The 21st edition of the International Congress on X-Ray
Optics and Microanalysis (ICXOM) will be held in
Campinas-SP, Brazil, from 5th to 8th September 2011, at The
Brazilian Synchrotron Light Laboratory (LNLS).
For the first time a congress of this series will be held in
a Latin-American country. Moreover the meeting itself will
be a great opportunity to know the currently status of the
new 3.0 GeV 3rd generation of LNLS, an innovative project
underway to construct one of the brightest synchrotron
machines in the world.
The 21st International Congress on X-ray Optics and
Microanalysis (ICXOM21) is dedicated to bring together
scientists and technologists involved in fundamental and
applied research in the field of micro (nano) analysis by
means of X-ray beams, with emphasis on synchrotron
sources, electrons and other energetic particle, or active in
methodology and instrumental developments. The
ICXOM21 target audience is both for people already
involved in these fields, as well as newcomers. Presentations
of new scientific results from scientists involved in fundamental and applied research from these fields or active in
methodological and instrumental developments will be
made by invited and contributing speakers, demonstrating
recent progress. The conference program provides an excellent opportunity for researchers, students, scientists and
technologists to share a common place for fruitful discussions, present new or state-of-art results within the conference topics, exchange information with experts already
involved in these areas, as well as to establish or renew
direct contacts with colleagues during the social program,
poster program or at the industrial presentation.
The ICXOM21 is organized by the Brazilian Synchrotron
Light Laboratory (LNLS) and National Laboratory of Biosciences (LNBio), both operated by The Brazilian Association
for Synchrotron Light Technology (ABTLuS) for the Brazilian
Ministry of Science and Technology (MCT).
Congress Chairmen
Carlos Alberto Pérez (LNLS)
Angelo Malachias de S. (LNLS)
Local Organizing
Abner de Siervo (IF-UNICAMP)
André Luis Berteli
Ambrósio (LNBio)
Antonio J. Ramirez (LNLS)
Antonio José Roque
da Silva (LNLS)
Antonio Ricardo Droher
Rodrigues (LNLS)
Augusta Cerceau Isaac
Neta Pinto (LNLS)
Eduardo Granado Monteiro
da Silva (IF-UNICAMP)
Harry Westfahl Jr. (LNLS)
Narcizo Marques de
Souza-Neto (LNLS)
Yves Pierre Petroff (LNLS)
Program Committee
Birgit Kanngiebser (Germany)
Cesar Cusatis (Brazil)
Christian David (Switzerland)
The 21st ICXOM will bring together specialists around the world to discuss about
the following topics:
• Quantitative and multi-variate spectral analysis.
• X-ray Optics (monochromator and multilayer, micro and nano focusing optics).
• State-of-the-art microanalysis methods (fluorescence, tomography/ holography,
• Scanning probe microscopy (STM, AFM, MFM and CFM).
• Imaging techniques, image processing and cryo-electron microscopy.
• Advances in instrumentation, detection and methodology.
• Applications of nano/micro and surface analysis techniques in the fields of earth
and environmental science, life science, industrial application, material science,
archaeometry and paleontology.
Daniel Ugarte (Brazil)
Galo Soler-Illia (Argentina)
Gustavo Azevedo (Brazil)
Héctor J. Sánchez (Argentina)
Iris L. Torriani (Brazil)
Jean Susini (France)
Jörg Maser (USA)
Laszlo Vincze (Belgium)
Loïc Bertrand (France)
Peter Wobrauschek (Austria)
Rogerio M. Paniago (Brazil)
Ricardo T. Lopes (Brazil)
Sergio A. Kugland de
Azevedo (Brazil)
Tilo Baumbach (Germany)
International Scientific
Advisory Committee
Koen Janssens - Belgium (Chair)
James Brown - Canada
Sultan Dabagov - Italy
Michel Mantler - Austria
Robert Ogilvie - USA
Alexandre Simionovici -France
Clive Walker - EU
Jun Kawai - Japan
Melissa Denecke - Germany
Caixa Postal 6192 - CEP 13083-970
Campinas – SP - Brazil
Tel: (+55) 19 3512-1024
Fax: (+55) 19 3512-1004
Email: [email protected]

The 21st edition of the International Congress on X-Ray