Systematic Review
93Electrical stimulation and electromagnetic field use in patients with diabetic neuropathy:
systematic review and meta-analysis
Cinara Stein, Bruna Eibel, Graciele Sbruzzi, Pedro D. Lago, Rodrigo D. M. Plentz
Original Articles
105 Response of oxygen saturation in preterm infants receiving rib cage stabilization with an elastic
band in two body positions: randomized clinical trial
Marisa A. A. Brunherotti, Francisco E. Martinez
112 Reliability of isokinetic evaluation in passive mode for knee flexors and extensors in
healthy children
Adriana N. Santos, Silvia L. Pavão, Mariana A. Avila, Tania F. Salvini, Nelci A. C. F. Rocha
121 Immediate effect of nonspecific mandibular mobilization on postural control in subjects with
temporomandibular disorder: a single-blind, randomized, controlled clinical trial
Ana P. Amaral, Fabiano Politti, Yasmin E. Hage, Eric E. C. Arruda, Cesar F. Amorin, Daniela A. Biasotto-Gonzalez
128 High reliability of measure of diaphragmatic mobility by radiographic method in
healthy individuals
Rossana V. Saltiel, Samantha T. Grams, Aline Pedrini, Elaine Paulin
137 Effects of short-term isokinetic training with reciprocal knee extensors agonist and antagonist
muscle actions: A controlled and randomized trial
Rafael Cunha, Rodrigo L. Carregaro, André Martorelli, Amilton Vieira, Ana B. Oliveira, Martim Bottaro
146 Quality of life and associated factors of caregivers for the elderly with impaired
functional capacity
Luciana A. Reis, Kleyton T. Santos, Luana A. Reis, Nardilene P. Gomes
152 COPD patients’ oxygen uptake and heart rate on-kinetics at cycle-ergometer:
correlation with their predictors of severity
Bruna V. Pessoa, Thomas Beltrame, Valéria A. Pires Di Lorenzo, Aparecida M. Catai, Audrey Borghi-Silva,
Mauricio Jamami
163 Impact of leg length and body mass on the stride length and gait speed of infants with normal
motor development: A longitudinal study
Emmanuelle B. Rodriguez, Paula S. C. Chagas, Paula L. P. Silva, Renata N. Kirkwood, Marisa C. Mancini
170 Brazilian-Portuguese translation and cross cultural adaptation of the activities-specific balance
confidence (ABC) scale
Amelia P. Marques, Yuri C. Mendes, Ulisses Taddei, Carlos A. B. Pereira, Ana Assumpção
179 Scoliometer measurements of patients with idiopathic scoliosis
Daniel M. Coelho, Guilherme H. Bonagamba, Anamaria S. Oliveira
185 Posterior shoulder tightness and rotator cuff strength assessments in painful shoulders of
amateur tennis players
Freddy B. Marcondes, Julio F. de Jesus, Flavio F. Bryk, Rodrigo A. de Vasconcelos, Thiago Y. Fukuda
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