International business etiquette
Skill Seminar CEMS MIM
Faculdade de Economia da Universidade Nova de Lisboa
April 15th or 16th, 2011
This skill seminar gives you guidelines regarding proper behavior in an international business
setting and helps to remove doubts regarding common business etiquette questions.
Content of the seminar
Assess your knowledge and learn what etiquette really means
Review “correct” behavior appropriate in international environments
Improve relevant communication skills through role-play and practice
Prepare for interviews by learning the five golden rules
Practice how to network and be casual during business events
Enjoy a formal dinner as a learning experience
The seminar uses role-playing, group work and brainstorming sessions as well as one-on-one
practice that help you in developing your own mental models of appropriate behavior and
Objectives – learn how to:
Project a professional image of yourself in international business dealings
Communicate respectfully in speech and writing in different cultures
Confidently take part in interviews, network events and formal dinners
Place: Sala América, Nova Forum
Palacete Henrique Mendonça
Universidade Nova de Lisboa
Rua Marquês da Fronteira, 20
1099-038 Lisbon
Time: 9.00 to 18.30

International business etiquette Faculdade de Economia da