Name: Taciane and Thaís
Group: 802
Lacerda Elevator
This is Lacerda elevator. It is about 63 feet tall. It is
located in the city of Salvador. It connects Cidade
Alta and Cidade Baixa.
Bonfim Church
This is Nosso Senhor do Bom Fim Church ( Bom Fim Church).
It happens the Washing of the Steps (Lavagem do Bonfim).
Bom Jesus do Bonfim corresponds to Oxalá.
Mercado Modelo
This is the model market . It is next to Lacerda
Elevator. There are 260 shops and various Bahian art.
Neighborhood Pelourinho
This is the famous Pelourinho. It is in the Historical
Center of the city. It offers many artistic and musical
Barra Lighthouse –The first
Lighthouse in the Americas.

Salvador - Bahia