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Relationship with institutions in Portugal
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Relationship with institutions
The institution responsible for immigration in Portugal is ACIDI, IP
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Recognising and guaranteeing the same rights and opportunities
Promoting effective communication
Promoting active participation in the exercising of rights and duties
Knowing how to welcome diversity
Enrichment in encountering difference
Shortening distances in order to get to know and respond better
Attention and the capacity for anticipation
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ACIDI´s website
The ACIDI website (, works as an
“intercultural window” and has the objective of keeping the
public informed about the main issues linked to immigration
and intercultural dialogue, serving not only as a means of
disseminating useful and practical information, but also
publishing the main activities undertaken by ACIDI.
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ACIDI´s website
This website includes the following sections:
– Immigration Observatory:
– Entrekulturas:
– Entreculturas:
– Commission for Equality and Against Racial Discrimination – CICDR
– Roma Communities:
– “Choices” Programme:
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B-i Magazine
ACIDI’s magazine “B-i” is a trimestral information bulletin with
the dual objective of informing and training people on the most
relevant developments in the area of immigration and
intercultural dialogue in Portugal.
With a current distribution of 6,000 copies, aiming for a
broadened and diversified distribution (opinion makers,
Academics, Immigrant Associations, NGOs, Local Councils, other
Public Services, Social Communication Professionals, etc…) –
this communication tool has increasingly been consolidated as a
priority communication channel between ACIDI and various
actors in Portuguese society.
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The SOS Immigrant Phoneline is a telephone service, created
with the objective of providing immigrants and their respective
associations, together with companies and Government
agencies, with a general information service on the topic of
This phoneline provides the service in eight languages, through
socio-cultural mediators.
It functions:
Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 8:30pm
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One of the most innovative aspects of the image and the dynamics
of the CNAIs has been, since their opening, the use of socio-cultural
mediators of various origins, with competences in various
languages, in order to provide support services to immigrant
The mediators provide a service in 12 different languages and
dialects, such as Russian, Romanian, Ukrainian, Cape Verdean
Creole and Chinese, among others.
If a citizen only speaks a language that none of the CNAI mediators
speak, there is the further possibility of recourse to the Telephone
Translation Service, which covers around 60 languages.
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The Telephone Translation Service is directed at all people
who do not speak Portuguese and at all Portuguese people
who need to communicate with them. In the format of a
telephone conference, this service establishes simultaneous
contact between service-providers, translators and
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Portuguese For All is a programme that aims to develop
Portuguese language courses and technical Portuguese
courses directed at the immigrant community resident in
The training courses are organised by the schools of the
Ministry of Education and by the Professional Training
Centres of the Employment and Vocational Training Institute
(IEFP) and are provided free of charge to participants.
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The plan consists of 90 measures, integrated in 17 strategic
areas of intervention and involving 10 Ministries, seeking to
each higher levels of integration, whether from a sectoral
perspective, namely in the areas of Employment, Housing,
Health and Education, or from a cross-cutting perspective in
relation to issues of racism and discrimination, gender quality
and the promotion of diversity and interculturality.
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One-Stop-Shop: a new answer for immigrant integration
The aim of this project was to create a network of partners to
discuss and assess a “One-Stop-Shop” approach.
The Portuguese experience, within this innovative
One-Stop-Shop strategy (with two One-Stop-Shops named
National Immigrant Support Centres CNAI), was considered as
an example for this project and, in fact, has been successful.
In our days, public services have to accommodate the needs
of an increasingly diverse population, including socially and
ethically diverse citizens.
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One-Stop-Shop: a new answer for immigrant integration
We know that immigrants face many barriers to fully use public
services. For example: the range of institutions involved in the
integration process, the lack of cooperation between Government
services and their dispersed locations, the diversity of procedures,
complex bureaucracy and communication difficulties as a result of
cultural and linguistic diversity.
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One-Stop-Shop: a new answer for immigrant integration
The Portuguese One-Stop-Shop approach, according with the
EU recommendations, managed to achieve good cooperation
between different public services, located in the same
building, together with the creation of new services to meet
the concrete needs of immigrants, is a fundamental response
to the arrival of newcomers and the settlement of permanent
immigrants. In other words, the One-Stop-Shop service is a
holistic strategy of mainstreaming the provision of
immigration services, facilitating the integration process.
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National Immigrant Support Centers CNAI
– GAJI - Immigrant Legal Support Office
– GARF - Family Reunification Support Office
– GAE - Employment Support Office
– Support Centre for Immigrant Entrepreneurship
– GS - Health Office
– GAH - Housing Support Office
– Qualification Support Office
– GRES – Office for Responses to Social Emergencies
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Useful links
ACIDI – High Commission for Immigration and Intercultural
SEF – Foreign Services
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“Education is the passport to the future, for
tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it
Malcolm X
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Relationship with institutions