Reunião anual do Programa Doutoral
em Biologia Experimental e Biomedicina
16-17 Dezembro 2006
Biocant Park| Cantanhede
Saturday, 16th December 2006
08.45: Registration
09.00: Welcome - Catarina Resende de Oliveira [President of CNC]
Carlos Faro [Scientific Director of Biocant]
Session I
Chairpersons: Miguel Castelo Branco | Ana Cristina Rego
09.30: Carolina Fleming | Transthyretin Enhances Nerve Regeneration
09.45: Mafalda Mendes | Hierarchical Phenotyping of the Visual System: Application to Williams Syndrome
10.00: Rosa Resende | Neuronal Susceptibility to Different Assemblies of ABeta Peptide
10.15: Susana Lopes | Mechanisms of Neurosensory Disease in Humans: From Normal Visual Asymmetries to Functional Impairment in
Genetic Models of Photoreceptor Degeneration
10.30: Jorge Oliveira | Mitochondrial-Dependent Calcium Handling in Huntington’s Disease Striatal Cells: Effect of Histone Deacetylase
10.45-11.15: Coffee Break and Poster Viewing
Session II
Chairpersons: Carlos Duarte | João Ramalho Santos
11.15: Alexandra Amaral | Regutation of Mitochondrial DNA Content in Human Sperm: Implications for Male (IN)Fertility)
11.30: Ana Filipa Simões | NKX2.7 Modulates the Boundary Between Heart and Blood Fields
11.45: Ana Sousa | What is the Function of Kinesin-73 in Development?
12.00: Catarina Cruz | Transcriptional Profiling a Morphogen: Analysis of Gene Expression in Neural Cells Responding to Graded Sonic
12.15: David Silva | Expression of Repulsive Guidance Molecules in the Developing Olfactory Systems
12.30: Raquel Oliveira | Condensin I Displays a Highly Dynamic Association with Mitotic Chromosomes During Drosophila Early
Embryonic Divisions
12.45: Alexandre Maia | Identification of Novel ES Cell Regulators Using a RNAi Screen
13.00-14.15: Lunch
Session III
Chairpersons: Caetana Carvalho | Emília Duarte
14.15: Joana Salgado | Interleukin-1b Stimulates Catecholamine Release in Human Chromaffin Cells: Roles of Nitric Oxide and
Neuropeptide Y
14.30: João Duarte | Relation between CB1 cannabinoid receptors and hippocampal metabolism
14.45: Sandrina Pereira | Postmitotic NKX2-1 expression controls the segregation of striatal and cortical interneurons in the developing
15.00: Margarida Caldeira | BDNF Regulates the Expression and Traffic of NMDA Receptors in Cultured Hippocampal Neurons
15.15: João Peça | Functional Analysis of Synaptic Scaffolding Proteins
15.30-16.30: Coffee Break and Poster Discussion [poster 1 to 12] - Chairpersons: Maria Sancha Santos | Sandra Cardoso
| Fabienne Agasse
Session IV
Chairpersons: Celeste Lopes | Milton Costa
16.30: Ana Luísa Vital | Identification of Intratumoral Patterns of Clonal Evolution in Gliomas
16.45: Manuela Ferreira | The Role of β1 Integrin T188I Mutation in the Epithelial Tumour Development
17.00: João Henrique Duarte | FOXP3 in Regulatory T Cell Physiology
17.15: Marta Viegas | CD38 Ectoenzyme: Role in Mycobacterial Infections and Systemic Autoimmunity.
