Lisbon, November 3rd, 2014
Dear American Club Member,
Market forces have helped lead 21st century western economies to the efficiency and productivity
they enjoy today. Could these same market forces be employed to improve the quality and
effectiveness of public educational institutions?
To explore this question, we have invited the Dean of the Nova School of Business and Economics,
Prof. José Ferreira Machado, who has been very outspoken on issues such as this one, to speak to us,
in Portuguese, on Thursday, November 20th at the Sheraton, on the topic of “A Educação em
Portugal – Uma Visão para o Futuro”.
José Ferreira Machado
Dean of the Nova School of Business and Economics
A Educação em Portugal – Uma Visão para o Futuro
Thursday, November 20th 2014
Sheraton Lisboa Hotel & SPA
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