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Bernardo José de Souza is an art curator, an university teacher and a contributor for publications on visual culture. He was part of the curatorial team of the 9th Bienal do Mercosul|Porto
Alegre (Space Curator), in Brazil in 2013. From 2005 until 2013 he worked at the Secretary of
Culture of the Municipality of Porto Alegre as the Director of the Department of Cinema, Video
and Photography. For the past ten years, he has been developing several projects in the visual
arts field, including exhibitions, film festivals, seminars, catalogue and book publishings, as well
as educational programmes, many of which developed in collaboration with national and international institutions such as the KW Institute for Contemporary Art, the Goethe Institute and the
Inhotim Institute.
Among some of the most significant shows, he curated “The Laughter and the Melancholy”,
with the artists Paul McCarthy, Joshua Okon, Terence Koh, Yves Klein, Guto Lacaz, William
Wegman, Thomas Hoepker and Katia Prates; “The Reality Under the Shadow of Fiction”,
with the artists Jeff Wall, Philip Lorca DiCorcia e Ant Farm; “The Black Project”, with the
artists Isaac Julian, Jason Evans e Steve McQueen; Beyond Apartheid: sex, race and politics in
contemporary Africa”, with the artists William Kentridge, David Goldblatt, Cameron Platter,
Dan Halter, Nontsikelelo Veleko e Athi Patra Ruga; “Imperfect Beauty: in search of a new
aesthetic”, with the artists Martín Sastre, Jem Cohen, Bruce LaBruce, Melissa Duarte e o
coletivo AVAF; “The Berlin Project”, with the artist Thomas Demand and various film makers;
“Asia: the eastern new wave”, with the artist Beat Streuli; “From Garbage to Luxury: hibridism
and cultural recicling”, with the artists Chiara Banfi and Jonathan Caouette; “The Discrete Charm
of the Burgeoisie”, with the photographer Cecil Beaton; and “Safety: the public and the private
in the contemporary sphere”, with the artist Elaine Tedesco. He also organized the shows “Kenneth Anger”, curated by Susanne Pfeffer, and “Alair Gomes: a natural voyeur”, curated by Alexandre Santos, besides the exhibitions “Dice”, by Rafael Assef, “Between”, by
Amilcar Paker, “Inefável”, by Maurício Ianês, and “Cris Bierrenbach”, all of which developed in
collaboration with Vermelho Gallery. During this period, he created and curated five editions of
the “Videoart in the Gardens Project”, a series of open air projections on structures specially
designed by architects of works from Miranda July, Hussein Chalayan, Julian Rosefeldt, Gilbert &
George, Vito Aconcci, Paul McCarthy, Gordon Matta Clark, Bruce Nauman and art collective
Superflex, among others. As an independant curator, he did the shows “Vanishing Point”, at
Ecarta Foundation, with the artists Cristiano Lenhardt, Luiz Roque, Gustavo Jahn e Melissa Dullius; “Guy Bourdin”, at the Museum of Contemporary Art of RS; and Mutatis Mutandis, at Largo
das Artes, in Rio de Janeiro. More recently, he organized the seminar “RODA – Rounds of Debates on Contemporary Art”, with the curators Storm Jense van Rensburg and Susanne Pfeffer,
the teacher Sam McAuliffe and the artist Elaine Tedesco.
Bernardo has a degree in Media Studies at PUCRS (Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande
do Sul) and a HND in Fashion Styling and Photography at the London College of Fashion. Since
2005, he is a teacher at ESPM (Superior School of Propaganda and Marketing of RS), where
he gives lectures for the Post Graduation Course on Fashion Marketing. He also taught at the
Post Degree Course in Expanded Cinema at the Pontifical University of RS, at the Degree in
Fashion Design and Technology at FEEVALE and gave courses at SENAC Fashion in São Paulo
and at the School of Design of UNISINOS. He was a contributor for Vogue magazine and the
newspaper Folha de São Paulo and currently writes for publications about visual culture, such
as URBE and VOX. He is a member of the curatorial boards of the Museum of Contemporary Art
of RS, of Fundação Vera Chaves Barcellos and FUNDACINE RS.
Bernardo Mosqueira was born in Rio de Janeiro in 1988, where he lives and works as a curator, teacher and writer. Bernardo seeks alternatives to art criticism and to the curatorial role by
developing experimental projects in non-traditional exhibition spaces. He studied Social Communication at UFRJ (The Federal University of Rio de Janeiro) and Art Criticism at Parque Lage
Visual Arts School, where he also taught. He was part of the communication sector of the
Museum of Modern Art (MAM) in Rio de Janeiro from 2008 to 2009. Currently, Bernardo is one
of the curators of IBEU Art Gallery and is also the director of the Focus Award ArtRio Bradesco.
He has taken part of several residencies in Brazil and abroad and has been developing projects for writers in residence in Rio de Janeiro since 2012. Bernardo was awarded the 1st Curatorial Laboratory of SP-Arte and is part of juries and selection committees of many art salons
and residences in Brazi. Since 2010, he has been working as the leading curator for "Venus
Earth", an annual performance festival, which takes place in various alternative spaces in Rio
de Janeiro. Bernardo has done more than 40 curatorships, including : "Liberdade é pouco. O
que desejo ainda não tem nome" (RJ , 2010) ; "Quase Casais" (EIC Bad Habits, Porto, Portugal
, 2010); "Sem Título # 1: experiências do pós-morte" (Oscar Cruz Gallery, SP , 2011) ; "E os
amigos sinceros também" (IBEU Art Galler, RJ , 2012) ; "Trepa Trepa no campo expandido" (SP
-Arte , SP , 2012); Conexiones (Hoy en el Arts BsAs , Argentina , 2013); "Tronco" (Casa França
Brasil, RJ , 2013 ) and "First study: about love" (Luciana Caravello Gallery, RJ, 2014 ).
He is currently developing projects for MANA Contemporary (Jersey City , United States) and
Solyanka VPA (Moscow, Russia).