On 01 de February the capital of Minas Gerais gained a new space for hosting events,
backed by a collaborative concept.
RuaPadre Severino, 399 - São Pedro
30330 150, Belo Horizonte, MG / BRASIL
- Uma tela em branco para as mais variadas ideias -
The Collaborate Design / Hostel is a new hostel model grounded in shared experiences.
In addition to lodging , the space aims to be a forum for the exchange of ideas. The hostel will open it’s
doors to host exhibitions, workshops, and lectures. The goal is to build a place where the exchange of
cultures and knowledge is always encouraged. For example, emerging artists will always be invited to
contribute to the decor. The goal of the hostel being for every person to leave a piece of him/her self
and to take a little of the hostel with them, be it art work, a conversation, an idea, or simply a memory.
With these concepts in mind, we chose classic black and white decor and accents, with a retro touch,
to respect and preserve the properties 50’s architectural stylings. A blank canvas serving as a space
for ideas and creativity to flourish.
+55 31 3564 9924
[email protected]
The Collaborate sleeps 45 people, distributed between 7 rooms. Guests can choose from the
dormitories, the female dorm, the master suite, and the 2 person private suite. All rooms are
equipped with power outlets, individual reading lights and lockers .
RuaPadre Severino, 399 - São Pedro
30330 150, Belo Horizonte, MG / BRASIL
- Uma tela em branco para as mais variadas ideias -
The Collaborate is perfectly situated in the south central region of the state capital. We are 10 minutes
walk from the Savassi neighborhood with it’s famous bars & nightlife, bustling economy, and rich
culture. Next to us there are banks, pharmacies, cinemas, shopping centers, and the architectural
beauty of the Praça Liberdade and it’s cultural circuit of museums, theaters, and government buildings.
+55 31 3564 9924
[email protected]
Each guest has at their disposal: clean linens & towels, free wifi, & breakfast each morning.
The Collaborate team is ready to assist guests with information, tips, and suggestions so that
guests can enjoy their stay to the fullest and the best the city has to offer.
RuaPadre Severino, 399 - São Pedro
30330 150, Belo Horizonte, MG / BRASIL
- Uma tela em branco para as mais variadas ideias -
The heart of the hostel are the communal spaces where meetings take place, the friendships arise, and
connections are made. These spaces are where the overarching concept of the Collaborate takes shape.
Our balcony, patio, entertainment room, and gardens are open to all who want to share and help form
the Collaborative experience.
Collaborate Design/Hostel
Address: Rua Padre Severino, 399 - São Pedro | 30330 150 - Belo Horizonte, MG / BRASIL
Hours : 24 hours
Collective Room 16 people : R$ 45 (per person)
Collective Room 7 people : R$ 55 (per person)
Collective Room 6 people : R$ 60 (per person)
Female Room 5 persons: R$ 65 (per person)
Private Room 2 persons: R$ 70 (per person)
Couple Suite : R$ 160 (per room)
Payment : The hostel accepts credit and debit cards - Visa, Mastercard and Amex.
Contact and information:
+55 31 3564 9924
[email protected]
Contact and information: [email protected]
Phone : +55 (31) 3564 9924
*Prices subject to change
fotos: Thyago Rodrigues

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