gonçalo,
Ferreirinha started working at the Brazilian operation of
Louis Vuitton in 1995, aged 27.
At the time, he thought that the Louis in question was still
alive and owned the business. In four years, he became
president of its Latin American division and assisted in a
privileged way the transformation of an unappreciated
country into the great promise for international brands, with
a growth potential up to 25% over the next 5 years.
Established in Sao Paulo, he admits that one of his greatest
pride is to participate actively in the process of expansion
that happens today in Rio de Janeiro. As a Fashoin Mall´s
consultant, he played an important part in the opening of the
Ferrari Store, the first store of the Italian brand in Brazil. "All
the big brands want to be in Brazil, especially in Rio," he
says. "Today we have one of the most desirable lifestyles in
the world, and that´s a privilege”.

THE MASTER Son of Portuguese, born in São