17.30: Joana Costa | Elucidation of the Biosynthetic Pathway for Glucosyglycerate in Cold- and Heat-Adapted Microorganisms. Hints for
Cryo/Thermal Protection
17.45: Susana Alarico | An Extermely Thermostable Trehalose-Hydrolysing a-Glucosidase from Thermus Thermophilus HB27
18.00-18.15: Break
18.15-19.00: Lecture „ Molecular Biology of HIV-1 Infection in non-dividing Cells.‰ Jean-Marc Jacqué, University College Dublin
19.45: Dinner at Restaurante „Fininho‰
Sunday, 17th December 2006
Session V
Chairpersons: Carlos Faro | João Nuno Moreira
09.30: Adriana Santos | Evaluation of Different BCL2 Gene Silencing Approaches Against Small Cell Lung Cancer
09.45: Constança Figueiredo | Controlling HLA Expression to Reduce Immunogenicity of Cell-Based Therapies
10.00: Sandro Alves | Modelling and Gene Silencing in Machado-Joseph Disease
10.15: Rita Rocha | The molecular mechanism for CUG decoding in the human pathogen Candida albicans
10.30: Silvia Neves | Evaluation of Herpes Simplex Virus Thymidine Kinase/Ganciclovir Therapy Mediated by Transferrin-Associated
Lipoplexes in a Murine Model for Oral Cancer
10.45-11.45: Coffee Break and Poster Discussion [poster 13 to 25] - Chairpersons: Cláudia Pereira| Eugénia Carvalho |
Paulo Oliveira | Paula Agostinho
Session VI
Chairpersons: João Malva | Claudia Cavadas
11.45: Liliana Bernardino | Tumor Necrosis Factor-Alpha Induces Neurogenesis In Subventricular Zone Cell Cultures
12.00 João Gomes | Calpain Cleaves the Vesicular GABA Transporter (VGAT), Into a New Stable Form, Under Excitotoxic Conditions and
In-Vivo Ischemia
12.15: Sara Xapelli | Neuroprotection by NPY and BDNF against excitotoxicity in mouse hippocampal slice cultures
12.30: Sandra Santos | Identification of New Binding Partners for AMPA Receptors
12.45: Susana Silva | Formins Regulate Actin during Neuronal Morphogenesis
12.45-14.00: Lunch
Session VII
Chairpersons: João Laranjinha | John Jones
14.00: Giovannia Pereira | Lanthanide (III) Containing Nanoparticles as Potential MRI Contrast Agents
14.30: Bruno Gago | Dynamics of NO production in the stomach from nitrite promoted by dietary phenols
14.45: Vilma Sardão | Morphological Endpoints of Cell Death Upon Exposure of H9c2 Embryonic Ventricular Cells to TertButylhydroperoxide
15.00: Luís Valente | Unravelling Telomere Chromatin Structure in S. Pombe
15.15: Joana Mendes | Specification of DNA Replication Origins in the Mouse Genome
15.30: Filipe Josué | Identifying Novel Components of the Hippo Pathway
15.30-16.30: Coffee Break and Poster Discussion [poster 26 to 38] - Chairpersons: Alexandrina Mendes| Teresa Martins |
Paula Veríssimo | Otília Vieira
Session VIII
Chairpersons: Francisco Ambrósio | Leonor Almeida
16.30: Bruno Silva | Isolated brain mitochondria are affected by compounds from Hypericum perforatum contributing to protect neurons
from excitotoxic insults
16.45: Ana Raquel Santiago | Apoptosis-Inducing Factor Mediates High Glucose-Induced Cell Death in Retinal Neural Cells
17.00: Ermelindo Leal | High Glucose, Nitric Oxide and H2O2 Induce Apoptosis by A Caspase-Independent Pathway in Retinal Endothelial
17.15: Carla Bento | Methylglyoxal Destabilizes HIF-1α by an Ubiquitin-Dependent Pathway and Imbalances the ANG-2/VEGF Levels:
Implications for Diabetic Retinopathy
17.30: Sofia Fertuzinhos | Distinct Subclass of Cerebral Cortical Gabaergic Interneurons is Absent or Reduced in Human
17.45-18.00: Closing Remarks - Euclides Pires [Vice-President]

Encontro Anual do Programa Doutoral do CNC