CNPJ 06.981.176/0001-58 – NIRE 31300020550
Date, time and place: February 17, 2011, at 5.00 p.m., at the company’s head office,
Av. Barbacena 1200, 12th Floor, B1 Wing, Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil.
Meeting committee: Chair:
Dorothea Fonseca Furquim Werneck;
Anamaria Pugedo Frade Barros.
Summary of proceedings:
The Chairman asked the Board Members present whether any of them had conflict of interest in
relation to the matters on the agenda of this meeting, and all stated there was no such conflict of interest.
The Chairman stated that all the matters on the agenda had been examined by Committees of the
Board of Directors, and their approval recommended.
The Board approved:
a) Exceptionally, the amount for Personnel, Materials Services and Other items (PMSO), for
first quarter 2011, also authorizing the other transactions of the Company necessary for their
b) The minutes of this meeting.
The Board authorized:
a) Signing of the Commitment Undertaking for Hydroelectric Utilization Studies, with Empresa
Brasileira de Desenvolvimento e Participações Ltda. (Embrade), to carry out technical,
economic, commercial and environmental studies on the basin of the Uberaba River, located
in the Minas Triangle Region, with a view to possible construction of hydroelectric plants for
which potential is identified in that basin, and to constitute specific-purpose companies
(SPCs), if the conclusions of the Studies prove the attractiveness of the Undertakings and if
the corporate authorizations from the Parties are obtained – with a period of validity of 24
months, able to be extended, on signature of an amendment, for a further 12 months, the
signing of the Commitment Undertaking not creating any corporate obligation, and it being
agreed that any participation by Cemig GT in the possible utilizations of hydroelectric
potential identified in that basin will be the subject of a specific resolution by the Executive
Board and the Board of Directors.
b) Signature, as consenting party, of the Fourth Amendment for Rectification and Ratification of
the Financing Contracts with Caixa Econômica Federal and Central Eólica Volta do Rio S.A.,
changing subclause (b) of Clause Nine to amend the ending of the grace period to February 15,
2010; and subclause (c) of Clause Nine to amend the period of amortization to one hundred and
thirty three months; and Clause 10, subclause “I”, to alter the annual interest rate.
c) Signature of the contract with Cemig Capim Branco Energia S.A., with Cemig as
consenting party, for execution by Cemig GT of the services of operation and maintenance of:
Av. Barbacena 1200
Santo Agostinho
30190-131 Belo Horizonte, MG
Tel.: +55 31 3506-5024
Fax +55 31 3506-5025
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This text is a translation, provided for information only. The original text in Portuguese is the legally valid version.
the Amador Aguiar I and II Hydroelectric Plants; the equipment associated with the entries of
the Capim Branco 1 and 2 transmission lines into the Emborcação 138kV substation; and the
Cruzeiro dos Peixotos Telecommunications Station; with period of validity of 48 months,
conditional upon prior consent by Aneel.
The Board delegated competency to the Executive Board, until April 7, 2011:
– to authorize signature, after receiving the Opinion of the Energy Risks Management
Committee, of such Electricity Sales Contracts as individually have amounts of fourteen million
Reais or more; and of: Amendments; Contractual Rescissions, including those with payment of
any penalty payments by either of the parties, arising from negotiation; Contracts for Services,
and Contracts for Constitution of Guarantees and Counter-guarantees associated with them; and
the other instruments necessary for their being completed and effected; and
– to authorize signature of Contracts of that same type, of any amount, when entered into between
Cemig GT and any of its stockholders, or companies that are the controlling stockholders of such
stockholders, whether the control is exercised directly or jointly;
– and, also, ratified the signing of those same Contracts that took place in the period from February
10th to 17th, 2011;
– it being mandatory that the Board of Directors be advised of such instruments as are signed, at its
first meeting following the approval.
The Board ratified the signature of the 11th Amendment to Transmission Services Contract
002/2000, with the National Electricity System Operator, to regularize the base payments of the
transmission functions owned by Cemig GT, in accordance with the Permitted Annual Revenue
established in Aneel Homologating Resolution 1021/2010.
The following spoke on general matters and business of interest to the Company:
Board members;
Chief Officer:
Luiz Fernando Rolla;
João José Magalhães Soares.
The following were present:
Board members:
Chief Officer:
Dorothea Fonseca Furquim Werneck,
Antônio Adriano Silva,
Eduardo Borges de Andrade,
Guy Maria Villela Paschoal,
Luiz Carlos Costeira Urquiza,
Paulo Roberto Reckziegel Guedes,
Saulo Alves Pereira Junior,
Cezar Manoel de Medeiros,
Lauro Sérgio Vasconcelos David,
Paulo Sérgio Machado Ribeiro,
Luiz Fernando Rolla;
João José Magalhães Soares;
Anamaria Pugedo Frade Barros.
Djalma Bastos de Morais,
Arcângelo Eustáquio Torres Queiroz,
Francelino Pereira dos Santos,
João Camilo Penna,
Maria Estela Kubitschek Lopes,
Ricardo Coutinho de Sena,
Renato Torres de Faria,
Franklin Moreira Gonçalves,
Marco Antonio Rodrigues da Cunha,
Tarcísio Augusto Carneiro;
Anamaria Pugedo Frade Barros
Av. Barbacena 1200
Santo Agostinho
30190-131 Belo Horizonte, MG
Tel.: +55 31 3506-5024
Fax +55 31 3506-5025
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This text is a translation, provided for information only. The original text in Portuguese is the legally valid version.

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