API 5L X52 PSL2 is a derived from API 5L. The International Organization for Standardization
ISO 3183 technical committee recognized two basic product specification levels i.e. PSL1 and
PSL2. PSL1 is a standard quality of pipes that are used whereas PSL2 contains additional
chemical, mechanical properties and has testing requirements. These steel pipes comes in
different wall thickness and this is defined by the variant customer chooses that. API 5L x52 pipe,
in which Grade X52 indicates 52000 PSI minimum yield strength.API 5L x 52 pipe is the American
Petroleum Institute specification which comes in welded and seamless line pipe that is used for
transportation systems in the oil, petroleum and natural gas industries. These API 5L grade B line pipes
come in a variety of sizes and wall thickness,that helps in transmission on the content very well.
API 5L GR.B X52 PSL2 Carbon Black Steel Pipe is a continuous extrusion of the alloy,it takes advantage
of true roundness of the circumference.Welded seam pipe invariably is not as round in the cross sectional
area as a black steel pipe because the welded pipe is wrapped around another form before welding.The
welding adds heat,and the equipment adds stress to hold the pipe together.This process introduces
variables that allow for warping of the roundness.carbon steel pipe maintains the round cross-section,
which is important during installation and the addition of pipe fittings.Although API 5L GR.B PSL2 Carbon
Black Steel Pipe is the most expensive steel pipe, it is the most reliable with the fewest failure points.
Because of this, pressure calculations are easier to perform because the weld quality is taken out of the
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pipes are in exclusive range with variety of thickness and other dimensional specifications. Also, these
pipes are environmentally friendly and are mainly used in refineries and plants where gasses or fluids
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