Construction of the Praia ‐ São Domingos highway variants Somague works in Cape Verde inaugurated by Prime Minister José Sócrates On Friday 13 March, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Cape Verde, José Maria Neves, and the Portuguese Prime Minister, José Sócrates, inaugurated the Praia – São Domingos highway variants, works co‐financed by the Portuguese State. This inauguration was included within the programme for the official visit of the Portuguese government to Cape Verde. The event was attended by leading members of the governments of both countries, with Somague being represented by its Chairman, José Luís Machado do Vale. In 2007, the State of Cape Verde, in partnership with the Consortium of Somague Engenharia, CVC (Somague’s local holding), produced the project for two variants to re‐
route traffic around population centres, since the project for the “Rehabilitation and Extension of the highway between Praia and S. Domingos” crosses, amongst others, the settlements of Ribeirão Chiqueiro and São Domingos. • The São Domingos variant begins at km 13 of the existing highway and ends north of the locality, with a total length of 2194 m. The route of this variant presents an interesting combination of stabilizing works via anchored walls and a bridge with a deck of approximately 50m. • The Ribeirão Chiqueiro variant begins at km 8 and ends at km 10 of the existing highway, with a total length of 2118 m. The highway intercepts a route which links Ribeirão Chiqueiro to Fontes Almeida. Identification and Financing of the Project Name: Praia ‐ S. Domingos highway variants, in São Domingos and Ribeirão Chiqueiro Financing: Governments of Cape Verde and Portugal Participants in the Project Project commissioner: Ministry of Transport and Sea Infrastructures Identification and Data regarding the Contract Work Location of the work: São Domingos and Ribeirão Chiqueiro; Consortium contractor: Somague Engenharia SA and CVC – Construções Cabo Verde, SARL (Somague holding) Inspection: Consortium Pengest CapeVerde and Portugal Contract amount – 949,918,070.00 CVE (8,614,864.83€); line of credit made available by the Portuguese State Date contract signed: 12 July 2007 Period of execution: 15 months Start date for the work: 12 November 2007 Conclusion date and inauguration of the work: March 2009 Somague has been in Cape Verde for 18 years via its holding CVC, the largest construction company in Cape Verde. 

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