Rio de Janeiro, commonly referred to simply as Rio, is the capital city of the State of Rio de Janeiro, the second
largest city of Brazil. Located in the Southeast of the country, it is the best known Brazilian city abroad, the greater
international tourism route in Brazil, and the main tourist destination in Latin America and all over Southern
It was the capital of colonial Brazil since 1763, capital of the
Portuguese Empire during the Napoleonic Wars, capital of the
Empire of Brazil, and capital of the Republic until the
inauguration of Brasilia in the 1960s. It is also known as
Marvelous City and the people who are born in it are called
March 1, 1565
1.182,296 km²
Demonym Carioca
Nowadays, Rio de Janeiro is one of the main economic, cultural
and financial centers of the country, being internationally known
Time zone BRT (UTC−3)
for its many cultural and landscape attractions, as the Sugar
Area code(s) +55 21
Loaf, the Corcovado mountain with the Christ the Redeemer
statue, the beaches of the neighborhoods of Copacabana,
Ipanema and Barra da Tijuca (among others), the Maracanã Stadium, the João Havelange Olympic Stadium, the
forests of Tijuca and Pedra Branca, the Quinta da Boa Vista, the Paquetá Island, the Copacabana’s New Year’s
Eve and the Carnival.
Covered by a large number of universities and institutes, it is the second largest Brazilian research and
development center, being responsible for 17% of the national scientific production, according to 2005 data.
(Source: Wikipedia)
A panoramic flight over the city
Aerial view of Downtown
Rio de Janeiro Cathedral
Rio-Niteroi Bridge
Quinta da Boa Vista
(Photos: Wikipedia)
A panoramic flight over the city
Sugar Loaf
Waterfall in Tijuca Forest
Marquês de Sapucaí Sambadrome
Maracanã Stadium
Christ the Redeemer (Corcovado mountain)
Carioca Aqueduct (Lapa Arches)
Pedra da Gávea
Copacabana Beach
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Getting around in the city
a) Bus:
(Image: Rio Guide)
Getting around in the city
b) Subway:
(Image: Rio Guide)
Useful phone numbers during your stay in the city
Special Police Unit for Tourism Support – 0800-282-1195 / 3399-7170/7171 / 2332-2924 e 2332-2885/2889
Military Police – 190
Federal Police – 194
Fire Department – 193
GAT – Tourist Support Police Unit – 2535-3780 / 2535-2385
BPTur – Police Batallion in Tourist Areas – 2332-7932
TURISRIO – 0800-282-2007 / 2333-1037 / 2215-0011
Riotur – 2217-7575
Alô Rio – 2542-8080 / 2542-8004
Integrated Tourist Service Center – 2541-7522 / 2542-8004 / 2542-8080
Bus Station Novo Rio – 2263-4857 / 3213-1800 R 397
Jacarepaguá Airport – 2620-8589 / 2432-7070
Antônio Carlos Jobim International Airport – 2432-7070 / 3398-5050
Santos Dumont Airport – 3398-5050 / 3814-7070
Ambulance – 192
Rocha Faria State Hospital – 3394-3357
Lourenço Jorge City Hospital – 3111-4600
Cardoso Fontes City Hospital – 2425-2255
Miguel Couto City Hospital – 2512-7905
Lost Documents – 0800-5700100
For more information, we recommend the site of Rio Guide (Official). Available in English, Portuguese and
The Federal University of the State of Rio de Janeiro - UNIRIO was created in June 5, 1979, by Law no. 6655
under the name University of Rio de Janeiro Foundation - UNIRIO, being the former Isolated Federal Schools of
the State of Rio de Janeiro Federation - FEFIERJ, established by determination of the executive order no. 841 of
September 9, 1969 and adopted the current denomination through Law no. 10750 of October 24, 2003.
