ASTM A671 Pipe
A671 specification covers standard requirements for electric-fusion-welded steel pipe with filler
metal added, for atmospheric and lower temperatures. The steel pipe shall be fabricated from a
pressure vessel quality plate of several analysis and strength levels. Several grades and classes of
pipe shall be provided. Grade shall designate the type of plate used while class shall designate
the type of heat treatment performed during pipe manufacture. Class shall be designated as to
whether the weld is radiographically examined, and as to whether the pipe is pressure tested.
Steel samples shall undergo tension and transverse guided weld bend tests and conform to the
specified mechanical requirements.
Carbon Steel A671 – Characteristics
» Low-temperature services
» Excellent strength and ductility
» Better weldability and greater toughness
» Higher strength with low coefficients of thermal conductivity than alloy steels.
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ASTM A671 Pipe