Its social body is formed by qualified faculty in various areas of knowledge, students and administrative staff. The
management of UNIRIO is responsibility of the following team:
President: Prof. Dr. Luiz Pedro San Gil Jutuca
Phone: +55 21 2542-4067
Vice-president: Prof. Dr. José da Costa Filho
Phone: +55 21 2542-6305
Dean for Undergraduate Studies: Profª. Drª. Loreine Hermida da Silva e Silva
Phone: +55 21 2542-7814
Dean for Graduate Studies and Research: Prof. Dr. Ricardo Silva Cardoso
Phone: +55 21 2542-7716
Dean for Culture and Continuing Professional Development: Prof. Dr. Diógenes Pinheiro
Phone: +55 21 2542-7524
Dean for Planning: Prof. Dr. Astério Kiyoshi Tanaka
Phone: +55 21 2542-6316
Dean for Administration: Srª. Núria Mendes Sanchez
Phone: +55 21 2542-4609
Academic Structure
Dean (pro-tempore): Aurelio Wander Bastos
School of Administration
School of Political Sciences
School of Law
Dean: Luiz Cleber Gak – 2542-6611
School of Archival Studies
School of Library
School of Education
School of History
School of Museology
School of Social Work
School of Tourism
Faculty of Philosophy
Dean (pro-tempore): Angel Custodio Jesus
Palomero – 2542-2932
School of Languages
School of Theatre
School of Music - Villa-Lobos Institute
Dean: Lucia Marques Alves Vianna – 2264-6406
Alfredo Pinto Nursing School
School of Medicine and Surgery
School of Nutrition
Biomedical Institute
Biosciences Institute
Dean: Luiz Amâncio Machado de Souza Junior
School of Industrial Engineering
School of Applied Computer Science
School of Mathematics
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UNIRIO location within the city of Rio de Janeiro
UNIRIO addresses
A - Campus 296 – Buildings of the President, Nutrition and Nursing
Av. Pasteur, 296 - Urca - CEP 22290-240
B - Campus 458 - CCET, CCHS
Av. Pasteur, 458 - Urca - CEP 22290-240
C - Campus 456 - CLA (Center for Language and Arts)
Av. Pasteur, 436 - Urca - CEP 22290-240
D - CCBS (Centro for Biological and Health Sciences)
Rua Silva Ramos, 32 - Tijuca - CEP 20270-330
E - Biomedical Institute
Rua Frei Caneca, 94 - Centro - CEP 20211-040
F - CCJP (Center for Law and Political Sciences)
Rua Voluntários da Pátria, 107 - Botafogo - CEP 22270-000
Intercampus Transportation
The university has been offering, since the beginning of 2009, free transportation for its students
and staff as an alternative transport between the various university campuses. The buses travel
through the campuses every day at scheduled times.
The Office for International Affairs of the Federal University of the State of Rio de Janeiro – UNIRIO (CRI/UNIRIO)
reports directly to the Dean and intends to encourage and support the internationalization process of UNIRIO
through administrative aid to exchange activities and international cooperation.
CRI/UNIRIO proposes itself to plan, execute and evaluate the policy of international cooperation in the context of
UNIRIO and contribute to the inclusion of this University in the establishment of an interinstitutional network
committed to the production of knowledge aimed at meeting the current needs of society.
Public Service:
Monday to Friday – 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Office for International Affairs (Coordenação de Relações Internacionais)
Universidade Federal do Estado do Rio de Janeiro – UNIRIO – Prédio da Reitoria
Avenida Pasteur, 296 – Urca – Rio de Janeiro – RJ – CEP 22290-240
Telefax: +55 21 2542-4481
E-mails: [email protected][email protected][email protected]
Individual attendance by appointment only.
Prof. Liliana Angel Vargas
International Affairs Coordinator
[email protected]
Alessandra Avila Amaral
International Affairs Substitute Coordinator and Responsible for Student Mobility
[email protected]
Eduardo Mariano de Oliveira
Translator and Interpreter (Portuguese - English)
[email protected]
Gustavo Alexandrino do Nascimento
Translator and Interpreter (Portuguese - English)
[email protected]
Juliana Rianelli Gadelha
Administrative Assistant
[email protected]
UNIRIO – Universidade Federal do Estado do Rio de Janeiro
Office for International Affairs (CRI – Coordenação de Relações Internacionais)
List of consulates and embassies
Rio Guide (Official) – Information about the city, touristic, gastronomic, leisure and accommodation guide.
Booking – Hotels, rates and booking.

RJ and UNIRIO Guide (English)